Wardrobe Challenge Day 4 & Seven Miles

Hi guys!  Thank you so much for all of your sweet comments on the Love page.  I still have a lot to add to it, but I’m glad that I got it started.  I’ve been meaning to do it for a while!  Last week we finalized the 82 photos for our wedding album, so once we pick it up we will have a disc with all 1200 photos so I can wedding recap to my heart’s delight 😀

Yesterday was Friday which means business casual at the office.  For the fourth day of the challenge, I kept it pretty simple with a cardigan, black skirt and sandals:

  • Berry cardigan- J Crew Factory Outlet (purchased January 2010)- Repeat
  • Black tulip skirt- Banana Republic (purchased July 2009)
  • Sunnies- Chanel (gift received June 2007)

I’m standing in front of my black Camry, Cameron.  I got her in February 2009 and she already has about 45k miles on her :p  Lots of driving to Va Beach from upstate NY!

  • Sandals- Cynthia Vincent for Target (purchased May 2010)

I wore the cardigan differently than last time by wearing it buttoned up and tucked in.  I especially love this combination with the skirt in the winter with a pair of tights and flat boots or the berry colored shoes I wore the other day. 

Tonight presents the first real “challenge” of the wardrobe challenge.  My bestie Kristin invited me to go out with her and her sister/sister’s friends.  Her sister got a limo for a special evening on the town and all of the girls will be decked out in fancy duds, meaning that every single girl is wearing a dress.  At first I figured I would wear the black skirt with the yellow tank and a nice necklace/pumps but now that strikes me as too casual.  Technically I’ve only worn nine items thus far so I could swap out my skinny jeans for a dress.  That just doesn’t seem functional though- I need to be able to wear my jeans on the weekends!  Ah well, I’ll figure it out.

Today the half-marathon training plan called for a seven miler.  I slept in so I didn’t hit the running path until around 1:00 P.M.  I was a little nervous that it would be too hot but man, what an amazing run!  From the get I just felt like I was in an amazing groove.  My inner monologue while running is hilarious.  “Alright, how are you feeling, ah feeling pretty decent, I’m surprised I don’t feel hotter, aw what a cute little kid, don’t try to take me on squirrel, you are such a strong runner!” etc etc.  Besides the random stream of consciousness I actually do get a lot of good thinking done during the runs.  I definitely enjoy doing solo runs alone.  It just allows me to reflect on the past goings on of the week and come up with to-do lists and, perhaps most importantly, to just veg out and listen to good music 😀

In other exciting running news, on Thursday evening Melissa and I set out to run three miles in under 28 minutes.  We really pushed ourselves but we did it!  Three miles in 27:06, averaging 9:02 per mile.  It was SO challenging but I felt awesome afterwards.  We have a 5k this Tuesday after work so I am hoping I can finally achieve my goal of running a 5k race in under 30 minutes.  Wish me luck!! 😀 

Alright, gotta jet and figure out the wardrobe sitch for the evening.  Have a wonderful Saturday peeps!



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15 responses to “Wardrobe Challenge Day 4 & Seven Miles

  1. Hmmm, maybe you could wear a dress as a “bonus” item? 🙂

    • I was thinking about it… I felt guilty “cheating” so early in the challenge though. I have to wear a dress to my stepsister’s rehearsal dinner so I won’t count that evening for sure. 😀

  2. Julie

    Hi Katie,
    I am loving your outfits:) The berry colored cardigan and black tulip skirt are so elegant and classy looking!

    Nice work on the challenging three miler! Keep it up and you will be shaving more time off of those short runs for sure:) Good luck with your 5k on Tuesday!

  3. Pam

    You’re gonna KILL in the 5K this week!

    Love the outfits. 🙂

  4. You’ll definitely do that 5k in under 30 minutes! Off to check out your LOVE tab!

  5. Nice job on the 7 miler! I wish I had been as productive yesterday. You are going to rock that half marathon.

  6. Love your look in that picture!

    And good job getting in 3 miles in 27 minutes. That’s great!!

  7. Love seeing all the beautiful shoe choices with your wardrobe challenge!

  8. OMG you are a running ROCK STAR, Katie! Seriously.

    And I love, love, love the tulip skirt. Must have one!

  9. Nicole

    You will rock your 5k!! Love your outfit!! So elegant. 🙂

  10. J

    Awesome job on the three miler!! Speedy!

    I have the same sort of inner dialogue/monologue with myself! I wish I could remember exactly what I think while running cause its pretty ridiculous!

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