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Miscellany 3

Hi friends!  Is everyone ready for Christmas?  I still have a few things to get- nothing like procrastination 😀  Speaking of procrastination, I just realized that I never announced a winner of my cookie giveaway yesterday!  Wendy, you are the lucky winner!  Shoot me an email with your address and I will mail out some delicious cookies for you 🙂

The other night the fan-dam (family) went to my my dad’s favorite restaurant for my dad’s birthday (thank you for all of the birthday wishes!).   My parents let it slip that they got Bailey a zu zu pet for Christmas/his birthday.  Have you all heard of a zu zu pet?  I think it is meant for kids.  It looks like this:

and makes random noises and runs around on these little wheels it has.  Basically, it looks like a live hamster.  I guilted my parents into giving it to him early We decided to let him open it when we got home from the restaurant.  Bailey went straight ballistic.  He is obsessed with this toy.  So, dog owners- if you are looking for a gift for your pup, they would love a zu zu pet!image

Killin’ it.

Before I sign off, Tiffany (love her!) tagged me in a fun questionnaire. 

1. Vacation: beach or mountains? Surprisingly, I think I would go with the mountains.  There was a time when I was beach obsessed.  Now, though, I love hiking and the peace and tranquility that comes with the mountains.  Hopefully there are lakes nearby though.

2. Luggage: check it or carry it on? It depends on the length of the trip.  If it’s a long one (that’s what she said) I typically have to check a bag.  Otherwise it is carry on all the way!

3. Bed: make it or leave it a rumpled comfy mess? I always leave my bed unmade.  Unless a friend or someone is coming over and I’m trying to impress them with my cleanliness. I love the look of a nicely made bed but it is just impractical! 😀

4. Races: smaller or bigger? I would have to say bigger.  The boilermaker had thousands of racers and it was just amazing.  I loved the energy and the crowds!

5. Toilet paper roll: over or under? Over for sure.

6. Pancakes: thick and fluffy or thin and crepe-like? It depends- if I’m ordering a crepe I want a crepe.  Otherwise it is thick and fluffy with chocolate chips 😀

7. Alarm: get up or hit snooze? I’m sorry Tiffany, but I’m one of the ones you can’t stand- I can’t think of a time that I’ve had to wake up by an alarm and haven’t hit the snooze.  Minimum two times.  Maximum.. an hour?  Or I just hit snooze a few times and then reset my alarm to wake up at the latest possible time- gotta love dry shampoo 😉

8. Name one movie you’d never watch again even if someone paid you.  Valentine’s Day was pretty horrible.  I had high hopes for that movie.  Such a stellar cast!  I fell asleep halfway through due to sheer boredom- I never fall asleep at movies!

9. Name 5 fictional characters you want to have dinner with. And TELL ME WHY. 

  • Dwight K Shrute- I agree with Tiffany on this one- he is hilarious!  I would ask him all sorts of questions to antagonize him- Why is Jim so great?
  • Hermione Granger- I love the Harry Potter series!
  • Carrie Bradshaw- I love Sex and the City (not so much the second movie though).  I think it would be so fun to discuss NYC with her!
  • I can’t really think of any more fictional characters.  I’m lame.

10. Cake vs. Pie: Your pick? Pie for sure.  I think cake is overrated.  You can’t beat an apple pie. 

11. Last meal – what would it be? AND YOU ARE ON DEATH ROW SO MAKE IT CREATIVE. A nice bottle of red wine- either malbec or a meritage, a large cheese plate with sharp cheddar, brie and manchego cheeses, a crusty loaf of bread with olive oil and vinegar, lobster bisque, and either a big bowl of pasta with shrimp in a pink vodka cream  sauce or a buttery filet mignon in a gorgonzola cream sauce.  Followed by a big ol’ slice of cheesecake. 

12. Favorite book to movie adaptation ever? Least favorite? My favorite is definitely The Notebook.  I loved the book but love the movie even more- it translated to the screen perfectly and some of the scenes were so beautiful (especially with the swans!)  It also solidified Rachel McAdams as my favorite actress.  My least favorite is probably Twilight.  I love the book (go ahead and make fun) but the movie was painfully awkward.

