Who Motivates You to Run?

Hi friends!  I don’t know about you but this week has flown by for me.  Having a staff retreat (with lots of volleyball, bocce and badminton) on Wednesday probably had something to do with it 😀  Speaking of volleyball, wow.  I played two casual games yesterday and my glutes are killing me.  So much so that I pushed back my long run from tonight to the weekend.  I don’t remember being this sore from volleyball in high school!  I thought I was in shape with all of the running and hot yoga :p Anyway

So, about this wardrobe challenge.  I cannot tell a lie.  Originally I started the challenge to work with what I have and avoid consumerism.  Well, I ordered something online from Banana Republic.  Technically it was a gift- my mom purchased it for me for my birthday- but I still feel like I cheated!  However, the purple cardigan and grey tank were too gorgeous (I am so loving purple right now) that I didn’t want to wait to the end of the challenge to purchase and then not have my size available.  What do you think?  It doesn’t count, right?  😉  On to the recent outfits:

Day 13:I spy a big puppy face in the left corner!  Hi Baya!  Isn’t she the sweetest?  This was a travel day (Sunday) so I kept it casual. 

  • Green tee- Banana Republic (purchased Spring 2010)
  • Dark skinny jeans- Express (purchased Fall 2005 ish)
  • Reef flippies- Macys (unsure when I purchased them)

Day 14:

This may be one of my favorite outfits thus far.  In fact, I walked down to my favorite cafe on my lunch break to grab a sandwich and on my way back an older gentleman stopped to tell me that I “looked very nice today.”  How sweet.  Not bad for not showering that morning not having time to put on any makeup or fix my hair. 

  • Green tee- Banana Republic (purchased Spring 2010)
  • Black cardigan- J Crew (purchased January 2009)
  • Black pants- Express (purchased Summer 2004)
  • Black belt- Banana Republic (not sure when I purchased it)
  • Nude pumps- Payless (purchased May 2009)
  • Necklace- Lia Sophia (purchased Summer 2010)

Day 15:

At this point I’m feeling a little over the challenge.  This day also marked the halfway point!  To be honest I’m really surprised that I haven’t slipped up yet.

  • Black and white patterned shirt- Banana Republic (purchased January 2008)
  • Berry cardigan- J Crew outlet (purchased January 2010)
  • Black pencil skirt- Banana Republic (purchased Spring 2005)
  • Black pumps- Aldo (unsure of purchase date)

Day 16 (Staff Retreat Day):

Hooray for dressing casual. 

  • Black and white patterned shirt- Banana Republic (purchased January 2008)
  • Green wrap- street vendor in London (purchased March 2007)
  • Dark skinny jeans- Express (purchased 2005)
  • Reef flippies

I am very verrrry excited for the challenge to be over. 

Switching gears- I’ve had some great runs this week.  Today I ran 3.5 with my running buddy Melissa and she gave me some delicious cupcakes afterwards.  Love that!   On Tuesday I met up with local blend (blogger + friend) Jen for a nice three miler.  The miles flew by so quickly, with the exception of a gnat flying into my eye.  I thought it was stuck under my contact but Jen fished it out for me.  Thanks girl 😀

I love working up a good sweat!  Thanks Jen for the photo 🙂  Afterwards we met up with some other fabulous bloggers for a local meetup.  I am really excited to be meeting so many fantastic people in the healthy living blog community.  Have you ever attended a blogger meetup?  If so, what are your thoughts?

In her weekly report on the Distance Dreamers, Abbi posed a thought-provoking question- who motivates and inspires you to run? 

  • My initial thought, of course, is Brian.  He is very fit and athletic and although he doesn’t consider himself a runner, he totally is one (he just ran a 5k in Afghanistan at 3500 ft altitude in 21:30).  His passion for fitness is really inspiring and inspires me to be a healthier version of myself.
  • My friends inspire me to run as well.  Be it my friend Christina, who picked up running after watching me cross the finish line of  my first 5k, or Melissa, my running buddy who I look forward to running with each week, it is inspiring to see others pick up the sport after you (Christina) and to have someone that pushes you to run faster (Melissa- in a good way 🙂 ). 
  • I also find inspiration in my co-workers.  They always ask me about my running adventures, and we are actually hosting our first company 5k next month.  My office “wife” has picked up running and will be running her first 5k next month.  It is so exciting!
  • Of course, there is much inspiration to be had in reading about the running adventures of fellow bloggers.  Reading race reports and adventures in training makes me excited to embark on my own training and racing adventures. 

What about you?  If you are a runner, who inspires you to run?

I have a busy weekend coming up with wedding festivities (my stepsister is getting married + an eight miler) but I’ll be back after with a really fun giveaway!  Do you have any fun plans this weekend?  Enjoy your night!



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35 responses to “Who Motivates You to Run?

  1. Pam

    Only a true friend will stick their finger in your eyeball to dig out a bug. haha!

  2. This is funny, I actually just posted last night about being self-motivated! But I’ve definitely found more support in reading the blogs of others. 🙂

    State fair this weekend, woo!!

  3. J

    Did you know that this weekend (i think starting today) is the sale at banana. Its 30% off. I feel bad tempting you.

    Your outfits are so cute! I try to dress girly and use what is in my closet and it is sort of working.

    That is awesome that Brian ran a 5k in Afghanistan! It is so nice that you have him to motivate you! I think its great when couples have good fitness things they can do together!

