Cast of Characters

Bri- My wonderful, amazing husband.  He’s a NAVY JAG (and a brilliant attorney, at that) and is currently deployed overseas.  He is a great inspiration to me and was the motivating force behind my journey to living healthfully.  He is incredibly fit and is a certified Crossfit trainer.  I love him! 🙂

My dad- my dad is one of the most important and influential people in my life.  He has always believed in me and encouraged me to reach my potential.  He is my favorite sounding board and always provides a voice of reason 😀

My Mom- my mom straight rocks.  Hopefully I take after her genetics because she has aged incredibly well.  People always ask if we are sisters.  She loves it, of course 😉  She lives near wine country in beautiful California, so I spent a lot of wonderful summers there while growing up.  Although I don’t get to see her as often as I’d like, we are major phone/google chat buddies.  She is fun and fabulous! 

The bro- My brother is a pretty cool dude.   He is two years younger than me, although everyone always thinks he is older (looks-wise, definitely not maturity-wise 😉 ).  We don’t really look alike at all; he is dark, with dark hair and dark eyes where I am fair.  We both share the same laid-back attitude, for the most part.  I always know he has my back! 

My brother and my father.  Ladies, he’s single! 😀

Bailey-Bailey is my adorable four year old four pound yorkie pup.  He is the sweetest little guy on the planet and provides me with so much joy.  I got him while I was studying for my law school finals during my second year and despite caring for a puppy, I got my best grades yet!  He has a lot of nicknames- B, BB, Mr. B, Beedleface, Beeswax, Buckles… the list goes on. 

Isn’t he the cutest little thing?

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  1. This page is a wonderful idea! Sharing those you love 😉

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