13. Worst grade-school portrait, described in detail.  That would be my second grade picture.  It was 1989, so my parents chose the awesome laser lights background.  My hair is a mess and my teeth were still growing in so they were all spacey and off.  I think I had art class before- my hands are folded and you can see paint stains on my arms.  Plus some awesome friendship bracelets.

14. Floss before or after brushing your teeth? OR NOT AT ALL?! .  Well, when I do floss, it is before I brush my teeth.  If I do it afterwards my gums feel like they are left hanging.  Brushing afterwards seals them back in!

15. You have to move out of the country – for the rest of your life. Where do you move? Hmm.  Out of all the places I have been to, I guess I would have to say London.  The city wouldn’t be too much of a culture shock and if I needed a break there is the charming countryside. 

Leave your answers to the questions in the comments!  Thanks for the tag, Tiffany 😀

Good night friends- see ya soon!


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Boots, Blends, & Bailey

Hi friends!  Thank you for all of the kind words and congrats on my dad’s first 5k.  I know he loved all of the comments!  🙂 

How was your holiday weekend?  It is starting to look like Christmas in my house:image

Isn’t this little tree gorgeous?  My stepmom found it at a craft fair.  I love it!  When do you usually start decorating for the holidays?  I am a strict wait until at least Thanksgiving passes kind of girl.

It was nice to have a four day weekend.  I got some shopping done and found these beauties:   image

Forty percent off at Banana Republic.  Score!  I have been on the lookout for a pair of flat tan boots for who knows how long.  It figures that when I’m not looking for them they pop right up.  I love them so much that I’ve been wearing them everywhere, including around the house.  😉

I attended a few hot yoga sessions over the holiday weekend:

  • Hot Rockin’ Vinyasa, 80s style (Wednesday evening)- I wore the most ridiculous eighties outfit.  It was fun!
  • 26 plus (Friday morning)- Like tradition Bikram but even harder!
  • Silent Bikram (Sunday afternoon)- my most favorite class ever.

All of that yoga has left me feeling awesome!  With the exception of one week, I think I hit my November goal of attending at least four yoga classes per week. 

Yesterday was a busy and fun day!  I ran 3.25 cold, invigorating miles.  I am on the fence as to what my perfect running weather is.   I don’t like it too cold but running in the summer is NOT my favorite.  Yesterday’s temps of almost 40 degrees was pretty awesome!

After the run, I met up with Jen to have lunch at Professor Java’s and give her some TJs goodies.  It is always fun to catch up with her!  She is the sweetest girl ever- look what she gave me:


Freshly baked banana walnut bread in a cute little Christmas dish!  Thanks Jen 😀   After hanging with Jen I hit up yoga then got to see another one of my fave blends, who gifted me with delicious cookies.  Heather, I already had three of them 🙂  Thank you!

This morning I had to drop of my fave little guy to get his teeth cleaned (and a few pulled) at the vet 😦 image

He was shaking when I dropped him off.  I feel so bad!  I will be calling the vet soon to make sure he is okay.  Poor little!

Okay friends, I’m out- enjoy your cyber Monday!


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Miscellany 2

Hi guys!   How y’all been?  I’ve been fairly busy with work and lots and lots of hot yogaaaaa.  I am well on my way towards hitting my goal of 4x a week.  I even woke up at 5:40 A.M (!!!) this past Tuesday to take a class at 6:30.  It was awesome!  I had a cold, rainy three miler with Melissa on that evening (her marathon is in THREE DAYS holla) and I wasn’t even tired.  I did, however, pass out at 9 P.M.  Early riser=early to bed fo sho 😉

Yesterday I conquered another one of my goals:  image

I made tofu (recipe forthcoming), with the help of a secret ingredient: image

Okay, maybe not so secret but it is dang good!  While in Philly this weekend I will be hitting up Trader Joe’s to replenish all of the goodies I picked up last month during the blogger grocery shopping bonanza.  Yes! 😀 

I have some guest posts going around in the blog world- our wedding is featured on Brides Up North– check out the site!  Julia has really outdone herself in her new venture.   I also wrote about staying healthy while traveling over on Linzi’s blogHow do you stay healthy on the road?

Other exciting stuff- I get to see my husband in less than two months, for fifteen glorious days!  😀 😀 😀 So excited!  Hopefully the holidays will fly by! 🙂 

If you’re going to be in Philly this weekend for the marathon, let me know!  Maybe we can meet up 😀

Check ya later!


