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Some Lies, a Truth and Feelin’ the Blues

Hi beauties! I hope that this post finds everyone doing well. I have my hair and makeup trial tonight for the wedding so I will be sure to post some pics tomorrow. I actually have a very exciting weekend coming up- my bridal shower is on Saturday (which, by the way, also marks one month to the wedding)! My awesome matron of honor, Christina has been hard at work to put together something great. Annnd, tomorrow my office is throwing me a shower! I am one lucky girl.

The only damper on the upcoming festivities is the dang winter storm that is hitting the Northeast. Bri was supposed to come up for the weekend to attend the work shower (it’s customary, I guess) and to see me. The weather is preventing that. My mom was flying in from California, and she had to cancel her flight due to weather issues. Other friends/family members from out of town are likely to not come to the shower because of all the snow. I have been pretty bummed about that for the past two days. What do you guys do to get yourself out of a bad mood?
I am a very happy person and to me having a bad mood almost seems indulgent- like, get a grip Katie, there are people out there that struggle with real problems. On the other hand, I tried everything I could to lift my mood yesterday- watching funny youtube videos, thinking about upcoming events- to no avail. Perhaps sometimes out moods are beyond our control? I did start to feel better after my body sculpting class. It always kicks my booty!

In any event, I made a kick ass dinner yesterday- whole wheat pasta with shrimp and basil in a “creamy” nutmeg sauce. One of these days I will actually take a picture of my food and post the recipe for you guys- it’s really delicious! In fact, I’m currently eating some of the leftovers now for an early dinner before my appointments. I’m feeling very frugal in packing my dinner and eating it before I leave work.
One of my fave bloggies, Lindsey @ Eat Read Run passed along the “creative writer” blogger award to me.

Now I am supposed to list six lies and one truth about myself. Y’all have to guess which one is true!

  1. I was almost bitten by a cow in Ireland when I tried to pet it.
  2. I’ve practiced speaking Gaelic with a drunken old Irish man in Dublin.
  3. I can still do a back handspring.
  4. I was born without wisdom teeth.
  5. The most adventurous/out there food I’ve ever tried is bear meat.
  6. I was the lead vocal in my high school musicals.
  7. I love white zinfandel.

Now I am supposed to tag some peeps, but I have to head off to my appointments. If you are reading this, consider yourself tagged and play along!

I hope everyone has a great rest of the week, and I’ll be back tomorrow with some trial run pictures! Happy Thursday 🙂

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Sunshine and Shoes!

Afternoon bloggies! I apologize for the MIA-ness, it’s been super hectic ’round these here parts. We had a big event at work that ended today, which meant that I had to work on Sunday. However, before work on Sunday I put in a last ditch effort at the mall to find something for my bridal shower this coming Saturday (yay!). I have been looking on and off without much success. I wasn’t even going to stop at Banana because their dress selection has been lacking lately but of course, I couldn’t help myself. I’m glad I did! They got in a new shipment this past Thursday and I am now the happy owner of this lovely wrap dress:source
It is a lilac/grey/tan pattern. I love it! It is very flattering and lays quite nicely.

I have to say that I am even more excited for the shoes that I purchased at Banana. Behold: source

They are so cute on! Plus, everything in the store was 25% off when you spent $100, so I got a major deal. It seems that lilac and grey are going to be huge this spring. I am contemplating whether to get a lilac cardigan to wear over the dress. Decisions, decisions.

In other news, I have been getting up before work to hit the gym! The fact that I am keeping this up is monumental. I was supposed to go yesterday morning, but postponed it to this morning due to all of the craziness with work. Which just means I will be “two-a-daying” it and attending my yoga class tonight as well. On Sunday, I put myself through a kick-ass Jillian circuit. I was going to write out the first circuit workout listed in her making the cut book. However, I remember that my mom had purchased her “hot bod in a box” cards, which basically is just a set of cards with a bunch of workouts on them. Coincidentally, her first circuit workout card (with everything already listed out) happened to be the first workout listed in her making the cut book! So I just grabbed that and hit the gym. There were many sprints (on the treadmill), burpies and jumping rope to be had, interspersed with strength training. It was awesome! Do you circuit train?

The lovely Suzy at Running on My Time and Molly at I’m a Sleeper Baker nominated me for the sunshine award! Thanks ladies! I sure could use some sunshine in my life right now! I am supposed to pass the award on to 11 blog friends and let them know via a comment on their page. I tag:

