Recovering, Katie Style

Hi friends!  Thanks for all of the congrats on the boilermaker.  I am still reveling in the afterglow of it and cannot wait to run it next year!   I am in full recovery mode now, although I still have to have my game face on because I have the Down and Dirty Run this Sunday!  Is it weird that I’m excited to run and get covered in mud?  Have you or would you ever participate in such an event?

On another note, what do you think of Legally Fit’s new header?  I’m very excited about it.  Ashley over at Edible Perspective is quite talented and created the header after I sent her a few photos and gave her a very vague idea of what I was looking for.  From the vagueness she made it work!   If you are looking for someone to design a header for you, I highly recommend her!  She provided me with a lot of different options to choose from and is super sweet. 

So, after the Boilermaker you could say I could hardly walk was feeling the burn a bit.  My hips were incredibly tight and my legs were quite sore, so I knew I needed to do more than just my traditional icing.  I checked out my yoga studio’s schedule and was stoked to see that they were offering a “warm candlelight flow yoga.”

According to the schedule, the class is designed to “End your Monday with a warm, easy vinyasa flow class – lit by candlelight!  Center your body on your breath, increase suppleness of your joints with warm-up, strengthen the connection of your body, mind and spirit with a 30-minute vinyasa flow, and finish practice by exploring any tension in the body with longer held, deep, yin (restorative) yoga poses, relaxing/meditating in savasana.  Music accompanies this practice.”

Tension?  Restorative?  Easy?  I was sold.  I headed over to the studio for an invigorating yet challenging class.  I definitely was not as flexible as usual.  Nor would I call the class easy.  This instructor’s classes are always incredibly packed because she is that good and works you hard!  So, it was a little more difficult than I anticipated BUT on the plus side I could almost walk like a normal person! 

Also assisting me in my ability to walk normally is this guy: 

The foam roller!   I swear, without the foam roller I don’t think I could be a runner.  My IT Band would hate me too much.  As I was foam rolling, I remembered a little torture device tip my husband shared with me:

Sure, it looks innocent enough.  It’s just a tennis ball, right?  WRONG!  Use it like you would a foam roller for an even more concentrated release on any area that is hurting.  Wow.  If you wanted to get really ambitious you could tape two balls together (TWSS) and go to town. 

The last item in my recovery arsenal was a gift from Bri that I received for Christmas: 

Zensah recovery sleeves!  According to the site, “the sleeves can be worn during training or for recovery to increase oxygen blood flow to the muscles of the lower leg. The more oxygen the muscles receive the faster they recover, allowing athletes to push the envelope in their training.”

I think they are pretty cool and they seem do be doing the job.  Heck, I can even wear them to work underneath my suit:

Yup, definitely rocked the zensahs at work today.  It was fun.  😀

Have you ever tried the tennis ball torture tip?  What do you do to recover from an endurance event?

Have a good one y’all!  🙂



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16 responses to “Recovering, Katie Style

  1. J

    I have never tried a tennis ball, but I am sure it is painful! I love my foam roller! It is a life saver! I am always sore after the Boilermaker for some reason – maybe its all the up and downhills! lol I love that you wore your compression sleeves to work!!

    • I’m thinking the hills have a LOT to do with it 😀 Granted this race was a PDR for me (my second longest distance was the 14k) but I was never this sore from my other long (relatively speaking) runs!

  2. I’ve tried a tennis ball and I am not going there again any time soon! When I did it my IT was so tight that even a little pressure hurt so a tennis ball was too much too fast.

    I think your race looks like lots of fun. Do they have anything like it around here? It would be a fun one to do with a group.

    • Seriously– I think the tennis ball needs to be eased into for sure! I’m not sure if there is something like that around here- I’ll look into it though because I’m betting it’s a lot of fun!

  3. i am loving the new header, dear! And love love LOVE that you are wearing the sleeves at work 🙂

  4. The new header looks AMAZING! I noticed it right away. LOVE it!

  5. That’s the foam roller I have! (Target??)

    I recover by stretching & strength-training. Oh, and taking it easy until I’m ready 😀

    p.s. LOVE the new header!

  6. oOHHH I am loving the new header! Also, your candlelite yoga sounds interesting. I think if the class was too easy I would want to fall asleep to the candlelite, so probably good it was a bit challenging. And way to rock the zensah sleeves under the suite. That photo cracked me up a bit! Of course a mud run sounds awesome! I can’t wait to hear about it and see some mudding pics!!! 🙂

  7. Candlelight yoga?? Sign me up!! That sounds amazing. Thanks so much for the kind words. I’m so glad you like the header 🙂 Good luck recovering..sounds like you’re on your way! I’ve heard epsom salt baths help!

    • Of course girl- you totally deserve them! I’m thinking this is definitely something you can turn into a profession 🙂 Just sayin’ 😉 Thanks for the epsom salt tip- I’ll definitely try that in the future!

  8. Nicki

    Love the header!!!

    Recovery – I danced all the after party. LOL! I took Monday off and was back on the road on Tuesday. I will say, though, that 15K is close to an average training distance for me. Most of my training runs – til I started following a program that called for some shorter runs – are at least 5.5 and 7 or 8 is common.

    I am looking for one of those rollers next time I am Target!

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