Wedding Recap- Rehearsal Dinner!

Hi friends! Happy Thursday 🙂 I was totally feeling Debbie Downer last night but all is well now. Such is life, right? 🙂 I am skipping thumbs up Thursday this week because I had a fun one planned (bar review- not the bar exam kind, hahhaha) but I haven’t tried all of the bars I wanted to. Given that Bri and I had our one month wedding anniversary on Tuesday (yay!), it’s probably time for me to start the recaps, eh?

On Friday, March 26th the day was spent running around like a crazy person getting various tasks done prior to the rehearsal (ie mani, pedi, etc… the important stuff people!). Rehearsal was at five and after a minor emergency around 3:30 (Bri’s mom’s car broke down. Yikes!) everyone was at the church and situated. You could tell that the priest had done this before. We had a large bridal party and he was barking out orders like a drill sargeant! It was kind of nerve-wracking but I was starting to feel so excited- it was really happening!

After the rehearsal, we headed over to Longfellow’s Restaurant in Saratoga. I cannot rave enough about this place. We also had my shower there and they are very attentive and the food is awesome! There was approximately fortyf riends and relatives there.

My beautiful matron of honor Christina (I was the maid of honor in her wedding) and I! I’m wearing the dress from Ann Taylor Loft- loved it!

My gorgeous bridesmaid Kristin, who came in from PA. She’s from around here but recently started a new job (she’s a librarian at a university… ow owww). I miss her terribly!
Once everyone arrived we got the seating situation settled and the party started. I didn’t really drink because I wanted to be fresh for the wedding! The food was a buffet of salmon, sirloin, chicken and amazing stuffed pasta. Can you tell which dish was my favorite? Hahaha.

Some of my bridesmaids. Kristin, Christina, me, my bridesmaid Jenn (sorority sister!) and my maid of honor, Kelle.
After dinner we moved on to the cake. Coccadotts really outdid themselves with the cake. Which is why I’m not holding a grudge at the fact that our wedding cake was slanted like the leaning tower of Pisa. It’s alllll good. 🙂 Anyway. I wanted to do something fun and unique for the cake and since Bri is into Crossfit, I figured a kettlebell could be cool. When I originally talked to the cake shop they made it seem like it would be a flat cake, with the kettlebell laying on its side. My dad picked it up for me and gave me a call saying “you have got to see this thing!”
The picture is kind of small but yeah, the cake is like a real life kettlebell! It says Crossfit around the 50lb mark. It was so cool! The inside was a rasberry vanilla swirl cake with a bailey’s frosting in the middle. Delicious!
After cake Bri and I introduced the members of the bridal party and told everyone how we knew them.
Don’t forget to say this, honey!

Afterwards Bri’s father gave a touching speech.

At that point it was time to call it a night and head to the pub (family, friends and bridal party) and the hotel (Christina and I).

We had a big day ahead of us the following day, and I needed sleep! Don’t mind the red face in the above picture, I think I had been crying (seems to be a common theme lately) at one of the toasts.
If you’re married, did you have a fun rehearsal dinner cake? Have a great Thursday peeps!

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  1. Happy 1 month, yay!! You are seriously a girl after my own heart. I love Longfellow’s. That is where I picked to have my HS graduation dinner. I didn’t have a rehearsal dinner cake, but if I did it over I would reconsider that 😉 Happy Weekend Katie! Thanks for all your sweet words!

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