  • Anna @ Newlywed, Newly Veg! I love reading Anna’s blog. She’s a college professor, which I think is super cool. She also posts beautiful pictures and has the most creative vegetarian recipes!
  • Danielle @ Coffee Run. I find it so hard to believe that Danielle is still in college- she possesses such wisdom and maturity already! I wish that I shared her healthy habits in college. She is very inspirational and her food photos are amazing!
  • Lily @ Lily’s Health Pad. I love Lily’s blog! She is super nice and has a lot of great budgeting tips. She’s provided me with a lot of encouragement running wise, which I am very grateful for!
  • Wendy @ Give Love, Create Happiness. Wendy is quite possibly the sweetest person ever. Her blog inspires me to be a better person and find peace within myself. I went to high school with her (she was a few years older) and can attest to the fact that she has the most gorgeous hair on the planet.
  • Lindsey @ Eat, Read, Run. I want to meet up with Lindsey and hang out in real life! She’s from upstate NY living in NYC and is currently training for her BQ. She is totally going to qualify for Boston- she is sooo speedy! She is also a fellow bibliophile, which I always appreciate.
  • Linzi @ Destination 26.2. Linzi is in the process of training for her first marathon, which I find to be super inspiring. She is also dating a military man, so I identify with her in that respect. She also participates in a running club called “Will Run for Wine”. I could totally be a member of that club.
  • Katharine @ From A to Pink. Katharine is currently training for her first 5k. I was in that boat last spring/summer so I know how she feels! She is a great writer and comes across as being very fun and vivacious.
  • Julie @ Julie’s Running Blog. Julie is so sweet! She just ran her first two half marathons (and did incredibly well, I might add). She brings so much support and fun to the blogging community with her posts. I look forward to reading her blog! She also has the cutest running gear!
  • Meredith @ Balance for MEre. Meredith’s blog is one of the first blogs that I began reading. I finally de-lurked once I started my own blog. She has been a source of inspiration for me, as she just celebrated her running anniversary this past December and, in the meantime, ran a super speedy 10k! She has lots of great ideas and is a great writer- it must have something to do with being a teacher!
  • Yelena @ One Healthy Apple. Yelena’s blog is too cute- I love the background! She is newly married and she and her husband are adorable- I remember at one point he guest posted and referred to her as BWE– best wife ever. So cute!
  • Lee @ In My Tummy- Lee and I are in the same boat- we are both planning a wedding in the spring and running a half this fall. I may even venture down to Atlanta to run one with her! Her blog is very real and fun.

I could go on and on, but I do have to get some work done. Thank you to all of the bloggers out there for being a constant source of inspiration and motivation!

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Unfortunate Food Evening

Happy Friday everyone! I can’t believe the weekend is here already- the week flew by! Normally this would be fantastic but I have a lot to do before my seminar on Monday. My weekend will consist of a long run (4.5 miles), meeting with my Matron of Honor to pick up her bridesmaid dress and getting ready for next week! Do you have any fun weekend plans?

Last night I had an appointment with my hairdresser (finally!) It wasn’t until 6:30, so the original plan was to eat a clif bar at 5 and then eat dinner when I got home. This plan was foiled when I tried my clif bar of choice- banana nut bread. Holy disgusting batman! I nearly spit it out it was so gross. I then scoped out the area surrounding my hairdresser and settled on Bountiful Bread. Their cranberry chicken wrap looked awesome! I even decided that I was going to play food blogger and take pictures of the wrap in public! I got the wrap and realized that it was a chicken salad type wrap. I’m usually not a fan of such. I finished half of it and it was fairly good. Nothing to write home about. I go to take a bite out of the other half and saw a short, curly black hair amongst the chicken that looked suspiciously like the dude’s hair that prepared the wrap. Ugh! Normally I would have just thrown it out and left but I was hungry! I was able to exchange it for some tomato bisque soup but my appetite suddenly left me once I received it. Ew. All in all, an awful food night. I did take a picture of the wrap (and received some strange looks), but I’m not posting it. Take that, evil wrap! Have you ever found something gross in your food? If so, what did you do about it?
Moving on to the hair. At least that turned out okay! My hair has been so annoying lately- I’ve been shedding like a banshee (seriously, my hairdresser asked me if I was stressed because so much of my hair was falling out) and it was just waay too long. This is what I typically look like five minutes after arriving into work, pre-haircut:
Hair back in a messy bun. I can’t stand to have it all up in my grill! Uber professional, no?

Hair down, pre-cut:

I hate taking self-portraits, so logically I went the gangsta look route.


Yay! No more roots and I am three (hair) inches shorter! The only negative about getting my hair done is that it takes forevs. I was in the salon for over two hours. Not fun.
In other news, I was one of the random recipients of the Beautiful Blogger award from the lovely Susan at The Great Balancing Act!

I’m excited because this is my first blogger award! Yippee! In receiving such, I’m supposed to list seven random facts about myself. Here we go:

1. I used to consider myself to be quite unadventurous, but recent events have led me the other way. Namely, I got certified to scuba dive (in the murky, freezing Lake George waters, no less) and went midnight tubing in the Hudson River in the Adirondacks. Yes, that’s tubing in a river in the pitch black; it was exhilarating yet terrifying. All of this from the girl who ran screaming out of the ocean because there were “sharks” (read: dolphins) while Kristin ran IN the ocean to play with them.

2. I have a tendency to trip quite a bit; as in, I’ll be walking down the sidewalk in flats and my ankle randomly gives out. I’m not uncoordinated, I swear! I think it’s because I have broken/sprained both ankles so many times that my ligaments have just given up on me.

3. I never drank coffee until second year of law school, when it became necessary to drink in order to stay awake. The only things that I really drink are coffee, water and red wine.

4. I have a true obsession with Tim Horton’s and Wegman’s, which are the two things that I miss the most about Buffalo. Tim Horton’s coffee is like crack. If either entity came to the Capital District, I would most likely die of happiness.

5. My favorite movie, among others, is The Wedding Singer. I think it’s the 80s music, because typically I’m not a chick flick kinda girl.

6. I can read ridiculously fast. I’ve been known to finish more than one book in a day. My dad probably spent thousands of dollars on books when I was growing up. Okay, at least a thousand. My stepmom donated my childhood/adolescent book collection to the library, which made me very sad. Probably my own fault for putting the books in the basement. Bring back the Sweet Valley High books!

7. I am in love with San Diego. You can’t get a better climate!

So now I’m supposed to pass the award along to seven other lovely bloggers. I’m going to tag:
Christina @ Building the Nest
Danielle @ Coffee Run
I can’t wait to read your seven random facts, ladies!
Have a great weekend everyone!

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