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Goals and Green-ness

Good morning!image

Stop taking pictures so I can sleep in peace, devil woman!

Thank you for all of your comments on my first trail race!   There really is something about running in the woods.  I definitely recommend trail running!  You do have to be on higher alert when running in the woods- constantly looking ahead of you to make sure you don’t trip over a rock, branch, your own two feet, piles of leaves and the like.  Over the summer I ran a few times on a trail near my house.  I created two rules for myself when running on the trail: 1) Never wear headphones and 2) Carry mace pepper spray.  Admittedly, I didn’t follow my second rule all the time because I didn’t have pepper spray until I purchased it at the end of summer, but no matter.  When running on the trails, you are typically alone and surrounded by only nature.  I think it is important to be on alert in case any creepers are out there looking to cause harm to someone- hence the pepper spray and lack of headphones.  Do you have any safety rules that you follow while running?  If so, please share! 🙂

Ah, so October is gone and we have two months left in the year.  Hello, November!  😀  I am typically not one to wish life away but with this deployment I am counting down the days/months gleefully.  Since it is the beginning of a new month and racing season is over, I’ve established some new goals that I would like to accomplish:

Goals: Life/Personal

  • Finish our wedding thank you cards.  I wanted to have this done by the six month mark.  I still have 25 to go.  I NEED to get this done before Christmas cards start going out.
  • Change over last name on passport/social security card.  I avoided having to get the title to my car changed by purchasing a new car.  Kidding, kidding 😀 That was a convenient side effect though.  I need to have my passport changed (it is 110 dollars to change it, dang son!) and my social and then I’ll be Katie H on everything!
  • Organize closet.  I’ve been reading The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubing and in the first chapter she discusses how organizing her closet helped organize her mind.  I totally need to ruthlessly go through and edit my wardrobe. 
  • Go Green.  I’ll discuss below.

Goals: Health/Fitness

  • Conquer tofu.  I would like to learn how to cook tofu at home.  I am very intimidated by it.  Namely because a lot of draining is involved and I don’t know if I will do it right.  Since I am not eating as much meat and love tofu, I need to conquer cooking it!  Any tofu recipes to share?
  • Attend hot yoga a minimum of four times a week.  Ideally I would like to go 5-6 times a week, but I am traveling a lot of the weekends this month.  If I’m not home, I can’t attend the classes.  I am very excited to focus on my yoga practice in these winter months.
  • Maintain a base mileage of 10 miles/week.  Obviously I’m not running as much as I was during training, but I’d still like to maintain some sort of base.  This way, when I start training next year I will have something to work off of!

Do you have any goals for the month of November?

So, one of the goals I mentioned was going green.  My friend and fellow blogger Jen started a really neat challenge last month:

The Green challenge!  I wanted to join last month and then saw what the challenge was- only drinking local wine and beer.  Mmm, I definitely couldn’t adhere to that- I love wine too much.  New York state does have some good wines but they just don’t compare to my Italian chiantis or my Argentinian malbecs.  The thing about Jen’s challenge that I really respect and appreciate is that the challenges actually present a challenge– I am betting it is damn hard for her to only drink locally.  Anyway, this month’s challenge is right up my alley- limiting/reducing plastic use.  Check out her post for more information, but the basic tenets are this: eliminating waste when dining out (unless you can recycle it), no plastic water bottles,  only using to-go cups with coffee/tea (this will definitely be a challenge), no plastic grocery bags, etc.  The challenge lasts for a year.  I am really excited to be on board!  Do you have any tips or tricks on how to reduce plastic use?

Thanks for reading and have a good one, friends!


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Does Speed Make A Runner?

Hi friends!  How’s it going?  I appreciate all of your input on my last post regarding the after effects of my half-marathon.  I think Lily hit the nail on the head when she said that I was likely also very sore because during a race, you tend to go all out.  Very true.  My race pace was significantly faster than my long run pace (ie, almost a full minute faster, which is a lot in running-speak!) 

So, what have I been up to?  Well, aside from running, yoga and attending a conference in the most expensive city ever Boston, I went on a super fun trip with some other bloggers to two foodie meccas:  Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods! 

