Half-Marathon Training Begins!

Hi friends!  How goes it?  Yesterday marked an exciting day- the official start of my half marathon training!  😀  It started off with a bang, that bang being a rest day.  After the weekend I had I was certainly glad for the rest day.  I am following Hal Hidgon’s half marathon training plan for beginners, modified to fit my schedule.  Essentially, I’ll be running anywhere from 3-5 miles 2x a week, 2 miles 1x a week and a long run on Sundays, which translates to 4 days a week of running.  I’m still toying with the idea of adding the two miles into one of the 3-5 milers, thereby reducing my number of running days per week to three.  This is because when I trained for the Virginia is for Lovers 14k I was running 4x a week, and by the end of training I had to take a week off before the race because of a swollen arch.  While training for the Boilermaker I ran 3x a week and although the bottom of my foot hurt a little towards the end, I was virtually injury free.  If you’re training for a race, how many days per week do you run?  I am also going to be attending hot yoga 2x a week and throwing some random sets of pushups in there.  I’m excited! 

So, this past weekend was a lot of fun, aside from getting sick.  I went wine tasting in Long Island with my in-laws for my sister-in-law’s thirtieth birthday.  My favorite winery by far was Baiting Hollow– it had a great atmosphere, good wine and a horse rescue farm.  It is quite amazing what they do.  I didn’t realize how poorly some horses are treated after their “usefulness” has expired.  The owners of the vineyard search out horses and rescue them from death.  The newest addition to their stables had only been rescued ten days prior, and you could see his ribs due to how thin he was.  It was simply heartbreaking, but also inspiring to see how resilient the little guy was- he was running around eating and looked at peace.  Anyway, that’s a little heavy for the blog but I wanted to bring it up because it really is amazing what Baiting Hollow is doing.   

Some photos from our day:

My stepsister-in-law, the birthday girl, my mother-in-law, aunt-in-law and me

Some of the rescued horses

Another group shot

My sisters-in-law and I at Baiting Hollow

Me and the birthday girl at Vineyard 48

Overall, wine tasting in Long Island was a lot of fun.  I hit a bit of a snafu Saturday night- it was incredibly hot on the island this weekend, and that coupled with my lack of water and drinking wine earlier in the day led to a severe bout of dehydration for me.  😦 It was not fun.  But, I’m better now and ready to rock my half marathon training! 

Last night I finished reading Born to Run.  Wow, what a great book.  I am going to do a full review once I gather my thoughts on it but it definitely made me reconsider a lot of things with respect to running.  Namely, my running shoes!  But, that’s a story for another day.  Have a great Tuesday everyone! 😀



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23 responses to “Half-Marathon Training Begins!

  1. Ah, wine tasting is so much fun!

    I start my 1/2 training next month….AHHH. When training for the Boilermaker I was running anywhere from 4-5X a week. A LOT. My training plan called for 15-20 miles a week but I usually stayed 20 or more.

  2. Hi Katie! I just found your blog – I can’t wait to read more!
    Good luck with half training! I usually run four times a week. My motto is quality over quantity, plus the shins can’t tolerate any more running than that

  3. Loved Born To Run!

    With my marathon training, I’m running four days a week, with rest days and cross training days. It’s pretty much how I trained for my half marathon, with my longest training runs on the weekend. So far, so good!

    The wine tasting looked like a great time!

  4. That’s exciting about half marathon training! (At least I think it’s exciting…some people don’t lol) But I’m glad you’re pumped 😀

  5. I have seen Born to Run but never read it – can’t wait to hear what you think.

    As far as running – I’ve had most success with avoiding injury by running only 3-4 days a week. The last few plans I’ve done have been FIRST (Furman Institute) plans which have 3x a week running workouts – there is a book called Run Less, Run Faster, which talks about them more if you’re interested!

  6. What a beautiful family Katie! What a perfect way to spend the weekend wine tasting on Long Island. Have a wonderful week and good luck with the training! 🙂

  7. Yay, I love that you are getting ready for a half! We need to run together once the temps turn a little cooler (unless you want to get up at the crack of dawn to avoid the heat). I usually run 5x week, but will go down to 3x week this fall due to scheduling. You’ll find what works for you. The main thing is to stay injury free!

  8. J

    I usually run 5 to 6 days a week, but it really depends on how I feel and how much mileage I want to get in. I know that last summer, I did Hal’s advanced 15k training program and I loved it but running 6 days a week for 8 weeks straight really took it toll on me! I am still trying to figure out the best way to recover fast from runs!

    I think you should do what works best for you!

  9. Congrats on your half training! My current marathon training calls for 3 runs per week, then a hill run or speed work, and a long run. Which translates to 5 days of running. Eck! I have cut out of one of the regular runs, because my body cannot handle running 4 days in a row. I think it’s good that you are in tune with your body, and know that tweaking for your own benefit is a good thing.

  10. Nicki

    I used that training schedule when I was training for my first half (back in March). I loved it.

    I am using the intermediate marathon training from Hal Higdon at the moment. I am running 5 times a week and cross training one day with one rest day. I don’t like the short runs (four miles twice a week at the moment) so I sometimes alter it a bit to make two of the other days longer and give myself an extra rest day. I also am trying to put some speed work of some sort into the schedule.

    • I love having two rest days! Some people get too antsy but not I. Speedwork is definitely important. I’m thinking of using my two miler day to do some hill training. We’ll see!

  11. Jackie @ carolina_vogue

    Good luck training for your half!! Your wine tasting adventure is making me jealous 🙂

  12. Julie

    Hi Katie,
    Yea, you have started half marathon training! This is exciting news…I was using Hal’s plans too:) You are going to love the half marathon distance. Can I talk you into doing a marathon? I am still debating what to do with mine. I have not had anymore issues and am thinking about running it…but running it very slow. We will see:)

    I love wine tasting outings too! It looks like so much fun! Great pictures too:) You look gorgeous as always! So how and the hell can someone as skinny, little and tiny as you…have flipping great boobs:) Sorry if this is unethical to put in a blog:) I am just saying…you look great and I am just a wee bit jealous! If I were as thin as you I would have no boobs at all…seriously!

    Have a fantastic week Katie!

    • LOL Julie you are too funny and sweet. The boobs are a combo of genetics + the pill. Once I go off the pill they will go down a cup size 😦 LOL.

      I may be willing to consider a marathon! It depends upon how the half goes and if I face any injuries. 🙂

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