Scenes From a Saturday

Hi friends!  First thing first… happy six month anniversary to my amazing husband 😀  I love you 🙂

Our wedding album came in!  With it came a cd with all of our images.  Be on the lookout for some wedding recaps soon! 🙂

Last Saturday (the 18th) called for the longest run in my half-marathon training plan: 11 miles!  The weather was gorgeous and the run was great, although my legs were INCREDIBLY tired from miles 9 to 11.  I was so happy and proud once I was finished though! 

Some of the running essentials:

Garmin (of course), chocolate mint gu (YUM!), anti-friction cream (I put some on my toes before putting my socks on and my toes no longer hurt on my long runs!) and my water bottle.  11 miles in 2:01 for a total pace of 11:02/miles.  Not too shabby but I’m hoping more for a 10:30-10:45 pace.   Regardless of what pace I end up with for the half I know I can meet my sub-2:30 goal!

When I return home from my long runs Bailey is incredibly excited/angry that I didn’t take him with me :p

Here he is ignoring me.  He’s quite camera shy.  Does anyone else’s pup get so excited that they need to have a toy with them to focus on, or is Bailey just a weirdo?

“Okay, I’ll look at the camera just this once.”

After the run I went for my standard way to refuel- an egg and cheese bagel sandwich on an everything bagel.  I went to a local coffee shop and was blown away.  They had a brown sugar cinnamon latte (heaven!!!) and the most delicious bagel sandwich ever.  It was so good that I had to take a photo of it:

Best way to refuel in my opinion.  You bet I went back this week and squealed in delight (in my head, obvi) when I saw they were offering irish cream lattes.  Bliss.

Then came the dreaded ice bath.  I took a tip from Molly and wore a knit cap.  I think it helped:

Tres chic.  Note my Girls on the Run tee?  I will be blogging about that later in the week 🙂  It’s a great cause!  Anyway, I endured the ice bath for about ten minutes.  Really the only awful part is when you first get in and get situated.  Yipes!  On Sunday my legs felt amazing and I even went to Bikram yoga to get them all stretched out.  😀

Last Saturday also brought me an exciting adventure:

Say hello to my new car.  I picked her up two days ago.  She is amazing!  I am going to turn into one of “those” people that park out in the boondocks to avoid anyone parking next to them.  On my long run yesterday I brought a towel to sit on afterwards.  I used to be soooo not like that but now I can’t help it! 

After my happy Saturday I spent the weekend getting ready for my conference in Lake Placid.  It lasted all week and was exhausting but very fun and intellectually stimulating.  This past weekend was all about recovery.  Woo!  I want to thank all of my wonderful guest posters for their running stories.  I am really enjoying the series!

How have you guys been?  I am so out of the loop but tonight my google reader will read ZERO!  Have a great Monday peeps 😀



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37 responses to “Scenes From a Saturday

  1. Jen

    nice job on the 11 miler! mine is going to be 11 next weekend. blehhh!

    I tried the ice bath for the first time yesterday, for about 10 minutes. I am not sore AT ALL today. I guess it worked! 🙂

  2. Wow! Happy sixth month anniversary! I love the new car!

    Great job on your long run!

  3. J

    OMG I seriously love your wedding pictures!! Happy 6th Month Anniversary! I am currently trying to decide on a photographer and it is SO HARD! I am worried I will not like the pictures that the photographer takes, etc etc. I don’t know why this is such a hard decision for me to make!

    Love the new car!! I would totally be the same way if/when I get a new car! I would prolly even vacuum it too and get car washes!

  4. I LOVE your shiny new car! I bet it has new car smell too.

  5. I have to get some of that anti friction cream, I’m having the same toe issue.

    Happy 6th months….glad the hat is working for you!

  6. Good job on your run! The half is coming up so soon and I am so excited for you! 🙂

    Love the new ride! Yeahh!!! And Yay for Girls on the Run. I am going to join their org next spring, as I love the idea of their organization. Can’t wait to hear your story!

    And double yay for awesome wedding photos! Love that pic of you and Bri!

  7. Great job on the 11 miler! I love refueling with a delicious bagel after a long run : )

  8. Pam

    I can’t wait to see your wedding pictures! The couple that I’ve seen (your header and this one) are FANTASTIC! I love that particular photography style. That’s what mine were like, too. 🙂

  9. Pam

    Oh, and I totally feel you about parking out in the boondocks. I’m that way with my ‘Vette!!!

  10. Congrats on the new car! That is so fun 🙂 Good job on the 11 miler, you know that means that no matter what happens between now and your race, you are ready for the half!! (That’s my philosophy anyway)

  11. Happy Anniversary! I can’t wait to see more pics!

    Congrats on the new car! My husband I always park far away from people, next to a curb, preferably, on the right side of the car (means 50% chance the car next to you will have a passenger). I NEVER park with cars on both sides, but had to at the hospital a few weeks ago and got a stratch on my door. People are inconsiderate 😦

    Way to go on the 11! You will totally make your pace for the half! I have yet to try the mint choc. I bet I will like it!

  12. Happy 6 monther! And yay for a new car. 🙂

    Way to pound out those 11 miles. And props for your courage to endure that ice bath! I don’t think I could ever handle that… Maybe 11 miles. But definitely no ice bath.

  13. lowandbhold

    Good job on the long run! Totally rocked it! And looove the car!

  14. those are my running essentials too =)

  15. way to totally rock that 11 miler! And you’re new car is sweet! I totally park way out as well!

  16. HAPPY 6 mo ANNIVERSARY! That is wonderful and what a beautiful picture of the 2 of you! Love the hat AND the car!

  17. Aw, happy anniversary! The picture brought a big smile to my face- I love seeing people in love.

    Congrats on your car girl- it’s so cute 😉

  18. Wow, so many things to say… happy anniversary, great job on your run, and hellooooo new car! and don’t worry, everyone is entitled to be a little bit spastic until the first dent or two settle in 🙂

  19. Nicki

    Love everything about this post – the wedding photo, the run essentials, the new car, breakfast, the cap …EVERYTHING!

  20. Julie

    Hi Katie,
    Congrats on the 11 mile run! That is so great…your longest run! You have every right to feel proud of yourself!

    Happy 6 month Anniversary to you and your groom:) Gorgeous picture! Take care Katie!

  21. Happy anniversary!

    My dog HAS to get a toy in his mouth whenever we get home. It’s really weird. If he can’t find a toy, he’ll try to put his bed in his mouth.

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