An Unwelcome Food Intruder, Eight Miles & The Beginning of Organization

Hey friends!  Happy fall to ya 😀  The weather this past weekend was nothing short of amazing.  I was supposed to go camping on Saturday with one of my besties but apparently the temperature was supposed to get down into the forties with winds of up to 25 MPH where our site was.  Not exactly ideal for tent camping so we scrapped it and savored the beautiful weather in the capital district!  With the day free on Saturday, I slept in (glorious) and got a decent amount of thank you cards out of the way.  My goal is to get them out before the six month mark so I better get on it!  For my married friends- I may have asked before but I need reassurance, haha- how long did it take you to get your wedding thank you cards out?

Saturday evening my friend Kristin and I headed to downtown Saratoga and had dinner at one of my favorite restaurants.  I seriously love this place and have been going there for my birthday every year since it opened ten years ago.  This past Saturday, however, I was almost in tears.  Dramatic, yes.  I was upset!  Kristin and I ordered a wonderful appetizer platter and then I ordered a small dish of pasta with vodka sauce (carb loading for my run on Sunday, you see).  On the menu the dish came with prosciutto.  I stopped eating pork for ethical reasons over a year ago so I asked the waitress if I could get it without the prosciutto and then told her I don’t eat pork.  She told me of course I could and Kristin and I continued our conversation.  The waitress presented me with the dish and it looked great- maybe like there were sliced onions in it or something.  I took a bite and those sliced onions were pork!  Ughhhhhh.  I told the waitress and she brought me another dish but I don’t know, I was put off.  If a customer tells you that you don’t eat certain meat, you pay attention, right?  The best part was I got the bill and she charged me for both dishes.  I got one of them taken off the bill and we left.  The whole experience just left a really bad taste in my mouth.  Has something like this ever happened to you? Assuming that the waitress made an honest mistake (she likely did), she handled it really poorly.  So yeah, there goes my streak of no pork.  See ya.

Sunday I awakened bright and early for the eight miler that my training plan called for.  I wore my new bondi band and it stayed put the entire run.  My breathing again was spot on for this run but I didn’t have a lot of energy.  I really think my body prefers to run in the evenings.  However, most races are in the morning so I just need to deal with it!  The first four miles were slow-going, but after fueling with a chocolate mint gu (YUM!) I was able to finish strong. I tried out a new pair of running socks that I am really happy with-

A thicker version of my typical balega socks!  My local running store was having a sale so I purchased a few pairs last week.  One of the employees told me that the thicker socks are better on longer runs and I drank the kool-aid and bought some.  My feet felt fantastic afterwards!  With my thinner balegas I had been developing a callus on the ball of my foot (running is hot) but with this run there was none of that.  Sold!

Now onto some organization.  I’ve said in the past that I’m a magazine junkie.  I love them despite the redundancy and opposing messages, although it is annoying to have an article on healthy living next to an advertisement for diet pills.  Moving along.  When I go through a magazine I always dog ear the pages of recipes or workouts that I like and want to refer back to.  Usually I rip out the pages and they go into the junk drawer, never to see the light of day again.  Not anymore!

Last week I was perusing one of my favorite blogs when one of her posts immediately piqued my interest.  Workout binder?  Organizing magazine articles?  Caroline had the brilliant idea of creating a workout binder- a binder with all of her favorite exercises/recipes and the like – by purchasing page protectors and slipping the magazine pages in them.  How have I not thought of this?   Practical and genius.  I literally went right to CVS and purchased a binder and page protectors.  I got home and began to tackle my piles of magazines:

This is just small portion of what I actually have.  Yes, it’s bad. Anyway.  I went through the magazines, ripping out those pages that I deemed dog-ear worthy.

At first it looked like a big pile of ripped out magazine pages but then I started seeing a pattern.  Ohh, this can go in the appetizer section, this can go in the dessert section and so on and so on.  Eventually, it started to look like this:

Dude, I’d totally forgotten about that spread on all of the things you can do with frozen edamame (which I love)!  This style of organization is also fantastic since I print out a lot of delicious recipes from cooking sites and other bloggers.  Now I can have them in one spot in a cohesive manner! Who knew I could find so many appetizer, breakfast, soup, sandwich, lunch, dinner, dessert and exercise ideas in one handy binder?!?  A very big shout out and thank you to Caroline for the inspiration 🙂   Are you a magazine junkie like me?  If so, how do you organize recipes and exercises that you like?