    Hmm what motivates me?? I think it is the way I feel after a tough run! I just feel so good and accomplished. Even when life is bad, I know that i can run well!

    • Haha, I do know. The universe is conspiring against me :p

      I thought it was pretty cool that he ran a race over there! Apparently there is a half on Sept 11 too.

      I agree- getting through a tough run is awesome! And YOU can definitely run well. You are very inspiring!

  4. I echo J about the 30% sale for Banana….I just so happened to be shopping there this afternoon (had to take the kids back to school shopping and for me too!)

    It’s great that Brian is one of your inspirations, I have to give my husband kudos for taking over the Saturday routine these past 16 weeks while I’ve been training!

  5. You inspire me A LOT!! 🙂 I love that you are going to some blogger meet-ups! That is so fun. Love the great job you are doing AND it doesn’t count. It’s a birthday present!
    Have a great day lovely

  6. You are getting there on the challenge – it is fun watching it! Love the blog meetup – I’m new to blogging so haven’t had anything yet but should have my first actual meet up at my marathon in October! I love that your husband is your first inspiration, but I agree on your others too. I can’t seem to get my husband hooked on running but he has been completely supportive in this which has been great!

  7. Love all those out fits. You look great in everyone of them.
    Baya is gorgeous. What fur! Beautiful.

    As for running, a lot of times other blogging runners motivate me. But most of the time, it’s because I like to eat a lot and if I run, I can enjoy a lot of healthy goodies. 🙂

    • Isn’t Baya the sweetest? She is still a pup (kinda- almost 1.5 years) and my friends are great fur-parents to her. I love all of the hair but I also love that MY pup doesn’t shed, haha.

  8. Cute outfits! I don’t think it counts because 1) you didn’t buy it and 2) it was for your birthday!
    I run for myself, and I think I motivate myself too. I am inspired by bloggers, friends, family, and strangers I see running in the cold New England winters or at the Boston marathon.

  9. Christina

    Clearly YOU inspired me to run! I just wish i could keep up with it and be consistent! Damn itchy legs! lol

  10. I have met up with bloggers in the past! So far it’s only been style bloggers (speaking of which my style blog is hosting a giveaway that might interest you: http://fashionableacademics.blogspot.com/), but I’m planning to meet up with another running/food blogger at the San Antonio marathon in November.

    I think I’ll have to think more about the motivations question!

  11. Jen

    my former self motivates me to run! heh.

  12. Melissa

    Who inspires me to run? All of my running buddies that continue to give me support…like you Katie! 🙂 I always keep pushing myself to do better, to run faster, to run further…so I guess I motivate myself too.

    Great job with the challenge! I love your outfits!

  13. your outfits are way cute! I need to be taking some tips from you!

    honestly this week did not fly by 🙂 and I wayyy happy that the weekend is now here!! I’m mostly excited for my long run and yoga right now

  14. My husband and most of my friends do not run. I think I find inspiration from other bloggers. Even before I had a blog, I used to post on a fitness related message board and found inspiration to run there.

  15. I agree, the online community is very inspiring!

  16. Honestly, I’m just starting out running..Been doing walking/running intervals for a little while now but we’ve recently started (as in did our first session yesterday) C25K.

    I’m mostly inspired by bloggers, but I find the more I run the more I crave running..so it’s a mixture of my own want to run and seeing all these fabulous bloggers running crazy amounts.

  17. I have only been to one big blogger meet-up, but have met many one-on-one and loved it!

    Similar things motivate me to run. A lot of it right now is health. I feel healthy when I run and it makes me eat healthier. A domino effect 😉

  18. Julie

    Hi Katie,
    I think that blogger meet ups are the best! It is so wonderful to meet people who you have been communicating with via the blog world. All of my meetups have been positive:) So, when are we going to meet? Maybe I will have to plan a race somewhere close to where you are:)

    I am loving your outfits as usual! Those skinny jeans look awesome on you:) Take care Katie!

  19. I love your sense of style! 🙂

    And blogger meetups are always great. I always have such a good time.

  20. Really wish there were a few more boise bloggers in my area. But I guess that gives me an excuse to travel! I loved ALL your outfits and especially that cute black belt!

    Who inspires me to run… this is an interesting question because I have never really thought about it before. I need to think about this more as I am not coming up with a certain person at this time. But I love that you have been so inspired by people around you to run! That is awesome! 🙂

  21. The thought of crossing the finish line at my next race inspires me! 🙂

  22. My inspiration to run starts with the amazing feeling running gives me. There’s nothing like it!

  23. Nicole

    YOU inspire me, my fit, healthly and BEAUTIFUL daughter!!

    I LOVE YOU, I am so blessed to have you as my daughter and best friend.

    Love Mom 🙂

  24. lowandbhold

    Still loving your outfits! I totally don’t think you cheated.

    Bloggers and my coworkers at the running store inspire me to run. Also, just the feeling of satisfaction afterwards is probably the best inspiration.

  25. wiseeats

    Katie, LOVE the wardrobe challenge! Go you! I loved your favorite as well — very chic and stylish. As for what motivates me to run, quite honestly, blogs like yours do…and I have to say my husb. He rowed Division I crew through college so I feel like I need to represent well. 🙂 Speaking of which, I’m about to strap on my shoes and hit the road! 🙂

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