Photo Friday- College Edition

Hi bloggies! Happy almost weekend! This weekend happens to be my alma mater’s alumni weekend which, sadly, I’m not going to be attending. I could really go for a slice of Mia’s pizza right now. Yum. Anyway, it’s also my sorority’s 25th anniversary weekend- yay AOPi! Naturally I’m feeling a little nostalgic, so here’s a photo from the good ol‘ days: College graduation, circa 2004. My friends Nicole (best friend growing up for years- we went to high school, college AND graduate school together, although for different professions), Kristin (one of my bridesmaids) and me. I can’t believe it’s been six years since we graduated. My high school ten year is this November! Crazy how time flies. I also can’t believe how blonde my hair was. Yikes! Granted I had just gotten back from Cancun but still. When did you graduate from college?

Yesterday was another 3 mile run, although it wasn’t as glorious as the last one. It was really hilly, which is good for the relay, but my shins were screaming during the last half mile. Wtf! I’ve never had shin issues and hopefully am not going to start having them.

Any fun plans for the weekend? I am going to hot yoga tomorrow and I can’t wait! Other than that I’ll be dogsitting, thank you note writing and running. I’ve also been drafting a blog post in my head regarding the reasons why I blog/what I hope to get out of it that I would like to hopefully write this weekend. What are your reasons for blogging? Have a great weekend everyone!


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