Quick Run + Wardrobe Challenge Day 2

Hey friends!  I don’t know what it is about this week but I can’t WAIT for the weekend.  Yesterday brought a three mile run on my half-marathon training plan.  I tackled it after work in the ninety degree heat.  I had been feeling a little frustrated so when my iPod landed on Eminem I went with it and ran my little heart out.  Three miles in 28:06, not too shabby!  I’m running a 5k next Thursday with Melissa, my running buddy.  I’m hoping to see a sub-30!  It will be nice to achieve one of my goals. 

Abbi posted another fabulous distance dreamers post today.  Today’s questions are:

What has been your best running experience/memory?

I think it’s a tossup between finishing the 14k with Bri or successfully completing the uber challenging military mile during the Boilermaker 15k.  At this point in the race, I was tired, hot and ready to be DONE.  However, despite the hills and the heat, I was so inspired by the patriotism shown on the course and I couldn’t help but think of Brian and how proud I am of him.

It’s also been pretty neat to see my friends get into running after listening to me go on and on (and on) about it.  I’ve also met some really cool people through running that I wouldn’t have met otherwise.  🙂

What is your worst running experience/memory?

Ah, that would definitely be between miles two and three at the Jingle Bell 5k this past December.  Let’s just say I left the house not having used the services, if you will.  It later hit me at that point in the race, and I had to stop for a bit or disaster would have struck.  Running is totally glamorous.   

I’m a little late to the game but I opened up one of those formspring accounts where you can ask me anything (anonymously or not).  So, any burning questions?  If so, just ask 🙂

Ah, so today is day two of the challenge.  I can say so far that it is nice to only have select items to work with.  I have a feeling it is going to get a wee bit more challenging in the next couple of weeks.  Today’s ‘fit:

I definitely need to start using my actual camera.

  • Berry colored knit cardigan- J Crew Factory Outlet (purchased January 2010)
  • Black and white patterned top- Banana Republic (purchased January 2008)
  • Black wool blend pants- Express (purchased Spring 2004)
  • Berry patent leather mary janes- Aldo (purchased September 2009)
  • Glasses- Coach

I’m loving the fact that I’m still wearing pants that I purchased my senior year of college.  They’re my first pair of “adult” working world pants.  There is nothing really special about this outfit, aside from the shoes.  😀  I love shoes.  I purchased these for my cousin’s bat mitzvah last fall- she requested that family members wear purple.  Mmhmm.  Oh, and Julie– I did get my hair cut 😀  I want it back, haha. 

Alright friends, back to it.  I’ll see you tomorrow with a delish cookie recipe and Day 3 of the wardrobe challenge!



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17 responses to “Quick Run + Wardrobe Challenge Day 2

  1. J

    Your outfit is SO cute! I need to start buying clothes like yours! i really try to be feminine in my all boys work place but sometimes it is hard!

    The military mile of the Boilermaker really touched me too! it was such an amazing experience!

  2. Love the outfit!
    I totally agree the weekend can’t come fast enough this week I don’t know what’s up…

  3. I think I was “in the zone” during milary mile, meaning, I can’t remember much of what i was thinking, just telling myself to keep running, keep running, haha…i was like that for most of the race, actually…

    i love those shoes! are they purple?! I have a pair of purple candy’s heels that i LOVE but hardly ever wear becuase they hurt my feet so badly…the price of fashion! 😉

    • Thanks! They are purple-esque… haha, I was trying hard to pull them off as purple at the bat mitzvah. Surprisingly, they are really comfortable. I think because the heel isn’t over three inches.

  4. Just had my worst experience last weekend. I got into the Beach2Beacon 10K. Planned our vacation around it. Then missed the run because we followed some people to the wrong place. Amazing disappointment.

    Love those purple shoes!

  5. Looking beautiful! That is awesome your pants have held up so well, and great job on the run!

  6. once again I LOVE your shoes! lets see that cookie recipe! I’m trying to be good about junk these last few weeks before the marathon, but a girl has got to have her chocolate!

  7. Unfortunately, my worst running experience was my one and only marathon. There was a freak heat wave and it was 95 degrees out in March and I threw up 4 times!

  8. I heart your purple shoes!! And i love that your favorite race memory is the one you did with Bri. I was trying to think about which race was my favorite and that made me think of the one I did with my bf. Awww… 🙂 And way to run it in the heat. It’s tough let me tell you!

  9. gotta say my best running experience was turning the corner at the finish of my May marathon and seeing that I was going to get my BQ. Huge wave of relief and pride rushed over me.

    P.S. – I’m loving those shoes!! I am a big Aldo fan b/c they carry shoes in the smallest size sometimes.

  10. Another great outfit! (I say my comments with no sarcasm..I only have a “mom-wardrobe” so I’m jealous of your great pieces.) What 5K are you running next week?

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