Thanks for the photo, Heather! 🙂  

It was a fun trip and I got a lot of essentials, including sea salt brownies (amaze) and peanut butter filled pretzels.  I FORGOT to pick up pumpkin cream cheese.  Boo.  TJ’s and Whole Foods is only 98 miles from downtown Albany, and I’m seriously considering making a monthly pilgrimage over there to stock up on goodies.  Who’s with me? 😉  For a recap of our trip, check out Courtney or Jen’s posts- you may get some ideas as to what to purchase at your next TJ’s trip!

I’ve been thinking  about running a lot lately, probably because I haven’t been putting in nearly as many miles as I was during training.  The only race I have coming up is a trail run this weekend with Jen (yippee!) and a Turkey Trot with my dad (go dad!!!).   Anyway, back in September Nicki was the first runner featured in my “Many Faces of Running Series.”  One of my fave bloggers and commenters left an interesting comment on Nicki’s post that really had me thinking.  Basically, she said that she although she ran, she wasn’t sure if she considered herself a runner because she wasn’t that fast.  Which then begs the question- does speed make a runner?

To me, the answer is quite easy: no, of course not.  In my opinion, if you are out there trudging along, be it at a 13:00/mile pace or an 8:00/mile pace, you are still running.  This ties into my last post a bit, being that you cannot compare yourself to other runners.  Heck, if we were to judge running based solely on speed, wouldn’t only Olympians and professional runners qualify as actual runners?  You are not less of a runner because you maintain an 11:00/mile pace.  You are not a “jogger” (gosh, what an annoying term) because you can’t maintain an 8:00/mile pace- you are still a runner.  You are a runner if you RUN. 

In responding to the comment, Nicki indicated that she had recently read the speed is a personal thing, similar to one’s height- just like your height is right for you, so is your speed.  I couldn’t agree more, Nicki!    What do you think?  Do you feel like less of a runner if you can’t maintain a certain speed?  Let me know what your thoughts are! 

See you soon with a fun race recap!


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Your Eat Pray Love “Word” & Wardrobe Challenge Day 12

Hello friends!  Thank you so much for the birthday wishes.  I had a fantastic weekend with my girls on Long Island.  After an interesting train ride (ha), we shared some authentic wood-fired pizza with fried eggplant on it.  Yum!  Saturday was my actual birthday and I started the day/28th year out right with a seven mile run 😀  I can’t even believe that I just wrote that.  If you had told me a year or two ago that not only would I voluntarily run seven miles on my birthday but actually consider it one of the highlights of the day (among many highlights) I would have laughed and laughed.  I love the “new” me. 

I tried a new fuel source during the run- chocolate mint gu.  I received a free sample from my local running store and figured why not try it?  I flippin’ LOVE it.  It tasted like chocolate syrup and the texture didn’t bother me at all.  I recommend drinking a lot of water with it, because it was a little thick. 

One of my fave bloggers, Tina, had a birthday yesterday.  She wrote this great post saying that “you know you’re a healthy living blogger when..” and listed all of the health related items that she wanted for her birthday.  I received some AWESOME gifts for my birthday- 10 hot yoga classes from my stepmom, a hot yoga outfit from my bestie Kristin, an entire lululemon outfit (crop pants, sports bra and tank) from Bri AND a gift card to lululemon from my friends Nicole and Alicia.  Fitness related much?  Nicole and Alicia also let me know that there was a lululemon store less than FIVE minutes from Nicole’s house on Long Island AND the store was hosting a free yoga class Sunday morning.  Awesome birthday gift, eh?  Kristin and I skeddadled over there Sunday morning for a fantastic yoga class and I then spent my gift card on an awesome pair of running shorts.  By the way, I love the word awesome, if you couldn’t tell.  I wish there was a lululemon store in the area.  I would definitely try to work there.  And spend my entire paycheck there.  Anyway.

Today is day 15 of the wardrobe challenge.  Woohoo, HALFWAY DONE.  I am proud that I have stuck with it.  Saturday (Day 12) I didn’t get a full length picture:

My own personal version of sex and the city- Me, Nicole, Alicia & Kristin.  Love these girls!  Outfit:

  • Yellow tank- Banana Republic
  • Black cardigan- J. Crew
  • Skinny jeans- Express
  • Black pumps- Aldo
  • Necklace- Lia Sophia

On Sunday we had a suprise baby shower for Alicia (she is having a little girl in December!) complete with Crumbs cupcakes.  Overall, it was an amazing  weekend 🙂

Holy ginormous cupcakes!  I definitely dominated the peanut butter cup cupcake in the bottom right corner.  Amaze. 

