2010 Goals in Review

Hi friends!  I hope that everyone had a relaxing holiday.  Mine was spent google chatting with Bri, eating delicious french toast (now a Christmas tradition), movie watching with Heather (How Do You Know, which , the more I think about, the more I think I didn’t like it), and partaking in an awesome vegetarian dinner.    image

That, my friends, is an epic vegetarian meal.  There was filet for the non-vegetarians, but the main vegetarian course (Cinnamon Lime Quinoa with Apricots and Almonds from Eat Drink and Be Vegan) was bombtastic (in the photo, it is at 12:00). 

Of course, there was also a little birthday celebrating for Mr. B, who turned five yesterday.  image

My little guy is growing up!  It goes by so quickly.  He definitely enjoyed his birthday cupcake from Sloppy Kisses.  image

It’s hard to believe that the year is coming to a close.  2010 went by so quickly, yet so much happened!  I got married, Bri deployed, I fell in love with Bikram yoga, ran a half-marathon… mostly good things 😀  Last January, I set forth a list of goals that I wanted to accomplish in 2010.  I think I achieved most of them 😉  Let’s take a look.

Goals: Professional

1. Complete at least 50 hours of pro-bono work
a. Well, I definitely didn’t achieve this.  I would say I got about 20-25 hours in.  The organization that I was doing the work for was fairly unorganized, with a lot of no-shows.  I’m happy that I got in what I did but at the same time, I should have been more proactive in seeking out other places to volunteer.

2. Become a better small talker and more confident in social situations where I do not know anyone
a. In my job there are lots of networking events where we put in face time with our members. I am not an outgoing person by nature so when I first started (back in September 2008) I put on a brave front but was often very uncomfortable. I have gotten much better in approaching people and making conversation, but I still have room for improvement.

I definitely made some headway towards this goal!  Of course, it’s an ever-evolving process, but I do feel much more comfortable at the events where I am expected to schmooze (hate that word).  I will continue to work on this in 2010.

3. Improve my public speaking abilities
a. I think I improved my public speaking abilities tremendously.  A lot of it is just getting up and doing it time and again.  Of course, there is always room for improvement.  Another goal to continue working on in 2011.

Goals: Health and Fitness

1. Complete the Virginia is For Lovers 14k
a. Yay!  This race was so much fun.   When I first signed up for it last December, the 14k distance seemed huge.  I am so happy that Bri encouraged me to sign up and that I got to run it with him:)

2. Complete the Rock ‘n Roll Virginia Beach Half Marathon
a. The half marathon is the ultimate distance for me. I really don’t think my body can handle a marathon; I love running but it is hard on the body and I already had hip issues before running came into the mix. If I could run a half I would be so happy!  Well, I didn’t run the Virginia Beach Half Marathon (due to a certain someone being deployed 😉 ) but I did run the Hudson Mohawk Half.  Yippee!  It was an awesome race and such a great experience.  It is funny how your goals shift- last year I wrote that I didn’t think my body could handle a marathon…heh I am plotting and one may or may not be on my list for 2011. 

3. Attend a yoga class at least once a week in a studio
a. I blew this goal out of the water!  After finding the hot yoga studio in April, I have been practicing consistently in the studio.  During the summer and half training I went two times a week, and since October it has been anywhere from three to five times a week.  And I love it!

4. Run a 5k in under 30:00
a. 😀 I am so happy to have achieved this.  I ran a 5k this past summer in 28:13– it was hard but felt so great!  Of course, now I have a new goal- sub 28 or bust! 😀

5. Continue overall strength training at least once a week
a. Unless you count Bikram yoga as strength training (haha, I do), I have a lot of work to do in this area.  Prior to the wedding I was attending a body sculpting class once a week and doing my own Jillian circuits at the gym.  Body sculpt went out the window once I started practicing hot yoga. 

6. Complete at least 30 pushups in a row
a. Oops. I definitely did not get to 30 pushups in a row.  I am pretty proud that I can do 20 though.  Although, if I tried right now I would probably have to stop at 15. 

7. Incorporate more veggies into my life
a. I definitely accomplished this.  Since I have been eating healthier, my body tends to want vegetables and other healthy items (weird).  Sometimes now I have a salad because it sounds delicious, not because I should. I also found a new favorite veggie- eggplant!  Going out of your comfort zone definitely yields fun surprises. 

