Girls on the Run Solemates

Good morning everyone!  I am a bundle of nerves over here- my first half-marathon is on Sunday!  😀  I ran my last run before the race last night- an easy 3.5 miler.  Unfortunately, I’ve been having a bit of a foot issue lately.  When I strike down with my right foot, I feel a dull pain.  After some googling (doesn’t everyone play Dr. Google?) a few weeks ago I narrowed it down to a stress fracture (unlikely, seeing that the pain isn’t intense) and a bone spur.  Maybe I’m just tying my shoes too tight.  In any event, I am keeping my fingers crossed that my foot doesn’t go crazy and allows me to cross the finish line! 

 So, onto the topic at hand.  I first learned of Girls on the Run from Caitlin’s blog.  I’ve been reading Caitlin’s blog since March of 2009 and have learned a lot about running and eating well from her daily posts.  She is really inspiring!  Caitlin is one of the bloggers that showed me that I can be a runner if I put in the effort 😀  Naturally, my interest was piqued when she posted about the Girls on the Run Solemates program back in August.  What, exactly, is the Solemates program?

Solemates Logo 2-Color


Girls on the Run seeks to educate and prepare young girls for a lifetime of self-respect and healthy living through running.  The program’s vision looks to:

  • Support a network of Girls on the Run councils across the country
  • Provide a life-changing experience for girls and women
  • Promote an environment that allows girls and women to reach their full potential
  • Enhance the lives of all involved in the program
  • Assist in nothing less than a complete transformation in the way girls and women perceive themselves and their opportunities in life (source)

Sounds pretty awesome, right?  I think it would be an amazing experience for a young girl to meet with a group of her peers to learn about healthy living from exemplary role models.  Talk about an inventive way to boost self-esteem! 😀  

I immediately wondered what I could do to help the organization.  This is where the Solemates program comes in.  Essentially, after paying the initial $26 fee, a runner or athlete running a race signs up to raise money for Girls on the Run, pledging to raise $262, the deadline being the month before their race.  This money fully funds the admission of two girls into the Girls on the Run Program. Once you sign up, you get your own fundraising page and get to fundraisin’!

I knew that I could meet this goal with the generous support of my family and friends, so I jumped at the chance to sign up and become a Solemate.  Less than a week later I had a really cool welcome package with a very flattering tech tee that I plan to wear with pride on Sunday (sans hat, obvi). 


Thanks to my family and friends (and the power of facebook :D) I was able to meet and surpass my fundraising goal quickly.  I may or may not have enticed people to donate with the promise of homemade cookies from me :p.  Of course, they would have donated regardless 😀  Participating in Girls on the Run makes my first half-marathon that much more important and special to me.  I feel honored to be involved in such a great cause.  If you are running a race in 2010-2011 (a 5k, 10, triathlon, marathon- any type of race!), I encourage you to look into Girls on the Run!  Many thanks to Caitlin for introducing me to Girls on the Run 🙂

Other options for getting involved with Girls on the Run include becoming a coach and mentor to a group of young girls.  I think that sounds really fun but unfortunately, the closest one to me is an hour away.  Normally, this wouldn’t be a problem but I commute an hour in the other direction.  I have to look into it more though- if there are weekend programs available I am in (if they’ll have me, of course!)

Have you ever ran for a charity?  My blog buddy Linzi is running her first marathon next weekend and has collectively raised over $9,000 for The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society!  That is seriously amazing.  Linzi, you rock girl!

Have a great weekend my friends!



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19 responses to “Girls on the Run Solemates

  1. Good luck with your half! If your foot starts bothering you in the race, make sure not to push yourself too hard and listen to what your body is telling you!… A stress fracture sounds pretty serious. One morning I was nauseous and fatigued and I looked up my symptoms and it said I was either pregnant or had cancer! I have neither though 🙂 I think I was just tired. 😛

    If it helps at all, I did hear of a theory recently of “phantom injuries” prior to a big race and during a taper. I hope this is what you have 🙂

    • Phantom injuries… very interesting. I am hoping that is what it is too! But, my foot is swollen 😦 Maybe my body is just messing with me 😉 Thank you for the good luck wishes!!

  2. Amy

    Good luck at the half-marathon! You’re going to do great!! Can’t wait to read all about it!

  3. lowandbhold

    Good luck on the half girl! I’ll be thinking about you and sending you and your foot good vibes! It’s going to be a blast, just relax and have fun!!!

  4. GOOOOOOD LUCK On Sunday!! You are going to ROCK it!

    I hear you on the Dr. Google. I have recently been feeling pain in my right foot too – in the arch. I am either thinking a bruised bone or something with my new shoes. But, it only hurts after I run. Weird. I hope your pain goes away.

    Also, I love that you got involved with Girls on the Run! Way to fundraise girly! I am hoping to get involved as a coach with them next spring. 🙂

  5. J

    Good luck this weekend! have fun at the half and run well!

  6. I was sure I had a stress fracture in my right foot after feeling similar pain, but after 2 doctor visits, I have a bone spur in my heel! Yuck.
    Good luck on Sunday—I was supposed to come with Heather and join the ladies for brunch after, but something came up and I can’t be there! I’ll be sending good thoughts your way!!!

  7. Yay for donating to such an awesome cause. That shirt they sent you is pretty cool too. 🙂

    I would love to actually volunteer as a coach with GOTR.

  8. From what I hear from running friends, you would know it if you had a stress fracture, you wouldn’t be able to run on it at all. If anything it might be the heel spur, be sure to stretch your calves really well, if they’re tight, it can lead to plantar fascitiis, and you don’t want that!

    Good luck on your half! You’ll do great, and I’ll be thinking of ya!

  9. Yay! I registered with Girls on the run too!! I’m so close to my fund raising goal! Good Luck! 🙂

  10. Good luck on the half!
    Also, have fun with Girls on the Run!

  11. Take it easy with the foot. I’ll be cheering you on even though I’m not there.

    I’ve never run a race for charity but I’ve done other things for charity through high school and college. It is so fulfilling to help others achieve their goals.

  12. You are going to be fabulous on Sunday!!

  13. All the best on the half! Can’t wait to hear about it. That is wonderful you reached your goal!! 🙂

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  15. Maggie

    Hey Katie,

    I found your blog through the Sweet Tooth, Sweet Life Blog. I don’t know if you remember me, but I was a friend of Brian’s during law school. Just wanted to say hi, and that I enjoy your blog. Good luck on your half marathon, and please give Brian my best.

  16. I ran the GOTR 5K a few years ago! I really wanted to be a mentor too, but it does not work with my schedule! I think it’s awesome you raised money for them! You look great in the top. The half marathon is going to be SO FUN! Have a blast!

  17. I’ve been looking to get involved in GOTR. It seems like a great organization! I’m definitely going to look into it!

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