Achieved a Goal, Kinda

Hi everyone and welcome to the new blog!  Can I tell you how much I love wordpress.  Love.  It is so much easier to comment on other blogs/upload pictures/use different fonts… the list goes on.  I was able to switch from blogger to wordpress with the simple push of an import button.  For anyone considering transitioning, do it!  It’s sooo easy and simple.  🙂

It’s been a long week.  I had a fantastic weekend with Bri.  Saying goodbye was terribly sad, of course.  I am very thankful for Skype 😀  We went on a couple of hot, hilly and humid runs together.  I think it may have helped me speedwise because on Monday I ran 5k (not A 5k, rather just 3.1 miles) in:  28:33.   Woohoo!  I know I will reach my goal of running a 5k in under thirty minutes!   Do you count your running goals as achieved if they don’t occur during a race?  My thoughts are that it doesn’t count if it is a racing goal- it just shows that the capability is there.   However, if your goal is to run 5 miles, no race is necessary. 

Yesterday was hot yoga and it was fantastic.  I have seriously come to crave it.  I am going to deactivate my gym membership for the summer months and just focus on yoga, running and strength training with my body weight.  I seriously haven’t been to the gym in months.   Once the cold weather hits I will likely reactivate it so I can hit the treadmill or track and start hitting up my favorite body sculpt class (my instructor is out on maternity leave). 

Training for the Boilermaker is going well!  I am building up my mileage to 15-18 miles per week.  For whatever reason I feel less regimented than I did while training for the Virginia is for Lovers 14k, maybe because it doesn’t feel new?  I am excited to meet fellow blogger Lindsey!  She is wicked fast so I likely won’t see her until after the race 😉  Are you running the Boilermaker?  If so, want to meet up?   

At the beginning of the month I set some June Goals, which I am failing at majorly steadily working on.  These are my personal goals:

  • Goal: Blowdry hair at least once a week.  Purpose:  Look more polished.  So far:  Yeah, not so much.  My hair is very fine and pin straight.  This is great for wash and go but it is boring boring boring.  I’ll get there. 
  • Goal: Wake up early enough to run outdoors in the morning at least once a week.  Purpose:  Enjoy the fresh spring mornings!  So far:  Again, not yet.  I have been getting my runs in, just typically after work. 
  • Goal:  Make two new recipes and one old fave.  Purpose: Expand my eating repertoire!  So far:  Kinda.  I’ve been making my favorite eggplant/roasted red pepper (I roast my own peppers- super easy!) sandwich to bring to work for lunch, but I haven’t tried any new recipes yet. 
  • Goal:  Follow a pescetarian diet aside from free range/grass fed beef.  Purpose:  Transition away from awful industry practices.  So far:  I’ve done fairly well with this one.  I did eat meat once this past weekend during the going away barbecue for Bri.  Other than that I’ve been successful! 
  • Goal:  Chat on the phone with at least one friend that I don’t see very often per week.  Purpose:  Maintaining connections.  So far:  I’m going to call one of my out-of-town friends tonight, so I’ll say success. 

What are your goals for the month of June?  I have some fitness goals as well that I’ll get into next time.  Have a great Thursday and thank you for reading! 😀



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8 responses to “Achieved a Goal, Kinda

  1. Love the new digs! Is wordpress really better…I’ve heard that it is. Take care.

    • Hi Suzy! It really is better, in my opinion. For instance- you can reply directly to comments 🙂 To me, the biggest PITA with blogger was the photo uploading. You have a lot of loyal followers so if you made the switch, I know they would continue reading!

  2. Love the new wordpress site! 🙂 I think I am with you where I dont’ really count a running goal as acheived unless it’s official during a race. I think that’s because i actually do better during races! 🙂 Good luck on your training!! I think my June goals are to continue following my marathon plan along with a hefty amount of fundraising. Oh jeeze!! YAy for the new blog – I already updated my reader and blogroll! Wooh hoo!!

  3. Katie! I love your new site. I’ll update my blogroll when I get home! 🙂

  4. Yay! Love the new site! And I love your header pic, too! Sounds like you’re having great success on your goals 🙂

  5. love the new layout, and I just noticed you wore black shoes on your wedding day! so cute!

    Would definitely love to try and meet you at the Boilermaker!

  6. I agree, wordpress is much better!

  7. The new site looks beautiful! Love it!! Google Reader updated 🙂

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