Goals: Personal

1. Cook a new dish at least once a month
a. I have tried so  many new recipes this past year.  I discovered that I really like to cook and bake, which was a happy surprise.  Nicole, one of my besties, hosted a 30 recipes in 30 days challenge this past September and while I didn’t quite reach 30 recipes, it was a lot of fun trying.  I’m looking forward to more culinary adventures in 2011!

2. Do more sweet things for Bri
a.I think I achieved this goal (right love? 😉 ) If anything, I am a master package getter-together.  😀

Goals: Financial

1. Save at least $10,000 to put towards an emergency fund.
a. Well, prior to the wedding I had a nice little cushion going.  Hawaii kind of took most of it all of it.  Then I purchased the new car… and yeah, it doesn’t really count as savings if you spend it 😉  Next year 😀

Well, that was quite the list I set for myself last January.  Overall I am incredibly happy with 2010.  I achieved a lot of my goals and also left room to improve for 2011.  Did you achieve the goals you set for yourself this year?  Let me know!

I have some fun posts coming up, including how to layer for winter running (I ran in 20 degree windy weather today, brrrr) and goals for 2011.  See you soon! 😀


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21 responses to “2010 Goals in Review

  1. 2010 was an exciting year…can’t wait to see what you have on tap for 2011…I also loved your #2 goal in the professional section, I so need to work on that too!

  2. Sounds like you did great with your goals! And you’re exactly right– any goals that you might have fallen a little short on, you can just continue to work on in 2011! That’s my plan, anyway!

    Happy birthday to your sweet pooch!

  3. Sounds like you did a great job Katie. And I’m pretty sure Brian loved every single package. And I do count Bikram as strength training…it’s hard.

  4. Great job with achieving most of your goals!

    And I *love* Sloppy Kisses. Every time I go to Saratoga, I always by my puppers a special treat… because she’s obviously not spoiled enough 😉

  5. Sounds like you did really well on all of your goals. How long did it take you to fall in love with yoga? I want that to happen to me, but I don’t go very regularly.

  6. Oh gosh that cupcake is adorable! What a cute birthday idea 🙂

  7. jswesner

    What a great year for you!
    I love looking back and seeing everything accomplished.


  8. Great job with your goals Katie! I hope you are having a really nice week!

  9. You did a really wonderful job of accomplishing so many of your goals this year! Since I didn’t have my current blog when I set mine last year, I didn’t do a goal review post, but I did do a recap of the year’s best moments and accomplishments yesterday. My two most important goals were to finish my dissertation and to run 3 half-marathons in 2010, and I did accomplish that!

  10. What a great year!! Way to go, girl 🙂
    That quinoa dish sounds delicious – Imma have to find that recipe in Dreena’s book!

  11. Wow, you had an AWESOME year! I hope 2011 is even better.

  12. lowandbhold

    That is definitely an epic vegetarian meal!

  13. goodness you did set lots of goals! you did a pretty darn good job with them too!!!

  14. Meg

    What an awesome year! You reached so many of your goals!

  15. you’ve had a great year! might there be a marathon on your list for 2011? : )

  16. You did great with your goals! I can’t wait to set some for 2011 🙂

  17. Congrats on a fabulous 2010 and here’s to an even better 2011!

  18. You have reminded me that I need to do a review of my 2010 goals and see where I stand. Congrats on accomplishing sooo many of yours! I think you did awesome. Umm I love the little doggie cupcake. I think our Murph deserves a real birthday for his 5th this coming July. Where does the time go?! Happy New Year!

  19. Congratulations on accomplishing so many of your goals! That is amazing! I have recently become obsessed with hot yoga as well, and due to the fact that I am sore after the majority of classes, I think you can definitely call this strength training! 🙂

  20. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Mr. B is so dang cute (sorry I get really dramatic when it comes to the four legged friends). I love the cupcake and the name of the place, Sloppy Kisses, too cute!

    Saving more money was on my agenda for this year but yeah, didn’t hit that one. I am going to keep on trying though!

  21. 30 recipes in 30 days seems like a tough challenge! I could maybe to 10 in 10 days. I think I’d max out after that. 🙂

    Note on the push-ups — A man (60+) once told me that every morning he does as many push-ups as his age. So every year, he has to add one more. I followed along and was really good about it when I was 22-23, but I’ve now fallen off at 25. I think I might make it a goal to get back into it in 2011. 🙂 You should do it!

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