How Do You Wear Winter Boots?

Hi Legally Fit readers…I’m Cynthia from It All Changes.

Katie is enjoying her time with Brian while he’s on leave and asked me to guest post.  My dad is a former military man so I was happy to oblige so she could enjoy ever second!

It’s a bit chilly here in Western Massachusetts and everyone has donned their winter boots.  Boots in all sorts of styles were seen on celebrities, fashion runways, magazines and in the mall lately.  However normally they aren’t talking about boots that actually keep your feet warm.

They are cute but when I look out my window and see the snow my feet instantly start to freeze.

When you live in a snow zone – right now that means the usually sunny south as well – you need a good pair of winter boots.  However warm boots does not need to equal ugly boots.  You can rock your winter boots and not have to change in and out of them 10 times a day.
To start, you need the right boot.  This is different for everyone.  Some people love Uggs and others love Cole Haan

To pick your right boot, they need to be:

-In your price range.  I love Cole Haan but I also love food.  $300 of food goes a lot further than a pair of boots.

-Versatile.  Pink is a fabulous color (note my coat), but does not match most of my wardrobe.  Opt for a pair that you can wear with what you already own.

-WARM!  You are looking for winter boots after all.  Cute doesn’t mean squat if you feet are frozen the second you step outside.

From there you can get creative.  These are the boots I purchased 2 years ago at the end of the season – Discount! – and wear almost daily.

They are perfect! 

For work:  If you run in and out of the snow for errands, meetings, etc. your boots are great to wear under your pants or with a nice skirt.  I wear a uniform to work – I’m a Salvation Army Pastor – so mine had to be black.  They are comfortable enough to wear inside and out.

For fun: With skirts or dresses, throw on a funky pair of tights with your boots and go. 

With a quick change of tights you can change an entire outfit.  The boots and tights are what most people see peeking out from under your winter coat.
In the bitter cold running tights can do double duty under dresses.  Throw them on with warm wool socks and your boots and no one is the wiser…I think.

With pants you have two options.  Skinny pants or jeans fit inside your boots just like tights and your are ready for the day.

With wide leg pants, just the toe of your boot peaks out.  If this is your preferred method make sure you like the toe shape because that is all you’ll see.
Even when you purchase your rocking new winter boots don’t throw out your traditional winter boots.  They are perfect for getting in a great workout in the snow.  Hike, snowshoe or snow ball fight.  And somebody has to shovel the sidewalk!
Just remember keeping your feet warm in the winter doesn’t have to sacrifice your style.  In the immortal words of my style guru, Tim Gunn, “Make it work.”

What is your favorite way to wear your winter boots?


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5 responses to “How Do You Wear Winter Boots?

  1. I love this post. I am pretty adept at “winterizing” my outfits with fun boots and stockings. I have so many different pairs of stockings it a little absurd!

  2. cute post. I need to buy some cute boots. wearing my running shoes and my old chucks around all the time isn’t exactly winning me any style points…

  3. I don’t have winter boots, as I live in California. But when I move to a snowy state, I can’t wait to get a pair!

  4. I have SO MANY PAIRS of boots. It should probably be against some sort of law. However, I don’t usually spend a lot of money on footwear (well, ok, within reason). Actually, I found my absolute favorite boots from a thrift store for less than $5.

    However, I don’t really believe in “winter” boots. I wear my boots year-round. I just revolve my bottoms- I love tights, and I love tucking my pants into the boots. I will wear a short skirt with boots and tights year-round, no matter how cold it gets here in the sunny south :).

    Like Courtney, I do think you can never go wrong with a pair of chuck taylors- I think I own more pairs of converse than boots. Ok, I think everyone knows why I’m broke all the time- clearly, I spend all my money on shoes 😉

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