Guest Post Series- The Many Faces of Running- Cynthia

Hi peeps!  It’s been a while, eh?  I had quite the whirlwind weekend; a meeting at the Mohonk in New Paltz (stunningly gorgeous), a wedding in Buffalo and then the Buffalo Bills game on Sunday, which was cold, rainy and le mis.  I got to spend time with my friend Kara though so it was still a lot of fun.  Also.  Let’s just say I didn’t quite abide by my no drinking wine in the two weeks before the half marathon rule.  What can I say, the wedding was a lot of fun! 😀  My new baby car has over 1000 miles on her already.  I am a bit ridiculous with it.  I use the heated seats even when it is warm out.  It feels good on my back!  Anyway.  I have a great guest post for you from Cynthia of It All Changes.  Cynthia is really sweet and I can’t wait to meet her this weekend!  She talks about getting back into running after sustaining an injury.  Her story is really inspiring and I encourage you to check out her blog!  Take it away, Cynthia 🙂

From Walker to Runner
Hi I’m Cynthia!

I blog over at It All Changes.  Katie is one of the many awesome bloggers I’ve met in the Capital District of NY. (They’re nice enough to let me join in even though I live in Massachusetts 🙂 )

I love reading the Many Faces of Running Series as a reminder we all didn’t just wake up one day, throw on a pair of shoes and run a marathon.  Wouldn’t that be awesome!  Well maybe not.

For me running never came naturally.  In High School I cringed at the thought of running “the mile” and laughed at my band director who made us run laps if we misbehaved (which was often).  I was NOT a runner.  I was a walker and proud of it.  Why would anyone want to run unless they were being chased?

I held firm to my walker status through childhood, those pesky teen years and on into adult hood.  In fact, my first 5K was in Germany as a kid with my mom; we walked the entire thing.  We even got a cool candy dish for it 🙂 Walking was so easy and I could enjoy the scenery and talking with others which I definitely could not do while running and gasping for air.

I used walking as my primary exercise throughout my weight loss as well.  One day I woke up with the thought…What if I could run?  That thought was quickly brushed away because I was a walker.  Then my weight loss plateaued and I went crying to my trainer for help.  Her suggestion…running.  I could escape it!  That darn exercise was following me.  I complained that I couldn’t do it and she suggested the Couch to 5K plan.  I moaned and groaned and complained but she would let me leave her office until I promised to give it a try. 

I agreed reluctantly and dragged my track star friend out for my first run.  This running thing wasn’t that bad.  Notice I didn’t say good either.  At the beginning you still do more walking than running.  I kept my promise and went out for my runs three times a week.  I actually started to look forward to them as an escape from the craziness of seminary studying.
I knew I loved running and not just liked it the day I put on my shoes, clothes and then a foodie to run in the rain.  Me running in the rain?  It was insane and I loved every second.  The cool mist hitting my face as I ran around the neighborhoods near my school and the glances from everyone driving by as I ran.  I knew that running was a part of me and I was hooked.
Before I even finished the Couch to 5K program I had signed up for a race Labor Day weekend.  

I also ran a few more 5Ks and a 5 mile race that fall. 

Then I injured myself…again and again and again.

Through all the injuries I held firm to my identity as a runner.  It is part of me.  I am now the girl who puts on her shoes and runs…just not a marathon.  I take care of myself to be a life long runner and love every second of it. I’ll be back on the course as soon as I have the okay because I love it…injuries and all.

If you had told the walker in me that I would be a runner I would have laughed.  Today I can look back at her and tell her “One day…just you wait.”
Why do you keep running? 
Cynthia 🙂
-Healthy Living Blogger

Cynthia, you’ve had quite the running journey!  Thank you so much for sharing your inspiring story 😀  I keep running because I love the feeling of accomplishment and all of the energy that it gives me.  There is nothing like seeing your time improve or being able to go farther than you could a month ago.  Tell me, why do YOU keep running?

Have a wonderful day friends!  I’ll be back later with a meatless Monday recipe (it’s a good one!), albeit a day late. 

If you would like to be a part of The Many of Faces of Running Series, please email me at FitToWed at gmail dot com.  I’d love to have you!



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7 responses to “Guest Post Series- The Many Faces of Running- Cynthia

  1. Great story of the challenges we conquer to achieve our goals. Good for you, Cynthia.

    Sounds like a great time in Buffalo, Katie? We used to go to Bills games every year. It was a blast.

  2. Great guest post!! I keep running to see the changes in myself and the progression I’ve made. Oh, and I just enjoy it too! 🙂

  3. J

    I keep running (when I am not injured at least) because it is my time and my quiet time to be outside and enjoy nature and my surroundings. I love running in the mornings because it is quiet and I am the only one out!

  4. Nicki

    Thanks for sharing your story, Cynthia!

    Katie – I keep running because I am trying to outrun some pretty sucky heredity. Working so far. 🙂

  5. great story and thanks for sharing!

    i don’t run because i am fast. i don’t run because i like to race. i don’t run to prove anything. i run because i CAN. i run to move my body and to feel alive!

  6. I keep running because it is my thinking place. My mind clears and I get all sorts of great ideas. Also, I feel accomplished when I go to bed that night- I know I’ve exhausted my body and done something positive for myself.

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