It is no secret that I love wine.  Red or white, I don’t discriminate.  Well, I do if it is white zinfandel, but whatever makes you happy, right? 🙂  On most evenings you can find me decompressing with a glass of red, a piece of dark chocolate and a book in my lap.  Pure bliss.  Bri and I always talked about starting a sort of wine binder to record all of the varietals that we drink and our thoughts and impressions of them.  What better place to do it than the blog?  So, all of the wine I come across, for better or worse, will be noted below. 


Winery: Archetype Vineyards

Varietal:  Barossa Shiraz

Vintage:  2007

Region:  Australia

$$: Approximately $13

Rating: 3.5/5

Thoughts: This is not my typical shiraz.  The ones I drink are typically on the sweeter side; this one is light and spicy.  It is very smooth and has a beautiful red color.  I would definitely purchase it again.

One response to “Vino

  1. Nothin’ wrong with white zinfandel! 🙂

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