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Peace Out Challenge, Giveaway Winner & Call For Guest Posts!

Hi peeps!  This post is going to be short and sweet, as I have a fantasy football draft (ohhh yeahhh) to get to!

  • I am heading camping this weekend 😀  I talked about it in my last post and I decided that the wardrobe challenge is not going to be in effect during the weekend.  Then I got to talking with my friend Kristin that is doing it with me and we decided that today would be the last day.  Sweet freedom thank goodness. It’s time.  Tuesday marks four weeks, so 28 days instead of 30, but it is time.  I have learned a lot about what I can do with my current wardrobe and how much accessories can update an outfit.  I’ll write a full recap post next week but I don’t want y’all to think I’m backing out.  Even though I guess I kind of am but yeah.  My ten pieces are getting worn out and gross, haha.  The outfits from this week have been uninspired- same ol’ same ol’, aside from this fun necklace I got in London (well, Bath but whatever) a few years back:

             So yeah, once I stopped feeling creative (about three weeks in) the challenge lost its luster.  Moving on-

  • Ever go running when you didn’t feel like it?  Of course you have.  Well, yesterday I was cursing the dang sport really didn’t feel like it.  It was 95 degrees and humid at 6:00 PM with an air advisory.  Perfect conditions.  Ugh.  I got three in solely because I was meeting up with my running buddy.  There may have been some swearing involved but in the end I was glad I got it done.  You never regret the runs you take, just those not completed… right?  Have you gone for a run when you absolutely didn’t feel like it?  If so, what did you get out of it?
  • September is going to be uber busy for me work-wise and life-wise.  Accordingly, if anyone would like to write a guest post for this here blog let me know!  I already have the fantab Nicki and Linzi (both training for marathons, both rock) working something up and I’m super excited 🙂  Send me an email if you are interested; I’d love to have you 🙂
  • I have a super fun organizing post in the works next week that I can’t wait to share, which was inspired by Boston Runner.  It has to do with my magazine obsession.  Oh yes. 
  • Oh, and the giveaway winner:

Random Integer Generator

Here are your random numbers:


Timestamp: 2010-09-03 21:26:28 UTC

Elizabethlacy!  She wrote:

I volunteer at our local humane society and they are always looking for people to donate Kuranda pet beds. They have several but not enough for all the animals. They work really well for the humane society because they’re easy to disinfect and very comfortable for the pets (disease prevention is a big deal at the humane society). These are the only pet beds they use.  Problem is they’re expensive ($56-176). I can’t afford to donate one on my own but I noticed that CSN sells these. If I won I’d pay the difference and donate a bed.

How awesome is that?  😀 Elizabeth, shoot me an email at FitToWed at gmail dot com and I’ll get your information over to CSN. 

Have a fantastic weekend friends!  See ya 😀


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A Punishing Long Run and Days 17-21 of the Wardrobe Challenge

Well, this week started off with a bang, most likely because yesterday was incredibly unproductive.   My stepsister got married on Saturday and I had a lot of fun.  Too much fun, one could say, rendering my long run yesterday a figment of my imagination.  This resulted in an incredibly hot long run today.  I technically had eight miles on tap but looking at my schedule, I adjusted it so that today would be seven miles and I’ll get this week’s long run in on Friday night.  I’m going camping this weekend and I’m not trying to get my eight miles on in unfamiliar campgrounds! Do you find yourself adjusting your training plan often?  I try not to do it too often but sometimes life just happens, ya know?

So yeah, today’s seven miles were run on a path that is usually 95% shaded.  Not today, my friends.  I was running earlier in the afternoon so the sun was hitting the trees differently.  Or something.  I would say that only 20% of the path was shaded, which made a huge difference in the comfort of the run.  That plus the insane heat (upwards of 90 I think- not so insane but I guess I just assumed the weather was cooling down) made for a punishing run.  I literally could not go any farther after seven miles.  The fact that I ran out of water definitely didn’t help matters much.  The thought that “runners are masochists” definitely crossed my mind a few times on this run :p  I tried the new mandarin orange flavored gu at 3.5 miles.  It was eh.  I did not love it like the delicious chocolate mint.  I think I know what flavor I will be buying a box of 😉  A positive thing that I noted was that despite the heat and humidity, my breathing was very even and under control.  That was awesome 😀  I’m glad I got the miles in but I think this run was the universe’s way of telling my that I need to stick to my weekend routine!  Annnd I’m ready for Fall!  Who’s with me??

The wardrobe challenge is still in full swing.  Hooray for only having nine days left!  Two of those days I’ll be camping so I’m thinking that doesn’t count.  Do you think camping days count?  I don’t know.  I have to figure it out and maybe just extend the challenge for two days (noooooo). 

