Staying Healthy on the Road

Morning friends!  Thank you for all of your encouragement on my 2011 goals.  I am really really excited!  The next few weeks are going to be a wee bit loco for me- I’m heading to Syracuse for work (also known as the land of Tim Horton’s and Wegmans.  You bet I will be stopping at both places!) and then at some point I will be spending some time with Bri while he is on leave 😀  YESSSSSSS. 

Since I am busy traveling around the state, I figured it is a good time to discuss how we stay healthy while on the road!  If this topic looks familiar, it’s because it was also posted on Linzi’s blog (who JUST got engaged- head over and say congrats!  Yay Linzi!). 

Anyway, I travel quite a bit for work and before my (currently deployed) husband and I were married, I put 40,000 miles on my car in the course of a year and a half making the nine hour trip from New York to Virginia, where he was stationed.  I’ve definitely picked up some tips and tricks on how to stay healthy along the way!  When we are out of our daily routine, it is easy to throw healthy living aside.  However, a little bit of planning goes a long way.


If you’re like me, you have your workouts planned in advance- for instance, I’ll run on Tuesdays and Thursdays, attend yoga on Wednesday and Saturday and do whatever I feel like on Sunday.  If you’re traveling, this throws a bit of a wrench into the whole system.  Here are some things to consider:

  1. Does your hotel have a fitness facility?  If so, make use of it!  I’ve stayed in hotels where I’ve had to pay a daily rate to use the gym, and I paid it because I had to get a run in and wasn’t comfortable running around in an unfamiliar city (Louisville, which is a super cool city but the area surrounding the hotel was not runner-friendly).  Hopefully your hotel won’t charge you to use the gym.  I was recently in Boston and made use of the (free) facilities to get a speed workout in on the treadmill- there were way too many cars and people to get a run in outdoors!
  2. Don’t feel like working out indoors?  Ensure that the area surrounding the hotel is safe and get out and explore!  This past winter I was down in Garden City, a quaint village in Long Island.  I was training for my first 14k so I called my friend that lives in the area to get the scoop on the “runnability” of the place.  She told me the area was very runner friendly so I packed my cold gear and hit the pavement.  It was a really neat way to explore the village! 
  3. No fitness facility in the hotel? No problem!  If you find out that your hotel doesn’t have a gym, call concierge and ask them if there are any gyms in the area.  Most of them will likely offer a day pass!  Another no-fail solution is to bring the gym with you!  All you need is your laptop, a workout dvd or an internet connection.  I’ve been known pack 8 lb dumbbells to use with my 30 day shred dvd and to substitute a bathroom towel for a yoga mat to get a yoga workout in.  If you don’t have a laptop, work with what you have (that being your body weight!)  Pushups, planks, squats, lunges and core work are easy, effective ways to get some quick strength training in.
  4. Make sure you pack your exercise gear! This one is pretty self-explanatory 🙂


It is easy to fall out of our normal eating habits when we are in unfamiliar territory, be it staying in a hotel away from home or being cooped up in a car for hours at time.  Here are some tips that have helped me:

  1. Plan ahead.  I’ve made the nine hour drive to Virginia so many times that I had my snacks down to a science.  Make sure to pack enough snacks to keep you going throughout your travels!  You want food that will give you energy and keep you awake (besides coffee, although that comes in handy too).  My default healthy snacks for the car are luna bars, apples, granola bars, mixed nuts and lots of water!
  2. Drink lots of water.  It may seem counter-intuitive, but I drink a lot of water during my trips, even though it ensures I will probably have to make two bathroom stops.  I stay hydrated and if anything, it’s nice to get out and stretch my legs after sitting in the car for so long! 
  3. Go grocery shopping!.  If you are traveling for work, it is often a requirement that you eat out a restaurants, since you likely don’t have a kitchenette to cook in.  My advice- go to the local grocery store!  I’ve stocked up on peanut butter, apples, larabars, greek yogurt, granola, pre-chopped veggies and other no-cook items in order to ensure that I at least eat a healthy breakfast and snacks.  Oftentimes grocery stores will have pre-made meals and salad/dinner bars that will enable you to make healthier choices, which is helpful if you’ve been loading up on rich restaurant food.

Are there any tips or tricks that you have for staying healthy while traveling?  Have a good one friends, I’ll see you on Friday! 🙂



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19 responses to “Staying Healthy on the Road

  1. I think you hit everything I typically do! I love going for runs when I’m traveling – it’s a great mix-up from my typical runs. And I also have a weird obsession with going into ‘foreign’ grocery stores (not Wegmans or Price Chopper). 🙂

  2. I do most of the things you do. I do usually try to find a hotel with an exercise room though. Although hotel workout rooms are quite unpleasant. They’re usually moldy and humid because they’re right next to the pool area.

    Bri’s leave is gonna be so much fun for you!!

  3. I usually try to follow all of these guidelines too! It always gets harder once you’re actually traveling though, ha!

    Safe travels!!

  4. You know I should be better about using the fitness facility at hotels I stay at. I think I get into a mentality where I think – Oh, I’m away from home so no rules anymore! Thanks for these tips!

  5. Sara

    First off, yay for your husband being home for a bit!! You must be so excited!!

    Second, great post. I have my first work trip in early February and I’ve been worrying that my healthy habits will fall to the way side. I definitely need to stock up on healthy foods I can bring myself. Thankfully im travelling south, so I’m hoping that the weather is more conducive there to running than it currently is in upstate NY.

  6. I am a Nora Roberts fanatic and not afraid to admit it. 🙂 Is that a DVD?!

  7. lowandbhold

    Great tips!
    If you’re staying at a Hilton ask for their Stay Fit Kit. It has a yoga mat, weights, a weighted ball and a few other things. Just be sure to disinfect everything!
    Have fun on your trip and seeing BRI!

  8. J

    Enjoy Wegmans and Tim Hortons!! I don’t know what I would do if I moved away from this area! I would miss those two stores so much!

  9. I am so excited for you to see your man! Omigawsh! 🙂 Enjoy your time together girly! Thanks for the shout out on the engagement. I can’t stop smiling! 🙂

  10. Those are really great tips Katie! I definitely struggle to be healthy on the road. I hope you have a great trip!!

  11. Tim Hortons??!! Hello, my name is jealous, nice to meet you. Have fun, those are some great tips! I always pack snacks on a road trip, I feel better about saving money plus not buying some random crap at a gas station. I always plan to workout on vaca or when I am away but it never seems to happen, oops.

  12. Great tips! I’m not great about working out on vacation, but I’m working on it 🙂

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