Hi everyone! I am officially back from the honeymoon and am slowly getting settled back into my normal routine. Well, technically we got back early Friday morning. Bri stayed with me until he had to head back to VB Sunday to begin packing for his IA. It was incredibly difficult to have him leave. Yesterday work was super crazy yesterday after been out for two (glorious) weeks. I have SO much to write about (rehearsal dinner, wedding, honeymoon!!!) and a lot to catch up on in my reader. I came back to over 800 unread posts! I will be back at the end of the week with a proper recap… for now, here are some pictures from the wedding day that my awesome photographer posted on his blog.

Getting ready in the bridal suite! I loved my gown 🙂 It has a lace up back so it took my matron of honor a long time to get it situated. She did an amazing job though!

My girls and I. Love them!

Some images from our first look.

Formal portraits!

Bridal portrait!

I loooove this image. I think I may use it on our thank you cards.

Sitting in front of fountain. Well, an empty fountain. I was nervous to do this because it was super muddy and we hadn’t had the ceremony yet. I am glad we did though!

My handsome husband (yay!) and his brother David and best friend Jay before the ceremony. I think the photographer used a fish eye (?) type of setting or something.

My dad walking me down the aisle 🙂

The ceremony!

Just, you know, twirling in the park.

One of my faves!

The venue. It was amazing.

About to make our entrance as Lt. and Mrs. H!

First Dance 🙂

All of the rings…. Navy style!

I hope that everyone has been doing well! What’s new in your world? I’m still on Hawaii time, haha. I’ll be back and commenting on all of your blogs soon!

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