On to the outfits:

Day 17- No photo- my phone ate it!  I wore the berry cardigan buttoned up with black pants and the berry shoes.  For real.

Day 18:

This photo was taken in a rush as I had to hurry to the wedding rehearsal.  I stuck with my wardrobe challenge and didn’t wear any outside clothing for the rehearsal 😀

  • Cardigan- J Crew
  • Clear grey bead necklace- Loft
  • Greenish tee- Banana Republic
  • Bubble skirt- Banana Republic
  • Pumps- Aldo

Day 19:

I got a bye for Day 19 since I was a bridesmaid in my stepsister’s wedding.  This is my brother and I being introduced.  Don’t hate on the running man 😉

Okay, a more normal pic from day 19:

My brother and I.  I LOVED the color of the bridesmaid dress!

Day 20-well, I stayed in my pajamas all day.  Nothing to report there.  That’s what Sundays are for, right?

Day 21:

Another stealth photo.

  • Black suit jacket: Banana Republic
  • Black pants- Express
  • Yellow tank- Banana Republic
  • Black pumps- Aldo
  • Black belt- Banana Republic

The belt over the suit combo works better with the thicker belt, I think:

There is a lot of exciting stuff going on in the blogworld!  Rebecca is hosting a fantab giveaway for locals and Tina’s self-love challenge starts on Wednesday.  Woohoo!   I will be announcing a giveaway on Tuesday or Wednesday, depending on my schedule.  Have an awesome week friends!


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Who Motivates You to Run?

Hi friends!  I don’t know about you but this week has flown by for me.  Having a staff retreat (with lots of volleyball, bocce and badminton) on Wednesday probably had something to do with it 😀  Speaking of volleyball, wow.  I played two casual games yesterday and my glutes are killing me.  So much so that I pushed back my long run from tonight to the weekend.  I don’t remember being this sore from volleyball in high school!  I thought I was in shape with all of the running and hot yoga :p Anyway

So, about this wardrobe challenge.  I cannot tell a lie.  Originally I started the challenge to work with what I have and avoid consumerism.  Well, I ordered something online from Banana Republic.  Technically it was a gift- my mom purchased it for me for my birthday- but I still feel like I cheated!  However, the purple cardigan and grey tank were too gorgeous (I am so loving purple right now) that I didn’t want to wait to the end of the challenge to purchase and then not have my size available.  What do you think?  It doesn’t count, right?  😉  On to the recent outfits:

Day 13:I spy a big puppy face in the left corner!  Hi Baya!  Isn’t she the sweetest?  This was a travel day (Sunday) so I kept it casual. 

  • Green tee- Banana Republic (purchased Spring 2010)
  • Dark skinny jeans- Express (purchased Fall 2005 ish)
  • Reef flippies- Macys (unsure when I purchased them)

Day 14:

This may be one of my favorite outfits thus far.  In fact, I walked down to my favorite cafe on my lunch break to grab a sandwich and on my way back an older gentleman stopped to tell me that I “looked very nice today.”  How sweet.  Not bad for not showering that morning not having time to put on any makeup or fix my hair. 

  • Green tee- Banana Republic (purchased Spring 2010)
  • Black cardigan- J Crew (purchased January 2009)
  • Black pants- Express (purchased Summer 2004)
  • Black belt- Banana Republic (not sure when I purchased it)
  • Nude pumps- Payless (purchased May 2009)
  • Necklace- Lia Sophia (purchased Summer 2010)

Day 15:

At this point I’m feeling a little over the challenge.  This day also marked the halfway point!  To be honest I’m really surprised that I haven’t slipped up yet.

  • Black and white patterned shirt- Banana Republic (purchased January 2008)
  • Berry cardigan- J Crew outlet (purchased January 2010)
  • Black pencil skirt- Banana Republic (purchased Spring 2005)
  • Black pumps- Aldo (unsure of purchase date)

Day 16 (Staff Retreat Day):

Hooray for dressing casual. 

  • Black and white patterned shirt- Banana Republic (purchased January 2008)
  • Green wrap- street vendor in London (purchased March 2007)
  • Dark skinny jeans- Express (purchased 2005)
  • Reef flippies

I am very verrrry excited for the challenge to be over. 

Switching gears- I’ve had some great runs this week.  Today I ran 3.5 with my running buddy Melissa and she gave me some delicious cupcakes afterwards.  Love that!   On Tuesday I met up with local blend (blogger + friend) Jen for a nice three miler.  The miles flew by so quickly, with the exception of a gnat flying into my eye.  I thought it was stuck under my contact but Jen fished it out for me.  Thanks girl 😀

I love working up a good sweat!  Thanks Jen for the photo 🙂  Afterwards we met up with some other fabulous bloggers for a local meetup.  I am really excited to be meeting so many fantastic people in the healthy living blog community.  Have you ever attended a blogger meetup?  If so, what are your thoughts?