Last week I wrote about Eat Pray Love and asked you what one word you thought defined you.  I loved the responses:

I loved the words you guys selected!   They are all positive and demonstrate a thirst and passion for life.  I’ve been trying to come up with a word for myself and although I don’t want to limit myself to one word, I think I have it.  Effervescent.  For whatever reason, that word happened to pop into my head.  I googled the definition:

1. To emit small bubbles of gas, as a carbonated or fermenting liquid. Uh, no.

2. To escape from a liquid as bubbles; bubble up. Nope again.

3. To show high spirits or animation. YES.  

I don’t think I am like this all the time, but it is something that I strive towards.  Not necessarily to be animated but to appreciate life and radiate positivity.  To be happy.  Although when I eat something that is particularly delicious I tend to get a little animated.  So, for now, I am choosing my word to be effervescent.  Like Molly said, I think we are constantly evolving.  So who knows what my future word will be 😉

Tonight I have a run with Jen (wahoo) and then I’m meeting up with some peeps at a coffee shop.  Do you guys have any fun plans for the week?  Thank you for reading and enjoy your Tuesday!


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This weekend marks the official time when I can definitely no longer refer to myself as being in my mid-twenties.  It is even debatable whether one can get away with that as a 27-year-old.  After the illustrious 21st birthday, there seems to be an undercurrent of dread among women as they get older.  “Don’t remind me how OLD I am getting,” “I can’t believe I am almost 30,” “Wait until you turn 40- it’s all downhill” and so on and so on. 

I, on the other hand, have come to embrace aging.  Which is easy for me to say, as I am still very young at *almost* 28.  As I’ve gotten older, I’ve become more comfortable with myself and have realized what truly matters.  What I mean is that I know what makes me happy and what does not.  I don’t think twice about declining offers that don’t appeal to me. I don’t waste my time on relationships that are toxic or superficial.  I treat my body properly and don’t commit to things if I don’t have the time or inclination.  This may sound selfish but ultimately, one has to do what is best for them and those they care for.  Time is a valuable resource and I want to spend mine doing things that is good for my mind, body and soul.  For me, that means (in no particular order): spending time with my family and friends, running, practicing yoga, working on my career, reading and playing with my pup, to name a few.  What priorities do you direct/want to direct your energies to?

I’m not sure how old I was when I came to this realization, that being that if I do what makes me happy, I will in turn be a better person to be around.  Probably some time during law school where there was pressure to go out and drink and party like we were all still in college.  Quite frankly, I was over that scene. There is definitely a time and place for it (college roommate reunion this weekend, perhaps?) but to me, it is played out. 

Whereas during my younger years I would have given in and gone out because it was the “cool” thing to do, at some point I became comfortable with my own company.  A prime example of this that sticks out in my mind happened right after the bar exam.  “Everyone” was going out to celebrate at the bars.  I was exhausted and just wanted to curl up with the new Harry Potter book that had been staring at me since its arrival midway through the bar studying season (July 2007 sooo the last book!).  Before, I would have just sucked it up and went out, not really enjoying myself.  Instead, I told my friends to have fun and happily went home to curl up on the couch with HP all night.  This may sound anti-social, and I’m cognizant of that.  I also know that anti-social is something that I am not.  I still think about that insignificant choice and smile; I had taken the most grueling exam of my life and all I wanted to do was read.  So read I did. 

I guess my point is to do what makes you happy.  It isn’t selfish.  Know that who you are enough and that your own company is enough.  If you want to go read a Harry Potter book while everyone else is partying, do it. 

What are your thoughts on aging?

 This post went in a totally different direction than I intended.  I originally set out to focus on all of the wonderful (and some not so wonderful) things my twenty-seventh year has brought me.  Anyway.  The last year of my mid-twenties was nothing short of amazing.  27 meant:

 What will 28 bring?

  • A permanent reunion with my husband 😀
  • My first half-marathon
  • My first marathon?
  • The barefoot running experience:

Happy Birthday to meeeee  (courtesy of my lovely mother in law)

Bailey isn’t sure what he thinks of them.   

Hello, late twenties.  I can’t wait to see what you have to offer.


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Southern Saratoga YMCA 5k Race Recap!

