Thanksgiving Trotting

Happy Thanksgiving friends!  Thank you for all of the insight as to who the green character was in my last post- apparently I need to start watching It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia 😉  Funnily enough, my brother and stepmom told me that they saw the green man the turkey trot I ran this morning! 

This morning my dad and I ran the Christopher Dailey Turkey Trot in Saratoga.  It started at 8:30 so we made sure to arrive by 8.  It was really reallllly cold out but we dressed appropriately.  Well, aside from my dad, who forgot his gloves (duhhhh dad).  Looking cold: image

We quickly decided that we should warm up in the City Center before the race started, which was wise decision. image

By the time we headed back out, it had warmed up a few degrees and we were ready to go!  My dad started the Couch to 5k on October 11.  I remember the date because it was one day after my half-marathon 🙂  He indicated that he wanted to run a 5k so I told him to saddle up and start training because he was running the turkey trot with me! 

After the nation anthem we got ready to start.  Excited/nervous/cold:image

The race started out very slow.  There were SO many walkers.  I’ve run a bunch of races and I have never had to dodge so many.  We spent the first mile weaving around the walkers.  It was a good course but the walkers made it annoying- I think there should be more clear instructions in future races- ie, walkers stay to the right and start at the back.  You know, basic race etiquette 😉

After the first mile we entered the grounds of Skidmore College, which meant one thing: hills.  There were some fairly steep hills!  My dad was doing really well though, although I told him to not look down at the hills and instead stare straight ahead.  I may have had to break out my hazing skills from last week gently encourage him by saying “up!  Look up!” a lot 😉

The best part about the uphills was then going downhill.  One lady loved it so much that she was chanting “I. Love. Running. Down. Hills.”  repeatedly to herself.  People are funny, hahahah. 

After all of the hills we were maintaining a decent clip.  We had about a third of a mile to go so I told my dad to smile pretty: 😀image

Yippee!  We crossed the finish line at 36:50!  Yay dad!  He ran the entire race, an awesome feat considering the hills, the cold and all of that good stuff.  I think I have him hooked on running now 🙂  image

Post-race happy.  Awesome job dad- I’m so proud of you! 😀  Did you run a Turkey Trot today?

After the race I enjoyed a bagel with this yummy cream cheese from Trader Joe’s: image

It is SO delicious 🙂  Now I’m off to bake some cookies and risotto- I decided earlier in the week that I am going vegetarian until the end of the year.  The Omnivore’s Dilemma really has me thinking so I’m going to try it out and reevaluate how I feel come January.  It was pretty brilliant of me to declare myself a vegetarian a few days before Thanksgiving and right before I head to dinosaur bbq, an AWESOME bbq place that just opened up in the Capital district, this weekend.  Heh.  Whatever though. 

I hope that you have a wonderful holiday with your family and friends.  Bri, I miss you and can’t wait to spend our first Thanksgiving together as a married couple next year 😀

Enjoy all of the food, friends! 😀


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21 responses to “Thanksgiving Trotting

  1. Congrats to you and your dad!! Happy Thanksgiving to you, Katie!

  2. J

    That is so great you and your dad ran the Turkey Trot! I have been to Skidmore and it is really pretty but there are hills! Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Great job girl! That is so cute that you and your dad ran a race together 🙂 I hope you have great thanksgiving!

  4. Happy Thanksgiving Katie and Bri! Congrats to your Dad!

  5. How fun! Congrats to you and your dad and have a great Thanksgiving!

  6. so glad to hear that the race with your dad went well! (Great Job, Legally Fit Dad!!

    and I am excited to hear more about your vegetarian for the end of 2010 decision – I sense a good convo coming up soon 🙂

  7. Congrats on the race with your dad. I love doing races with family members. I got into town too late for our local turkey trot, unfortunately.

    When I was applying to colleges, Skidmore was my #1 pick. I got wait-listed and didn’t get in though. 😦

  8. Julie

    Hi Katie,
    It looks so cold out there! Brr! Congrats to you and your dad on a great 5K finish! I love all of the pictures:)

    Happy Thanksgiving and have a nice weekend!

  9. You guys sure look chilly! Good job 🙂
    I think it’s awesome you’re going to go veg until January. You will feel amazing if you’re sure to still get proper nutrition 😀

  10. Congrats to you & your Dad. How awesome that you got to run this with him.

    I did a Turkey Trot last month (in Canada) and also found there were alot more walkers than usual. Luckily I wasn’t in the race for time so I didn’t worry about it too much.

    I have been in big races before where it is clearly (and repeatedly) stated for walkers to keep to the right and you are assigned start corrals. But no one listens, and tons of people “squeeze” into faster corrals. Walkers, in the 2nd fastest corral (behind the elites where it’s monitored who enters there). What is their purpose in pushing up that far? They’re walking anyway. Grrrr!

  11. lowandbhold

    That’s so cool! I’ve been trying to get my family involved in running, but so far no suck luck. Congrats to you and your dad!!

  12. You two look so much happier inside in the heat-how cool is it that your dad ran with you??

    Hope you had a fabulous, filling Thanksgiving!

  13. Awww so fun! My dad used to be a runner, but he’s had two hip replacements so he can’t run anymore. Wtg Legally Fit Dad!

  14. Nicole

    Huge Congrats to your dad! He did great, I bet you’re really proud of him 🙂

  15. Christina

    YAY to your Dad!

  16. How awesome! Congrats to your dad!

    Good luck with going veg.

  17. This was the sweetest post! I love that Legally Fit dad ran with you! I am so excited you guys got to do this together. And in such a great time! 🙂 YAY!

  18. How is the vegetarianism going?

    I love that you did this 5K with your dad! 🙂

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