In her weekly report on the Distance Dreamers, Abbi posed a thought-provoking question- who motivates and inspires you to run? 

  • My initial thought, of course, is Brian.  He is very fit and athletic and although he doesn’t consider himself a runner, he totally is one (he just ran a 5k in Afghanistan at 3500 ft altitude in 21:30).  His passion for fitness is really inspiring and inspires me to be a healthier version of myself.
  • My friends inspire me to run as well.  Be it my friend Christina, who picked up running after watching me cross the finish line of  my first 5k, or Melissa, my running buddy who I look forward to running with each week, it is inspiring to see others pick up the sport after you (Christina) and to have someone that pushes you to run faster (Melissa- in a good way 🙂 ). 
  • I also find inspiration in my co-workers.  They always ask me about my running adventures, and we are actually hosting our first company 5k next month.  My office “wife” has picked up running and will be running her first 5k next month.  It is so exciting!
  • Of course, there is much inspiration to be had in reading about the running adventures of fellow bloggers.  Reading race reports and adventures in training makes me excited to embark on my own training and racing adventures. 

What about you?  If you are a runner, who inspires you to run?

I have a busy weekend coming up with wedding festivities (my stepsister is getting married + an eight miler) but I’ll be back after with a really fun giveaway!  Do you have any fun plans this weekend?  Enjoy your night!


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Your Eat Pray Love “Word” & Wardrobe Challenge Day 12

Hello friends!  Thank you so much for the birthday wishes.  I had a fantastic weekend with my girls on Long Island.  After an interesting train ride (ha), we shared some authentic wood-fired pizza with fried eggplant on it.  Yum!  Saturday was my actual birthday and I started the day/28th year out right with a seven mile run 😀  I can’t even believe that I just wrote that.  If you had told me a year or two ago that not only would I voluntarily run seven miles on my birthday but actually consider it one of the highlights of the day (among many highlights) I would have laughed and laughed.  I love the “new” me. 

I tried a new fuel source during the run- chocolate mint gu.  I received a free sample from my local running store and figured why not try it?  I flippin’ LOVE it.  It tasted like chocolate syrup and the texture didn’t bother me at all.  I recommend drinking a lot of water with it, because it was a little thick. 

One of my fave bloggers, Tina, had a birthday yesterday.  She wrote this great post saying that “you know you’re a healthy living blogger when..” and listed all of the health related items that she wanted for her birthday.  I received some AWESOME gifts for my birthday- 10 hot yoga classes from my stepmom, a hot yoga outfit from my bestie Kristin, an entire lululemon outfit (crop pants, sports bra and tank) from Bri AND a gift card to lululemon from my friends Nicole and Alicia.  Fitness related much?  Nicole and Alicia also let me know that there was a lululemon store less than FIVE minutes from Nicole’s house on Long Island AND the store was hosting a free yoga class Sunday morning.  Awesome birthday gift, eh?  Kristin and I skeddadled over there Sunday morning for a fantastic yoga class and I then spent my gift card on an awesome pair of running shorts.  By the way, I love the word awesome, if you couldn’t tell.  I wish there was a lululemon store in the area.  I would definitely try to work there.  And spend my entire paycheck there.  Anyway.

Today is day 15 of the wardrobe challenge.  Woohoo, HALFWAY DONE.  I am proud that I have stuck with it.  Saturday (Day 12) I didn’t get a full length picture:

My own personal version of sex and the city- Me, Nicole, Alicia & Kristin.  Love these girls!  Outfit:

  • Yellow tank- Banana Republic
  • Black cardigan- J. Crew
  • Skinny jeans- Express
  • Black pumps- Aldo
  • Necklace- Lia Sophia

On Sunday we had a suprise baby shower for Alicia (she is having a little girl in December!) complete with Crumbs cupcakes.  Overall, it was an amazing  weekend 🙂

Holy ginormous cupcakes!  I definitely dominated the peanut butter cup cupcake in the bottom right corner.  Amaze. 

Last week I wrote about Eat Pray Love and asked you what one word you thought defined you.  I loved the responses:

I loved the words you guys selected!   They are all positive and demonstrate a thirst and passion for life.  I’ve been trying to come up with a word for myself and although I don’t want to limit myself to one word, I think I have it.  Effervescent.  For whatever reason, that word happened to pop into my head.  I googled the definition:

1. To emit small bubbles of gas, as a carbonated or fermenting liquid. Uh, no.

2. To escape from a liquid as bubbles; bubble up. Nope again.

3. To show high spirits or animation. YES.  

I don’t think I am like this all the time, but it is something that I strive towards.  Not necessarily to be animated but to appreciate life and radiate positivity.  To be happy.  Although when I eat something that is particularly delicious I tend to get a little animated.  So, for now, I am choosing my word to be effervescent.  Like Molly said, I think we are constantly evolving.  So who knows what my future word will be 😉

Tonight I have a run with Jen (wahoo) and then I’m meeting up with some peeps at a coffee shop.  Do you guys have any fun plans for the week?  Thank you for reading and enjoy your Tuesday!


