A Punishing Long Run and Days 17-21 of the Wardrobe Challenge

Well, this week started off with a bang, most likely because yesterday was incredibly unproductive.   My stepsister got married on Saturday and I had a lot of fun.  Too much fun, one could say, rendering my long run yesterday a figment of my imagination.  This resulted in an incredibly hot long run today.  I technically had eight miles on tap but looking at my schedule, I adjusted it so that today would be seven miles and I’ll get this week’s long run in on Friday night.  I’m going camping this weekend and I’m not trying to get my eight miles on in unfamiliar campgrounds! Do you find yourself adjusting your training plan often?  I try not to do it too often but sometimes life just happens, ya know?

So yeah, today’s seven miles were run on a path that is usually 95% shaded.  Not today, my friends.  I was running earlier in the afternoon so the sun was hitting the trees differently.  Or something.  I would say that only 20% of the path was shaded, which made a huge difference in the comfort of the run.  That plus the insane heat (upwards of 90 I think- not so insane but I guess I just assumed the weather was cooling down) made for a punishing run.  I literally could not go any farther after seven miles.  The fact that I ran out of water definitely didn’t help matters much.  The thought that “runners are masochists” definitely crossed my mind a few times on this run :p  I tried the new mandarin orange flavored gu at 3.5 miles.  It was eh.  I did not love it like the delicious chocolate mint.  I think I know what flavor I will be buying a box of 😉  A positive thing that I noted was that despite the heat and humidity, my breathing was very even and under control.  That was awesome 😀  I’m glad I got the miles in but I think this run was the universe’s way of telling my that I need to stick to my weekend routine!  Annnd I’m ready for Fall!  Who’s with me??

The wardrobe challenge is still in full swing.  Hooray for only having nine days left!  Two of those days I’ll be camping so I’m thinking that doesn’t count.  Do you think camping days count?  I don’t know.  I have to figure it out and maybe just extend the challenge for two days (noooooo). 

On to the outfits:

Day 17- No photo- my phone ate it!  I wore the berry cardigan buttoned up with black pants and the berry shoes.  For real.

Day 18:

This photo was taken in a rush as I had to hurry to the wedding rehearsal.  I stuck with my wardrobe challenge and didn’t wear any outside clothing for the rehearsal 😀

  • Cardigan- J Crew
  • Clear grey bead necklace- Loft
  • Greenish tee- Banana Republic
  • Bubble skirt- Banana Republic
  • Pumps- Aldo

Day 19:

I got a bye for Day 19 since I was a bridesmaid in my stepsister’s wedding.  This is my brother and I being introduced.  Don’t hate on the running man 😉

Okay, a more normal pic from day 19:

My brother and I.  I LOVED the color of the bridesmaid dress!

Day 20-well, I stayed in my pajamas all day.  Nothing to report there.  That’s what Sundays are for, right?

Day 21:

Another stealth photo.

  • Black suit jacket: Banana Republic
  • Black pants- Express
  • Yellow tank- Banana Republic
  • Black pumps- Aldo
  • Black belt- Banana Republic

The belt over the suit combo works better with the thicker belt, I think:

There is a lot of exciting stuff going on in the blogworld!  Rebecca is hosting a fantab giveaway for locals and Tina’s self-love challenge starts on Wednesday.  Woohoo!   I will be announcing a giveaway on Tuesday or Wednesday, depending on my schedule.  Have an awesome week friends!



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30 responses to “A Punishing Long Run and Days 17-21 of the Wardrobe Challenge

  1. hahah love that you’re doing the running man in a dress 🙂

    And 7 miles is STILL a good run! I feel ya on this heat- it’s not fun. I wish spring came after summer…

  2. Golly, running in 90 degree weather is impressive! I’d be happy just to get in 3 miles on a day like that.

  3. I agree with you…totally over the heat. I had to man up and run on the treadmill today. eeewwww. I have to adjust often, especially lately with all the wedding and weekend craziness!!

  4. You are doing such a great job! I love the running man!! Breathing even and smooth makes such a huge difference. I love when I manage to pull that off while exercising! Have a great week! 🙂

  5. The running man!!! You rule. I loved your dress and you looked absolutely gorgeous as well.

  6. That would definitely be a tough run. I’m not loving the heat that is coming back! Hopefully your next one goes well!

  7. I adjust my training plan allll the time. I find that it’s actually what keeps me sane. If I focus too much on following the plan to a t then it just feels like work and loses all it’s fun. Also, it’s so hard to plan for unexpected fun nights out (such as your wedding) or other things that come up and get in the way.

  8. i wish fall actually meant cooler weather here but i don’t htink that it does…BLAHHH

    i don’t really use gu unless I’m doing over 16 miles, not sure why but it just doesn’t make me feel so hot (haha pun intended for summer) but i agree i like having a schedule for my long runs

  9. great dancing photo of you and your brother, I can see why you didn’t run on Sunday : )

    I try to stick to my schedule, but sometimes you just can’t avoid it.

    And yes, bring on fall!!!!

  10. I love the running man photo! So cute! And yes the color of the bridesmaid dress is beautiful!! 🙂

  11. J

    Tonight was hot and humid and I was so ready for fall! UGGG i hate the heat! lol

    I think you definitely get a pass for camping. Its like working out, you cant run or camp in jeans! lol

    Love the bridesmaid dress! So cute and that color is gorgeous on you!!

  12. Julie

    Hi Katie,
    I love checking to see what kind of outfits you put together:)

    Okay, so, uummm your brother is a hottie:) Just saying:)

    I hope that you are having a great week!

  13. Gave you an award over on my blog:) check it out!

  14. Congratulations to your step-sister on her marriage! You looked gorgeous in your bridesmaid’s dress!

    I’m sorry about the punishing run. I think the long run route that I chose this week was too hilly and I was a little short on the mileage.

  15. Very cute outfits!
    I definitely adjust my training all the time. Like you said, life happens! And good thing too 🙂

  16. I am so ready for fall. It’s still 95 degrees here. Bleh.

  17. I sometimes have to rearrange my schedule too, but like you, prefer weekend runs. Those hot summer afternoons are brutal. Not many of them left.

    I have only tried one type of GU! I need to get a few more!

  18. I very rarely adjust my running schedule. If I miss the planned run, I feel like I’ve cheated myself.

    Most important question: Sept. 19th is the Delta Lake half marathon. Will I see you there?

    • I definitely feel like I cheat myself!

      Ohhh I won’t be ready! Well maybe but no haha. I have a conference the following week so lots of prep that weekend. Best of luck though!!!

  19. Jaclyn

    That dress looks beautiful on you 🙂 So nice when the bridesmaids dresses are ones you can wear again!

    Thank goodness there aren’t too many hot summer days left for runs like that… You are doing a great job!!

  20. lowandbhold

    Hot long runs are definitely masochistic, for real. I don’t like Fall (it’s true! sorry!) but I am ready for cooler running temps!

    Camping doesn’t count because a) camping is hard and sweaty b) working out is hard and sweaty so c) if workout clothes don’t count then camping clothes don’t count. Right? I say so.

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