A Spot of Tea

Greetings friends!  I’m coming off of a wonderful weekend spent with one of my oldest besties down on Long Island.   It was such a great weekend- we hit up Trader Joe’s, lululemon and, my favorite, had afternoon tea at the Garden City Hotel.  The hotel was all decked out from the holidays and looked gorgeous!


Beautiful fireplace!


Nicole looking festive!image


Nicole and her husband have a thing for polar bears.  This display was very fitting for them 😀

It was nice to catch up over traditional afternoon tea.  We were probably the youngest in there by about twenty years, but no matter 😀  We were reliving our trip to London (which was almost four years ago- time flies!) when we had afternoon tea in a quaint hotel/shop.  The tea usually involves your tea of choice (Nicole opted for delicious hot chocolate) and then finger sandwiches, scones and little treats.  image

The spread!


Very excited about all of the goodies 🙂Flashback to April 2007: afternoon tea in London!

The scone was absolutely delicious, but I think the star of the show were the little bite size treats.  Seriously delicious. image

Yum!!!  I love me some lemon meringue.  image

Have you ever had afternoon tea?  I love it!  All in all it was a fabulous weekend.  We even made it to the gym twice and I got two runs in.  It felt great to run and sweat after being out of commission all week with a cold!  I have hot yoga tonight and I am so excited- it’s been a week since my last class and I can definitely tell 😉

Since Bailey’s birthday is on Christmas, I saw this at the mall and couldn’t help myself:


Cute little Santa!  He is very ashamed of his outfit but I think he secretly likes it.  Except when the hood is on.  Then he just stands there like a statue and refuses to  move.  I was very happy to see his little face again last night 🙂

Have a great start to the week, friends!



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21 responses to “A Spot of Tea

  1. J

    My future sister in law had her baby shower at a place like that, we had tea and little pastries and sandwiches and it was just so much fun! Yoga for me tonight too! Can’t wait!

  2. What a beautiful place!!! I love how they decorated it. Thanks so much for sharing the pictures Katie! I really enjoyed them 🙂

  3. lowandbhold

    I’ve never had traditional tea like that but think it would be so fun!

  4. Oh I know what it’s like to miss a pet! That is so funny how he reacts to his hood. LOL. Maybe if he doesn’t move, no one will see him in his costume.


  5. Your TEA party looked like so much fun! And tasty too! I totally wish there was a place like that here to just drink a cup of tea with a spread of yummy treats. Glad you had a fun weekend!

  6. I did “official in a restaurant” afternoon tea once … but my friend likes to do it regularly and personally I think she does it better than the restaurants.

  7. Meg

    I’ve gone to “high tea” once when I was studying abroad in Cape Town. It was at this amazing old hotel that had gorgeous gardens and rooms. You could pick coffee or tea and the desserts were plentiful. It was really fun and decadent! I’d love to do it again with my mom for Mother’s Day or something.

  8. I love beautiful old hotels, especially when they’re all decked out for the holidays!

    Bailey looks PRICELESS!!! I was just telling my mom that I need to get my dogs’ holiday outfits in order! 🙂

  9. I love beautiful hotels, especially when they’re all decked out for the holidays!

    Bailey looks priceless!!! 🙂

  10. What fun! I have never had afternoon tea, but have heard about it and think it sounds awesome!

    Bailey is ADORABLE!!!

  11. I’ve never been to afternoon tea, but it looks fun.

  12. There was a lovely tea house near my church and in High School we went all the time. I like to go back when I visit. 🙂

  13. What a gorgeous house and decorations!! I’ve never had “tea time.” Usually tea time for me is right before bed 😉
    Glad you had such a fun weekend 🙂

  14. Nicole

    Hooray! Nice recap of the weekend’s festivities…so glad that you were able to make it down – always great seeing you! And I love the flashback photo of when we had tea in London…makes me want to go back! I will think of you this afternoon as I snack on the last of the little treats that were leftover 🙂

  15. Ooooh, jealous of your fun tea time! That looks awesome!

  16. Bailey is such a doll, I love the outfit!!

    Looks like you ladies had a nice afternoon. I’ve never done the afternoon tea thing but now I kinda want to!

  17. Christina

    awww Beeeeees! I miss him! Come to the South in the summer for some sweet tea!!!

  18. so cute, I still need to get our puppy a stocking!
    I had my senior prom at the GC Hotel : )

  19. What a cute and fun place! I totally read your title with a British accent in my head. LOL

  20. One of my regrets about our London trip is that we didn’t make it to high tea. It’s good to know there are some places on the other side of the ocean that adhere to the tradition! Looks like fun.

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