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Wardrobe Challenge Days 9, 10 & 11

Hi friends!  Happy Friday!  Thanks for all of the comments and well wishes.  I am really excited to start using the Vibrams.  I am planning on just walking around in them a bit to break them in over the next month or two to build the strength in my feet and ankles and then maybe transition into short runs.  Bri has had a pair for about a year and is a huge fan.  Joanne– there really isn’t any padding in them.  I’ll take some pictures of the inside and of the bottom and post them if you guys are interested! 

I have a fun weekend on tap.  A reunion with my college roommates and some of my best friends on Long Island, featuring the sun, beach, crumbs cupcakes (!!!) and a seven miler.  I NEED to get it in tomorrow.  I am excited to try out the new chocolate mint gu.  Basically, I’m just excited 😀

Okay, onto the wardrobe challenge.  It is going fairly well.  Packing for the weekend was fairly light.  Incredibly light.  Too light.  Aside from my running and beach gear and undergarments, I packed two shirts, one skirt and jeans.  Three pairs of shoes and lots of jewelry though.  Take that, wardrobe challenge 😀

Day 9:

  • Blueish green tee- Banana Republic (purchased spring 2010)
  • Black bubble skirt- Banana Republic (purchased summer 2009)
  • Nude heels- PAYLESS baby (purchased May 2009 [for my engagement party])
  • Necklace- Lia Sophia (purchased Summer 2010)

I actually really liked this outfit.  I will be wearing the necklace this weekend with my yellow tank so I’ll be sure to post a close up pic of it- it’s actually really cute and can be worn long or double stranded.  I love an accessory that gives more than one look! 

Day 10

I apologize for the blurry picture but I had to include it- Bailey snuck in!  Cute little guy.

  • Black cardigan- J Crew (purchased January 2009)
  • Black and white patterned shirt- Banana Republic (purchased January 2008)
  • Black pants- Express (purchased Summer 2004)
  • Nude shoes- Payless (purchased May 2009)
  • Chunky necklace- Ann Taylor Loft (or is it loft?) (purchased March 2010, for my rehearsal dinner!)

The pumps up close and personal.

I love this necklace.

Lastly for today- Day 11

I dub this look “citrus.”  Wouldn’t YOU wear a orange pinky wrap with light yellow?  It matches, right?  RIGHT?!   I’m feeling a little nutty about the challenge, haha.

  • Warm orangey-pink wrap (that can be worn a variety of ways!!)- some boutique in Saratoga- purchased in April 2010.  My cousin came in from Calgary (Canada represent) and found this wrap and wore it to brunch the day after our wedding.  My family loved it so much that I went out and bought one, as did my stepmother, grandmother and great-aunt.  There are three large buttons on it that give the wrap a totally different look, depending upon where you button it.  Good stuff.
  • Yellow tank- Banana Republic (purchased spring 2010)
  • Black pencil skirt- Banana Republic (purchased Spring 2005)
  • Black flats- Bandolino (purchased Spring 2009)

Normally I wouldn’t wear flats with pencil skirt but since it’s the wardrobe challenge it’s a whole different ballgame. 

On a different note, Bri and I met three years ago today 🙂  We started dating a few weeks later.  ❤

Any fun plans for the weekend?  Have a good one friends!


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What is Your Definition of Fitness?

Hi friends!  Happy Tuesday 🙂  I have a 5k tonight and I am ready to get a sub-30!  Wish me luck!!

Turning to the wardrobe challenge:  one of my new goals is to learn how to use my point and shoot (casio xilim) better and make use of the Canon DSLR D70 that I have access to.  I love learning and I want to know about white balance, aperture, shutter speed and the like.  For now, however, I’m an idiot and didn’t charge my point and shoot I have to use droid photos.  Monday’s (Day 7) outfit:

  • Black wool blend jacket- Banana Republic (purchased Spring 2005) Repeat
  • Black wool blend pencil skirt- Banana Republic (purchased Spring 2005) Repeat
  • Black and white patterned shirt- Banana Republic (purchased January 2008)- Repeat
  • Black slim leather belt- Banana Republic (purchased January 2009)
  • Red open-toed pumps- BCBGirls- (purchased Spring 2007)
  • Silver heart necklace- Tiffany- gift from Bri (August 2008)

Thoughts on this outfit:

  • I purchased the jacket and skirt together, along with a pair of matching black pants, for all of the interviews I was going on during law school.  That is one of my top tips: if you can purchase a suit with both pants and a skirt- DO IT.  What could be one outfit is instantly transformed into a number of versatile pieces.   I had the opportunity to do this with a brown Banana suit that I own but I didn’t.  I went back to get the skirt and it was gone.  Sad face.  Anyway- lesson learned.
  • I haven’t worn the red BCBGirls shoes in quite some time.  I like to typically wear them with a black dress; it adds an unexpected punch and funkiness to the outfit.  The challenge is definitely causing me to rotate items I typically don’t wear, so I guess it is working!
  • I have never worn a skinny belt over a suit jacket.  I’m not sure how I feel about it but I definitely felt more stylish by taking a risk and wearing it.  Whatever works!
  • I have two foam rollers and you can see them in the above picture.  If you are a runner and do not have one, purchase one STAT.  It has been SO helpful with my IT Band issues.  Do it up!

Tuesday’s (Day 8) outfit:

I know you can barely see the clothing in the pic but I am usually in a rush, as I feel like a bit of a weirdo taking a photo of my outfit in the bathroom.  Yeah.  Moving on:

  • Berry cardigan- J Crew Factory Outlet (purchased January 2009) Repeat
  • Yellow tank- Banana Republic (purchased Spring 2010) Repeat
  • Black wool blend pants- Express (purchased 2004) Repeat
  • Black pumps- Nine West (purchased 2009?)
  • Flower Necklace- Purchased in Hawaii on our honeymoon ❤

-closeup of the necklace taken at an earlier date


  • The challenge is starting to get old.  Ah, love it.
  • I call this look “raspberry lemonade.”
  • I normally would never combine a berry cardigan with a yellow tank.  However, I kind of like it.
  • The black shoes in the picture are ones I would typically wear all the time to work.  I tend to go through black heels very quickly.  I especially like these because the heel is only two inches. 
  • Did I mention the challenge is getting old?


Okay, onto the fun part of the post.  A while back Bri wrote a post about his definition of fitness.  You can tell it was a while ago since he refers to me as his soon to be wife.  Heh.  I credit Bri with turning my health around; prior to meeting him I subsisted on bagels, cheezits and risotto and didn’t have a gym membership.  Now I am a runner, yogi, eat mostly well and feel as fit as I have ever been.  Without futher adieu:

My soon-to-be wife has asked me to write a blog for her outstanding website.  I have been into fitness practically all my life and was recently certified as a Level I Crossfit trainer.  I played Division I sports in college and have been active in everything I do.  While I commend anyone who takes the time to exercise, I do believe in efficiency and efficacy in work outs. I wanted to start a discussion to explore, comprehend and dissect the word, fitness.

We have all heard and seen the term, “fitness.”  We see it everywhere in the United States.  We see it in the names of businesses, magazines, and books.  But, what really is fitness?  When is a person truly fit?  Is someone fit if they can run a marathon but cannot pull their bodyweight? Or, are they fit if they can clean and jerk over 250 lbs but cannot run a mile?  With an industry of 45 billion dollars, very few people can agree on what is fitness.  How do you define fitness?

The first place to look for the definition of a word is the dictionary.  Merriam-Webster defines fitness as: (1) the state of being fit or (2) the capacity of an organism to survive and transmit its genotype to reproductive offspring as compared to competing organisms.  The first definition is completely unhelpful.  This is the frustration of the dictionary sending you on a scavenger hunt.  The second definition is also not all that helpful, except for one key point – the capacity to survive.  Survival in the 21st century has changed significantly from even a century earlier.  Most believe that modern medicine and agriculture has significantly improved our lives, but has it made us more fit?  Are people in today’s society more capable of surviving?  No.  The expectation is that most are not capable of successfully confronting unexpected events in daily life or even disasters. Obviously, the degree of this on each individual depends on the occupation and environment of an individual.  A person who works behind a desk would normally confront a substantially different subset of unexpected events than an infantry Marine.  There are similarities though – balance.

Balance is being equally successful at all of the physical skills.  What are the physical skills?  Cardio-respiratory endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, speed, power, acceleration, coordination, agility and balance.  Being equally good at all of these allows one to adapt to an entire universe of events.

The fitness industry these days, however, promotes specialization.  What is specialization?  Specialization is the concentration on one physical skillset at the cost of another.  This is particularly true of the weight machines that isolate muscle movement and even ellipticals.  When in the world are those specialized, isolated movements going to really come in handy in the real work.  When you pick something up, do you really do a strict curl?  No, you employ the core, the shoulders, the lats, the biceps, triceps and many other muscles.  Similarly, you see bodybuilders with huge upper bodies but they are so tight, they move slow and one wonders if they could touch their back.