Hi guys!  Thanks so much for your well wishes yesterday- it worked!  When I took up running last year, my ultimate goal was to run a 5k in under thirty minutes.  Why, I don’t know.  Just an arbitrary number that sounded legit to me.  I ran my first race (the Crossings Challenge) on September 27th and crossed the finished line at 31:50.  I was incredibly pleased, as I was aiming for a sub-33 for my first time (again, just a random number I selected based on my couch to 5k training).  Crossing the finish line got me hooked on running races.  It is true what they say- a 5k is truly a gateway race, as I later went on to run a 14k and 15k and am training for my first half.  I went on to run a few more 5ks, setting a PR this past New Year’s day of 30:37.  So close yet so far from sub-30. 

Last night, I shattered my goal and ran the 5k in 28:13.  YES!  I was SO excited to cross the finish line and see 28 on the board.  I feel like I have come so far in the past year.  Less than a year ago, I was nervous about my ability to even run a 5k.  Now, I KNOW that I can run this upcoming half and run it well, so long as I put in the requisite training.  It feels really go to have shaved over three and a half minutes off of my first 5k time. 

Okay, let’s get to the race recap, shall we?  The race began at 6:30 P.M., which I was a huge fan of.  I definitely think my body clock has me functioning better in the early evening than it does in the early morning.  No sleep running during this race!  I arrived around an hour early and hung around with my friend Melissa, stretching and talking.  I was immediately impressed with the race- the entry fee was only $20 and I received a glass similar to the ones we received at the boilermaker PLUS a pretty cute tech shirt.  Sa-weet. 

I looked over at the finish line and noticed that there weren’t any timing mats.  Then I realized that we weren’t handed chips.  Apparently this race was all on one timer, which is kind of a bummer if you don’t start up at the front.  I was surprised by the number of runners.  I was expecting it to be a lot smaller for some reason!  I think there were probably around 300 or so runners but I’m not sure. 

We started to line up and I felt ridiculously nervous.  Get it together Katie, I thought to myself.  This isn’t your first race, ya dumb!  I just couldn’t shake the nervousness.  Melissa and I lined up towards the front of the start line.  I programmed my garmin to start beeping if I dropped below a 9:15/mile, much to the chagrin of those around me later in the race probably :p

After a little speech by the organizer, we were off!  There was a bullhorn, but it didn’t work right away.  No matter.  Um, now I realize why I usually don’t start in the front.  Holy speed demons!  I looked down at my garmin and was running somewhere in the six and change minute mile range.  Uh yeah, WAAY too fast.  Just run your own race, I told myself.  I dropped back and let my heart rate get back to a decent clip.  My heart was still beating fast.  I told myself to get in the zone.  Whenever I think of getting in the zone, I think of that ridiculous youtube video, “my new haircut.”  Some Jersey shore wannabe parodies the typical stereotype and the dude in the video says “Not now chief, I’m in the $$#@%$ zone.”   Yeah.  I’m a flipping weirdo. 

The first mile went by in a blur.  I looked down at my garmin- first mile in 8:49!  Woohoo, probably the fastest mile I ever ran.  The course was out and back, and the first mile incorporated a “trail”- really, just a short run up a little wooded path. There was a water station at the end of the first and second mile, which I didn’t utilize because I had my trusty handheld water bottle.

Mile two was okay.  My pace dropped here and there and my garmin yelled at me to remind me to speed up.  I felt bad for  being that girl with the garmin going off but I was looking to PR!  At some point during the second mile I heard someone coming up behind very heavily.  What on earth?  Yes, I was about to get smoked by an eighty year old.  No lie.  It was so awesome to see someone still running well at that age. 

The race took us through a residential neighborhood, and some folks were out clapping and supporting.  I tried to smile and wave at everyone, because I really appreciate the support.  After I passed mile marker two I was having a tough time maintaining a 9:15/mile pace.  I probably ticked off a lot of people with my garmin.  Sorry!  I was ticking myself off.  Ha.  Anyway, with a half a mile to go I kicked it up and tried to finish strong.  I hovered around 8:40/mile until the last .1 of the race- I could feel myself starting to drop heavily.  I pushed through and crossed the finish line at 28:13.  Goal: achieved 😀

Immediately I looked for somewhere to sit down.  However, Melissa and I caught up with Suzy, who I was so excited to finally meet in person!  We hung around and chatted for a bit and then had a delicious dinner at Moe’s.  Suzy was able to snag some pictures of me finishing:

Approaching the finish line

Almost there.  And I think I have a mid foot strike- YES!


