Sickness, Wedding Planning and Rehearsal Dress!

Hi everyone! It’s been a while. I was sick for most of the weekend and finally sucked it up and went to the doctor yesterday. He put me on antibiotics for an upper respiratory infection and told me that I can’t work out. Dang it! I suppose it is better now than during the wedding or honeymoon!

On Sunday I did a bit of research and decided that since my symptoms were mainly above the neck, I could go workout at the gym. I hopped on the treadmill and was feeling really good the first mile. All of a sudden it hit me and I could barely keep up a jog. I got off after 2.5 miles and tried some strength training but then decided it was probably better to rest. I guess it is a good thing that I tried to work out, as it gave me the impetus to get to the doctor. Do you guys have a hard and fast rule for when/when not to work out when you are feeling off?

On Saturday I had my final dress fitting! We are getting married in 11 days; craziness! I found some fun stuff for the out of town bags, including Saratoga Salsa Co. Bloody Mare Mix (saratoga is horse country!) and Saratoga hot fudge. I am also going to include water, vitamin water, tylenol, saratoga potato chips, sugar cookies, candy and maps of downtown. Here are some of the other last minute deets I am working on:

  • dance lessons with my father. My stepmom really wanted him to get them and it is actually kind of fun, haha.
  • seating chart. We have approximately 181 adults and 9 children attending.
  • Place cards. Sooo excited for this (YUCK).
  • Table card numbers. I’ve assembled pictures of Bailey to use and my co-worker is going to put numbers on them for me.
  • Schedule last minute spa appointments.
  • Order food (sub platter/bagels) for the suite for the bridal party while they are getting ready.
  • Day of schedule? Not really sure if I want to be this anal but I need to coordinate 12 women getting their hair done. Yikes.
  • Programs for the ceremony. To do this, we still need to pick out three readings. Nothing like procrastination at its finest 🙂
  • Pack for honeymoon!! 🙂
  • Book excursions for honeymoon. I booked the luau, but we are also diving two of the days, going on a hike and taking a sunset catamaran cruise. Yay Hawaii!

I did get a big check off of the list this weekend: my rehearsal dinner dress! I have been on the lookout for quite some time now, to no avail. Anna mentioned that Ann Taylor Loft had some great spring clothes in so I headed over to check them out. Success! I purchased this dress:

to wear with a gorgeous necklace. I am going to rock my neutral shoes that I wore to the shower with it. Yay! What do you guys think?

I’ll be back later this week with a guest post from my guy (on his definition of fitness) and whatever else I can fit in during this crazy time. I hope that everyone is doing well, and know that if I’m not commenting, I’m still reading your fantastic blogs! Happy Tuesday! 🙂


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