Boots, Blends, & Bailey

Hi friends!  Thank you for all of the kind words and congrats on my dad’s first 5k.  I know he loved all of the comments!  🙂 

How was your holiday weekend?  It is starting to look like Christmas in my house:image

Isn’t this little tree gorgeous?  My stepmom found it at a craft fair.  I love it!  When do you usually start decorating for the holidays?  I am a strict wait until at least Thanksgiving passes kind of girl.

It was nice to have a four day weekend.  I got some shopping done and found these beauties:   image

Forty percent off at Banana Republic.  Score!  I have been on the lookout for a pair of flat tan boots for who knows how long.  It figures that when I’m not looking for them they pop right up.  I love them so much that I’ve been wearing them everywhere, including around the house.  😉

I attended a few hot yoga sessions over the holiday weekend:

  • Hot Rockin’ Vinyasa, 80s style (Wednesday evening)- I wore the most ridiculous eighties outfit.  It was fun!
  • 26 plus (Friday morning)- Like tradition Bikram but even harder!
  • Silent Bikram (Sunday afternoon)- my most favorite class ever.

All of that yoga has left me feeling awesome!  With the exception of one week, I think I hit my November goal of attending at least four yoga classes per week. 

Yesterday was a busy and fun day!  I ran 3.25 cold, invigorating miles.  I am on the fence as to what my perfect running weather is.   I don’t like it too cold but running in the summer is NOT my favorite.  Yesterday’s temps of almost 40 degrees was pretty awesome!

After the run, I met up with Jen to have lunch at Professor Java’s and give her some TJs goodies.  It is always fun to catch up with her!  She is the sweetest girl ever- look what she gave me:


Freshly baked banana walnut bread in a cute little Christmas dish!  Thanks Jen 😀   After hanging with Jen I hit up yoga then got to see another one of my fave blends, who gifted me with delicious cookies.  Heather, I already had three of them 🙂  Thank you!

This morning I had to drop of my fave little guy to get his teeth cleaned (and a few pulled) at the vet 😦 image

He was shaking when I dropped him off.  I feel so bad!  I will be calling the vet soon to make sure he is okay.  Poor little!

Okay friends, I’m out- enjoy your cyber Monday!



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24 responses to “Boots, Blends, & Bailey

  1. Girl, you scored a sweet deal at BR! Those boots are gorgeous.

    I hope Bailey is okay! Teeth cleaning is scary for anyone, pups and people alike 😉

  2. Ooooooh, I LOVE those boots! Banana boots last forever, too! Great buy!

  3. Oh poor Bailey! Its amazing how much we love our animals, isn’t it? Link is staying with Stephen for 2 weeks, and I’m so depressed. I miss him!!

    PS I got some hot new pairs of boots this weekend too!! I can’t wait for them to arrive at my doorstep.

  4. J

    I am still on the hunt for cute boots! I refuse to set up any Christmas stuff until after Thanksgiving! Then I leave it up till after new years and enjoy the season!

  5. Aww your poor baby. Our vet told us to give our little one boiled beef and rice after the procedure and all was forgiven.

  6. Happy Cyber Monday—I am home sick with Bronchitis..I think? I sorta diagnosed myself online.

    Awe, I hope Bailey is ok. Poor little guy. He is such a trooper.

    Love the boots and the fruit tree!

    Jim & I are done decorating our house. Jim did it all on Friday & Saturday. Love it!

    Check out my blog…not much there yet but it’s a start! I need your expert help…or any one’s help for that matter. Suggestions?

  7. LOVE those boots! 40% off at BR – you hit a goldmine 🙂

  8. Love your new boots Katie! My favorite time to decorate for the holidays is anytime after Thanksgiving day. I’m in the process this week 😉 I love how in the US Thanksgiving is sort of the kick off to the holiday season. Have a great day!

  9. OH MY GOODNESS OH MY GOODNESS I LOVE THOSE BOOTS! They are literally my favorite boots in the store, I sit in the middle room and stare at them longingly all day long (I think I told you I work at Banana Republic, if not, you are very confused by that last sentence, haha). I tried them on, but I’m too short and they looked terrible on me 😦 I’m glad you bought them so I can live vicariously through you and pretend they looked good on me, hahaha!

    Also, I want you pup, SO CUTE!

  10. lowandbhold

    There’s really nothing better than finding a perfect pair of boots! Those are super cute!

    I definitely wait until at least Thanksgiving to start decorating.

  11. We pretty much missed each other by a minute–I went to Bikram on Wednesday, Vinyasa on Thursday, and Vinyasa on Saturday! I’ll be at Hot 26 tomorrow, can you make it?!

  12. Poor little Bailey! Hopefully all is well on the dental hygiene front though. I hate so much when Linx starts shaking and there’s nothing I can do to console him.

    And the boots? Hell to the yeah! Nice deal!!

  13. Laura

    I feel so bad for Bailey…look at his little quivering body 😦 I hope he made it through ok and I’m sure you gave him extra love when you brought him home. I’m a “wait until December 1st” kind of gal when it comes to Christmas decorating. This year, it might be more like December 10th though, or whenever we’re able to gain access to our Christmas tree, which is in the back corner of the storage facility.

  14. love the boots! The only thing I scored was clothes for the kids…and things for the DOG! Hope your doggie was okay : (

  15. poor pup!! we had a kitty who ended up having lots of teeth pulled, he was just a sick little guy so sad!

    ok love the boots! wish I would have seen those when I was online!!

  16. Christina

    Cute boots! I love that Christmas baking cute! And yum for Banana walnut bread…my fav!

  17. Definitely some cute boots! Hope your little pal is okay and safely home from the vet soon!

  18. I really like your boots! I have a similar pair that I’ve been wearing so much I seem to have injured them and need to take them to the shoe doctor. I know it will be between difficult and impossible to replace them. These boot searches take forever!

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