Have a wonderful Tuesday friends!



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25 responses to “An Unwelcome Food Intruder, Eight Miles & The Beginning of Organization

  1. I need to do that– I have SO many magazines down in our basement. I just hate to throw them out!! That’s a great weekend project for me to take on!

  2. Jen

    OHH I may have to try those socks! i have huge callus on my left foot that kind of forms into a blister whenever I run longer than 5 miles. I wonder if those socks would prevent that?

    that sucks about the pork. I would have gotten SO mad!!!

    • You should definitely try them! I have the same issue it sounds like. The callus isn’t too painful but enough to be uncomfortable sometimes. Fleet Feet is having a sale until the 10th I think- buy three get one free!

  3. I think the rule about better late than never was designed for thank you cards. 🙂 Sorry about your restaurant experience. Once I ordered a burger stuffed with goat cheese, and there was no goat cheese. The manager came out and explained that sometimes it “disintegrates”. I am not making this up. Oh well.

  4. I used to be more of a magazine junkie but not so much anymore. Mainly for the cost purposes. I love flipping through them at doctor offices though!

    Glad you got some extra unexpected relaxation. 🙂

  5. Yay!! I’m glad I inspired you to start your own! It looks great!

  6. I love the idea of putting recipes into a notebook like that. I just have random recipes on pieces of paper everywhere. I am excited to read this and Caroline’s post as it is motivating me to get with the program!

  7. thats an awesome idea. i always print out different articles and stuff. i want a binder too!! hahha

  8. Nicole

    Way to be with the organization! So proud of you 🙂

  9. I am a magazine junkie and I do the same thing you are doing with the binders and protectors. My problem now is I have too many binders, lol! I may move to scanning my favorite articles soon 😉

  10. lowandbhold

    Ugh, sorry about the pork incident. That would have really upset me as well.

    I stopped subscribing to magazines after college because I never really had time to read them, but I used to get dozens each month and they took over my life.

  11. Pam

    Something very similar happened to me at Carraba’s last week. Their spaghetti came with the option of meatballs or meat sauce. I told her I wanted spaghetti but I wanted it meatless. (I am just trying to cut way back on meat. I’m not vegetarian, but the waitress didn’t know that.)

    Lo and behold, the kitchen dude brought it out with meat all over it.

    They handled it well though. They took it back and apologized, so all was well with the world.

  12. J

    I hate when people at restaurants are not nice and don’t pay attention! Ugg.

    I have so many magazines and I really should go through them and take out the good stuff and throw them away. Surprisingly I have been doing that with the wedding magazines that I have been getting from my friend.

  13. We’re probably 95% done with our thank yous. Although, a lot of people didn’t get us a gift! I think if you can do it all in 6-months, that’s good.

  14. It’s always those first few miles that are the toughest. Glad you ended up with a good 8 miler.

    I used to be a magazine junkie but not now. There just isn’t the time 😦

  15. I do that binder for recipes I find in magazines!!! I just looked in the corner of my livingroom, I have so many mags they are spilling out of the giant wicker basket I use to hold them.

    Nice job on the run!

    I’m kind of a thank you card freak…I had my wedding present thank you’s done right after I got back from the honeymoom. I think I was just excited to use our new married monogram note cards!

  16. such a great idea for the magazines! I need to do that ASAP.

  17. I have lots of mags and organize articles that I like too! That way I can pitch the magazine. I do keep them for a few months though.

    I think we did all of our thank yous in a month. But I HATED it!

    That has happened to me at restaurants (don’t eat any meat) and it makes me crazy and yes, makes me not want to go back!

  18. laurenmburns

    I follow this organization process for magazines. Although I’ve been less diligent over the summer, and my stack of mags is growing! Must spend some catch up time as it gets cooler out! Fall cleaning!

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