Turning to what most of you love to do, running.  A runner concentrates on cardiorespiratory endurance and stamina, but the runner sacrifices power and strength, flexibility and many other skills.  Do not misunderstand what I am saying.  Individuals who run a marathon are absolutely impressive and something that many of use cannot accomplish, but that same person could probably not lift their bodyweight over their head.  For the women- I know women that can lift their bodyweight over their head and they are not built like a Russian beat farmer.  In fact, they look like the women you see on the cover of a fitness magazine.  Moreover, I saw this principle when I played Division I lacrosse, where I didn’t have to think twice about my cardio-respiratory during a game but I couldn’t do 10 strict pull-ups.  It was not until I got into Crossfit that I saw a different approach to fitness.  Now Olympic athletes are absolutely great at their sport and are in shape, but can we really say they are truly “fit?”

This is why I have accepted and agreed with Crossfit’s definition of fitness: the ability to statistically perform the best across an entire of universe of repeatable, measurable, observable tasks. 

So, how would YOU define fitness?  Do you agree with Brian’s approach? 

Also, I’m curious- have you ever tried Crossfit?  If so, what are your thoughts?  I attended a “scaled down” class for new people and WOW.  The workout lasted for 18 minutes but was so intense and effective.  I was cursing Bri the whole time (love you honey 🙂 ) but afterwards I felt amazing. 


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Eat Pray Love, Wardrobe Challenge Days 5 & 6 and More Cookies!

Good evening friends!  The weekend sure does go by quickly.  I’m trying to stretch it out to the max!  I just finished baking another batch of the cookies I made the other day– this time made with dark chocolate chips.  I ran out of vanilla so I named them almond infused dark chocolate cheesecake cookies.  That sounds much more gourmet, doesn’t it? 

You can bet I already at the one in the bottom right corner- there were simply too many dark chocolate chips to leave it just sitting there!


You could say that I’ve been in a bit of a baking mood lately.  I go through phases.  I’m especially excited for Fall because I get to make one of my favorite recipes- chocolate pumpkin bread!  And yes, it is just as good as it sounds 😀

Yesterday I was having a bit of a dilemma with the wardrobe challenge.  All of the ladies in the limo were wearing dresses and I felt I would be under dressed.  However, I stuck with the ten items and wore the light yellow tank tucked into the black tulip skirt with a nice necklace.  Kristin has a picture on her camera that I’ll add to the post at a later date-but I think it was dressy enough!  Annnd I didn’t have to take my beloved jeans out of the mix.  It would have been annoying to have to rotate a dress in on the weekends!  Which brings me to today’s outfit of the day:

  • Greenish-blue tee- Banana Republic (purchased Spring 2010)-Repeat
  • Dark skinny jeans- Express (purchased 2005)
  • Black/teal flip flops (unpictured)- Reef (purchased 2008?)
  • Black knit cardigan (unpictured)- J. Crew (purchased January 2009)-Repeat

I went to the movies today to see Eat, Pray, Love so I wore the cardigan there, as it is always chilly in movie theaters.  Speaking of Eat, Pray, Love- I loved the movie!  I know it has gotten some bad reviews (Julia especially) and I don’t really understand why.  I think it was a great portrayal of the book onscreen, and it definitely gave me the travel bug.  The landscapes in Bali and Italy were especially breathtaking.  Of course, I thought the book was better, but it was still a good movie.  One scene in the movie that also struck a chord with me in the book was where Elizabeth was asked what one word defines her.  At the end of the movie/book her word is revealed and basically ties everything together.  After reading the book I asked myself, what would MY word be that defines who I am as a person?  I don’t know if I could be defined by one word.  As a human being there are so many facets to our personalities and events that shape our lives.   I’m still thinking about that one.. I’ll let you know when I figure it out 😉  What one word defines who you are?  Could you be limited to just one word? 

I do, however, know what my “Eat Pray Love” is/would be.  Eat is simple- Tuscany.  I’ve always wanted to go to Italy to eat the amazing food and drink wine… where better than to do it in the heart of wine country?  Pray– I would like to one day become certified in Bikram (hot) yoga.  I still have a long looooong way to go before I can even contemplate that but it is a far off dream of mine 🙂  Love– my love is my family.  My wonderful husband and everyone else in my life.  I’m a pretty lucky girl. 

What is your Eat Pray Love?

Happy Sunday peeps- this week I’ll have my Born to Run review up (finally) and a guest post Bri wrote on his definition of fitness, among others 😀 Have a good one!


