Guest Post Series- The Many Faces of Running- Amanda

Hi guys!  I’m a bit late to posting this due to a minor fender bender snafu but all is well now.  I am incredibly honored and excited to feature Amanda from Run to the Finish as the next guest post in “The Many Faces of Running” series! 😀  Amanda’s blog is one of the first ones that I read and I find her to be incredibly honest, real and inspiring.  She is an amazing runner and a great motivator.  I really love the fact that she posts a gratitude journal of all the things she is grateful for that day.  We should all do that, because there is so much in life to appreciate!  Enough from me; here is Amanda!


I try not to spend all my time talking about running because most people don’t really understand it. Well meaning friends always ask “Are you still running?” or “What are you training for?” and I try to keep the answers brief, knowing the very next words that will be uttered: “I could never do that”.

I always laugh and say “that’s not true…you could do it, you just don’t want to and that’s fine.” I truly believe that barring any medical or physical issues anyone can run…for me it’s a true passion that I was lucky to find my Junior year of college and have embraced nearly daily for the last 8 years…. But why would anyone want to spend so much time running? Where do I get this all consuming passion for running?

  • Burns calories: Hello cookie
  • Relieves Stress: Some days the frustration from a bad call or bad day can really boost your run…others the run is exactly what it takes to realize that stuff just doesn’t really matter. What matters is at home; it is the people who love you…yeah running can make you a little sappy too.
  • Meditation: I always feel more centered after a run. I have time to reflect, to plan, to do my taxes really…what can’t you think about while zoning out during that time??
  • Exploration: I know a city or area faster than many who have lived there for ages from seeing it through a runners eyes and not the passenger window of a car.
  • Pride: There is an undeniable sense of accomplishment at the end of a run. You see it in new and old runners alike…that moment of “I did it” never really wears off because it never becomes easy.

I don’t look down on anyone that doesn’t run…I simply believe they’ve found their own niche for all these things…maybe it’s biking, scrapbooking, blogging, writing…I just hope they know running is about more than the heavy breathing, exhaustion and sore muscles. Why do you run?


Thank you for this thought-provoking post Amanda!  I run for many reasons, but one of the main factors is the sense of accomplishment and the fact that I can actually physically feel myself making progress in my fitness abilities.  It is extremely motivating!  What about you guys?  Why do you run?

If you want to write a guest post for The Many Faces of Running Series, please feel free to email me at FitToWed at gmail dot com.  I’d love to have you!




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10 responses to “Guest Post Series- The Many Faces of Running- Amanda

  1. I first started really running my freshman year of college when I was no longer participating in organized sports (soccer, ice hockey, softball). Sports were basically my life and when I didn’t have them anymore I felt this huge empty space in my life. I love to move and push my body to it’s limits and I guess running was the next best thing to playing sports. At the beginning I almost relied on it too much to fill all the voids and stress in my life and got injured a lot, but now I think I’m doing better at finding a balance.. but I still use it as my competitive outlet.
    Great post!

  2. How fun! I started running because it was something I thought I could never do…but here I am doing it. Amazing! Thanks for sharing!

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  4. While I certainly started just for fitness, I can say I’ve definitely unearthed lots of other reasons to run. Stress relief is a big one. It gives me the time to simply zone out completely and get completely lost in my thoughts. I’m much more focused at work then!

  5. I’m glad you’re ok after your accident! Scary. I am like you and run partly because I like to push myself physically. I also run because I have for so long and without it, I don’t feel right physically or mentally. Running makes me feel good!

  6. Jen

    wow, she really explained that well! your reasons are like my own, also, katie! its hard to explain to someone else who doesn’t run why we do it.

  7. I loved hearing your reasons for running! They are great!

  8. So, so true about the responses people give and the questions they ask you. “Are you still running” makes me laugh sometimes because I’m pretty sure I’ll always being running, just at different levels. Sometimes I want to respond with – “Nope, I gave that nasty habit up” because it would make more sense to them than “yup, I’m looking forward to starting training for my next marathon.” Hehe – when I say that – they look at me like I have 8 heads!

  9. I started running to help get in shape, and somehow it just evolved into something I just have to do to keep my sanity!

  10. laurenmburns

    I started running to get in shape / lose weight.

    I keep running because I like the challenge and accomplishment of racing events.

    I ran today to meet people – I love the running groups and their social aspect!

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