Overall, it was a great race.  I would definitely run it again!


  • Awesome tech t-shirt and souveneir glass
  • Lots of gatorade at the end
  • Flat course
  • Decent crowd support, especially given the size of the race
  • Well-organized


  • Not chip timed

My split times were as follows:

  • Mile 1- 8:49 (fastest pace 6:13 eep)
  • Mile 2-9:05 (fastest pace 7:41)
  • Mile 3- 9:12 (fastest pace 7:58)
  • Mile 3-3.12- 1:04 (8:38 pace)

Not exactly negative splits, haha.  I’ll take it though!

Lastly, some pictures of the swag:

 I spy a cute puppy in the left of the picture.  Holding up the shirt with the glass.  And my celebratory honeymoon beer.  Not really working so I put the shirt on:

Good stuff.  Thank you for reading!  Make sure to check back later in the week- I have a post regarding all of your amazing comments on my Eat Pray Love post– some of your “words” were really inspiring!  Have a great day friends 🙂


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Exciting Stuff!

Hi friends! I hope everyone is having a wonderful week. I purchased a new smartphone yesterday- the motorola droid! I love it. I went with verizon for the free skype aspect- skype will be my main source of communication with Bri when he is overseas. Speaking of Bri, I get to see him tonight!! Yay! I miss him so much.

The new blog transition is going well. My next post will be the one announcing the new site! And thanks for your comments on my last post- switching to wordpress simply requires the push of a button! Wow 🙂 I am in the process of transitioning my reader over from my old google account to my new google account but I’m almost there!

I saw SATC 2 on Memorial Day and I was NOT a fan. Samantha really bothered me. It also irritated me that they were essentially promoting Suz*anne So*mmers and all of her hormone added craziness. Miranda was amazing though. One good thing that came out of the movie is that they showed the preview for Eat, Pray, Love, which inspired me to go purchase the book. Wow. I am a third of the way through it and I love it. So far I highly highly recommend!

Have a great weekend lovelies! I’m excited to see Bri but at the same time very sad… he is headed to war! Hopefully this year will fly by quickly…


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Destined Not to Race

Hi everyone! Long time no talk, er type. Things have been super hectic round these here parts but will slowly start to settle down in the ensuing weeks. Then it’ll be back to a normal blogging schedule (3-5x per week). I truly admire those who can post multiple times a day, or even daily. I’m not that creative!

I was perusing through my honeymoon photos last night before heading to sleep and came across this one: Duuude I want to go back! Please? I miss my husband! The good news is that I will get to see him for a day or two before he ships out. Yippee! The time frame in which this will occur happens to be the same date that falls upon the Freihofer’s 5k. Since Bri can’t come to me, this means I can’t run the 5k with Christina. Hence the faux drama of my post title. Ragnar didn’t work out due to my work conflict. However, this reason is MUCH more acceptable. I can’t wait to see him!! 🙂 🙂 I will have to find another 5k to run so I can try to hit my goal of sub-30.

In other fun news, I’m in the process of transitioning the blog over to wordpress! Okay, that’s kind of misleading. I’m in the process of starting a new blog to reflect this new stage of my life. The current blog name doesn’t really fit any more, seeing as how I’ve been married for two months (today!). Additionally, I get very jealous at the wordpress bloggers’ ability to use strikethrough font and reply to comments directly, among other things, so I’m excited! I don’t think I’m going to shift my blogger posts over to the new wordpress site because I don’t know how and, quite frankly, it seems like so much time and effort! For those of you that have transitioned over to wordpress, how was it?

So, be on the lookout in the next week or two for the new bloggie! I’ll post a link here once it’s finalized. I should have a cute new custom designed header, seeing as I won one at Ange‘s shop 4 a cause 2 auction. Woohoo!

Things have otherwise been going well. I have to go grocery shopping tonight (meh) for supplies for this weekend. I’m heading to Christina’s inlaws’ cabin “upstate” (it’s south of here… don’t ask) and it should be a great time! Do you have any fun weekend plans?

On that note, I’m out! Have a fantastic holiday weekend friends!


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