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Wardrobe Challenge Day 4 & Seven Miles

Hi guys!  Thank you so much for all of your sweet comments on the Love page.  I still have a lot to add to it, but I’m glad that I got it started.  I’ve been meaning to do it for a while!  Last week we finalized the 82 photos for our wedding album, so once we pick it up we will have a disc with all 1200 photos so I can wedding recap to my heart’s delight 😀

Yesterday was Friday which means business casual at the office.  For the fourth day of the challenge, I kept it pretty simple with a cardigan, black skirt and sandals:

  • Berry cardigan- J Crew Factory Outlet (purchased January 2010)- Repeat
  • Black tulip skirt- Banana Republic (purchased July 2009)
  • Sunnies- Chanel (gift received June 2007)

I’m standing in front of my black Camry, Cameron.  I got her in February 2009 and she already has about 45k miles on her :p  Lots of driving to Va Beach from upstate NY!

  • Sandals- Cynthia Vincent for Target (purchased May 2010)

I wore the cardigan differently than last time by wearing it buttoned up and tucked in.  I especially love this combination with the skirt in the winter with a pair of tights and flat boots or the berry colored shoes I wore the other day. 

Tonight presents the first real “challenge” of the wardrobe challenge.  My bestie Kristin invited me to go out with her and her sister/sister’s friends.  Her sister got a limo for a special evening on the town and all of the girls will be decked out in fancy duds, meaning that every single girl is wearing a dress.  At first I figured I would wear the black skirt with the yellow tank and a nice necklace/pumps but now that strikes me as too casual.  Technically I’ve only worn nine items thus far so I could swap out my skinny jeans for a dress.  That just doesn’t seem functional though- I need to be able to wear my jeans on the weekends!  Ah well, I’ll figure it out.

Today the half-marathon training plan called for a seven miler.  I slept in so I didn’t hit the running path until around 1:00 P.M.  I was a little nervous that it would be too hot but man, what an amazing run!  From the get I just felt like I was in an amazing groove.  My inner monologue while running is hilarious.  “Alright, how are you feeling, ah feeling pretty decent, I’m surprised I don’t feel hotter, aw what a cute little kid, don’t try to take me on squirrel, you are such a strong runner!” etc etc.  Besides the random stream of consciousness I actually do get a lot of good thinking done during the runs.  I definitely enjoy doing solo runs alone.  It just allows me to reflect on the past goings on of the week and come up with to-do lists and, perhaps most importantly, to just veg out and listen to good music 😀

In other exciting running news, on Thursday evening Melissa and I set out to run three miles in under 28 minutes.  We really pushed ourselves but we did it!  Three miles in 27:06, averaging 9:02 per mile.  It was SO challenging but I felt awesome afterwards.  We have a 5k this Tuesday after work so I am hoping I can finally achieve my goal of running a 5k race in under 30 minutes.  Wish me luck!! 😀 

Alright, gotta jet and figure out the wardrobe sitch for the evening.  Have a wonderful Saturday peeps!


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Cookies!! & Wardrobe Challenge Day 3

Hey y’all!  I’m not Southern but I really wish I was, just so I could get away with saying y’all.  Anyway.  I’m so stoked that tomorrow is Friday!  I have a busy weekend planned, with lots of running, yoga and friend time.  Good stuff 😀  Yesterday I got in a two mile training run in 18:39.  That is REALLY fast for me!  Granted it is two miles but if I can keep up that pace I should be able to shatter my 5k PR (30:35 I think) next Tuesday.  Woop! 

Hot yoga challenge last night was bombtastic, as always.  I think I’m really getting used to bikram (room is heated to 105 degrees) versus the hot yoga challenge (95 degrees) because yesterday the temperature of the room was quite bearable.  I’ll take it!

Today marks day three of the challenge.  Oy.  It is going to be a lonnnng month.  On the bright side, I am wearing shoes and jewelery that has just been sitting there unused.  Today’s clothing and accessories:

Closeup of the detailing on the top/pearls:

Let’s be honest though- I don’t wear my suit jacket around the office.  Unless I have a meeting or something.  In the mix:

  • Wool blend suit jacket- Banana Republic (purchased 2005)
  • Black wool blend suit pants- Express (purchased 2004)- yes, the same ones as yesterday.  Repeat!
  • Teal-ish cotton dressy tee- Banana Republic (purchased Spring 2010)
  • Pearls- gift from my mother and grandmother
  • Black pearl bracelet- gift from Brian
  • Peep toe pumps- Aldo (purchased sometime in 2006?)- I love these shoes.  Unlike the other peep toes, they are actually quite comfortable.  I’m still not sold on peep toes with long pants but hey, that’s what the challenge is for, right?  Mixing it up yo!

