Then and Now


  • Babysitter’s Club books ruled the day
  • Getting dropped off at the mall was the ultimate sign of independence
  • The toughest decision of the day was deciding whether to hang out in the tree fort or in Christina’s room, listening to her Ace of Base tape on her stereo
  • Bodysuits were in (?)
  • Happiness was found riding on a scooter
  • We talked of our “dream wedding” and spent many an hour playing the Perfect Wedding game
  • Christina wanted to be a teacher, I wanted to be a lawyer
  • Boys were scary
  • Scrunchies were awesome
  • Green on green was perfectly acceptable
  • Handwriting notes during class was the way to communicate
  • Sharing a locker was a way to spend even more time attached at the hip 


  • Rather than talk of our perfect weddings, we lived them, serving as each other’s maid of honor
  • We enjoy a glass of wine on each other’s porch, rather than orange juice in a tree fort
  • Happiness is relaxing over a nice meal, discussing life
  • We are professional, working women
  • Sex and the City provided infinite wisdom
  • You’re more likely to find John Mayer on our playlist
  • Email and texting are the way to communicate
  • Purchasing a house is the ultimate sign of independence
  • Running a 5k together is an accomplishment to revel in

A lot can change, and yet so much doesn’t, in sixteen years… it’s a gift to have friends that have seen you through it all.



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18 responses to “Then and Now

  1. Jen

    love this post!!! so adorable! 🙂

  2. J

    So cute! Wow 16 years as friends! That is awesome!

  3. Lovely post!

    I have been friends with some of my bridesmaids for 24 years! So I know the feeling.


  4. What a great post! Holy cow, you gave me such a flashback to bodysuits and scrunchies!!!

  5. christina

    HAHAH, wow! This is great. I am in tears laughing so hard remembering the memories. Don’t forget our obsession with Metallica! We had a wiiiide range of tastes in music back then. Great post! Love ya chica!

  6. I love this! I think that is great that you have had such a great time with your bestie! And I loved the flash back photo!

  7. Aww this was really beautiful, and I LOVED the pics! You 2 are so cute and your friendship is such a gift!

  8. Julie

    Hi Katie,
    This was a great post that almost had me in tears:) There is nothing like a good friend…there is nothing like a best freind! Great pictures too!

  9. Jaclyn

    Those photos are too cute 🙂 Such a sweet post Katie!

  10. My MOH and I have been friends for 23 years! And we both rocked out with the scrunchies.

  11. I loved this 🙂
    And I def. laughed at “green on green was perfectly acceptabe.” When I was younger, green on purple on orange on blue was perfectly acceptable haha

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