The Accidental Pescetarian and Some Honeymoon Pics!

Hi friends! Happy Tuesday. My legs are STILL sore from my hill workout on Sunday. I guess that means I really worked hard? Haha. Yesterday I took a much needed rest day. I could probably still go for one today but I have my normal vinyasa yoga class, which will probably help work out the kinks.

Things have still been pretty hectic ’round these here parts, so I haven’t composed a proper honeymoon recap yet. I’m not really good with recaps or reviews I think- I get impatient! Anyway, here are some of the pictures (we [Brian, aka Mr. Camera Happy] took over 600!).
At the indoor(!!) luau. We were bummed that it was indoors but apparently the weather called for rain. It didn’t seem as authentic, although the performers were amazing. One of the dudes pulled me up onstage to do some sort of Polynesian dance, which was hilarious.

Hiking the Kalualua trail. The trail was SO beautiful. I didn’t pack my hiking boots so my running shoes are now stained with red dirt. It adds to the hardcore-ness, right?

Double rainbow!!! We took a catamaran cruise to the Napali coast, which resulted in some of the most amazing photos EVA. Like this one:

Beautiful sunset!
So back to the topic currently on my mind- FOOD. This past weekend I was thinking and I realized that I had not had ANY meat, all week. This wasn’t intentional; it was simply how my eats worked out for the week. My standard day of eats is typically:
Breakfast: Greek yogurt/granola/coffee
Snack: Bar of some sort (Larabar, Luna bar, Kashi bar)
Lunch: Amy’s Cheddar or Southwestern Burrito/Amy’s cheddar veggie burger
Snack: Apple/PB
Snack3(if heading to gym): half a bar
Dinner: Random. It depends on if I’ve meal planned for the week. Last week I had haddock, sushi, and Annie’s whole wheat mac n cheese with peas and edamame on the side, among other things.
Snack: glass of wine/piece of dark chocolate
-I also drink at LEAST 64 oz of water
As you can see, there is no meat in there! I realize a lot of the foods are processed but I do try to incorporate fresh foods into my dinners, which usually results in leftovers. What do you typically have for lunch?
Anyway, yesterday I decided I was due for steak. I had steak, one clam casino, sweet potato fries and zucchini/squash. I felt so gross afterwards! I probably only had three ounces of steak and it was sitting in my stomach like a brick. Blech. This morning I still felt nauseous! I love a great cheeseburger, but this experience has me contemplating seriously cutting red meat out of my diet. Currently the only meat I do not eat is pork. I think the transition to a non-red meat diet could be difficult but after analyzing how I’m feeling this morning coupled with how awesome I felt last week, maybe it won’t be! What’s your eating style? What has influenced your eating habits?
Thanks for your tips on running hills! And Wendy, the juicer is NOT difficult to clean. The pulp is virtually dry so it’s super easy. However, I don’t know if I would call it dishwasher safe. I also don’t mind handwashing dishes, so that is something to take into consideration.
Have a great Tuesday everyone!

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