Okay, on to more delicious items.  Specifically, Peanut Butter Cheesecake Cookies, courtesy of Sweet Tooth Court! Seriously, this girl is my go-to recipe person for sweets.  I’ve met her in real life and she’s just as “sweet” (ha) in person as she is on her blog.   I’ve been sending Bri care packages but hadn’t yet baked him anything.  After perusing Courtney’s recipes, I settled on her Chocolate Butterscotch Cheesecake Cookie recipe, which I adjusted to Peanut Butter Cheesecake Cookies (I didn’t want the chocolate to melt when being shipped!)  Don’t worry, I altered the recipe on Tuesday to make chocolate chip cheesecake cookies too 😉  The beauty of this recipe is that you can alter it to make tons of flavors!  Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 1 + 1/2 sticks of butter
  • 1/4 apple sauce
  • 3/4 cup brown sugar
  • 1/4 cup regular sugar
  • 1 package of jello cheesecake pie filling (or any other flavor- customize to your heart’s content!)
  • 1 t vanilla
  • 4 egg whites
  • 2 & 1/4 cups flour
  • 1/2 t baking powder
  • 1/2 t baking soda
  • 12 oz peanut butter chips (or chocolate chips, or butterscotch chips…)

  • Preheat the oven to 375
  • In a large mixing bowl, beat butter, sugars, dry pudding mix and vanilla with an electric mixer until well blended
  • Add the egg whites and applesauce, mix until well blended.
  • Add in flour, baking soda, baking powder.  Mix until completely blended.
  • Stir in chips!
  • Using an ice cream scooper, place on baking sheet and bake for around fifteen minutes (I like my cookies large!) or until they turn a goldish brown. 
  • Let cool, and enjoy!

These are the finished peanut butter cheesecake cookies.  Note that I individually wrapped some of them- my friend Melissa sent me a link on how to keep cookies for soldiers overseas fresh, and apparently the key is individually wrapping them.  I placed the individually wrapped cookies into a larger tupperware container.  Here’s to hoping they arrive in Afghanistan fresh and delicious!

The reason I love this recipe is that there are so many combinations of cookies you could come up with.  Why not combine lemon jello pie filling mix with white chocolate chips?  I made chocolate chip cheesecake cookies for my family and they were huge fans.  So, Courtney, thanks for the recipe! 😀

Have a great Thursday!


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Quick Run + Wardrobe Challenge Day 2

Hey friends!  I don’t know what it is about this week but I can’t WAIT for the weekend.  Yesterday brought a three mile run on my half-marathon training plan.  I tackled it after work in the ninety degree heat.  I had been feeling a little frustrated so when my iPod landed on Eminem I went with it and ran my little heart out.  Three miles in 28:06, not too shabby!  I’m running a 5k next Thursday with Melissa, my running buddy.  I’m hoping to see a sub-30!  It will be nice to achieve one of my goals. 

Abbi posted another fabulous distance dreamers post today.  Today’s questions are:

What has been your best running experience/memory?

I think it’s a tossup between finishing the 14k with Bri or successfully completing the uber challenging military mile during the Boilermaker 15k.  At this point in the race, I was tired, hot and ready to be DONE.  However, despite the hills and the heat, I was so inspired by the patriotism shown on the course and I couldn’t help but think of Brian and how proud I am of him.

It’s also been pretty neat to see my friends get into running after listening to me go on and on (and on) about it.  I’ve also met some really cool people through running that I wouldn’t have met otherwise.  🙂

What is your worst running experience/memory?

Ah, that would definitely be between miles two and three at the Jingle Bell 5k this past December.  Let’s just say I left the house not having used the services, if you will.  It later hit me at that point in the race, and I had to stop for a bit or disaster would have struck.  Running is totally glamorous.   

I’m a little late to the game but I opened up one of those formspring accounts where you can ask me anything (anonymously or not).  So, any burning questions?  If so, just ask 🙂

Ah, so today is day two of the challenge.  I can say so far that it is nice to only have select items to work with.  I have a feeling it is going to get a wee bit more challenging in the next couple of weeks.  Today’s ‘fit:

I definitely need to start using my actual camera.

  • Berry colored knit cardigan- J Crew Factory Outlet (purchased January 2010)
  • Black and white patterned top- Banana Republic (purchased January 2008)
  • Black wool blend pants- Express (purchased Spring 2004)
  • Berry patent leather mary janes- Aldo (purchased September 2009)
  • Glasses- Coach

I’m loving the fact that I’m still wearing pants that I purchased my senior year of college.  They’re my first pair of “adult” working world pants.  There is nothing really special about this outfit, aside from the shoes.  😀  I love shoes.  I purchased these for my cousin’s bat mitzvah last fall- she requested that family members wear purple.  Mmhmm.  Oh, and Julie– I did get my hair cut 😀  I want it back, haha. 

Alright friends, back to it.  I’ll see you tomorrow with a delish cookie recipe and Day 3 of the wardrobe challenge!


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