I Think I Should Go Play the Lottery

Happy Friday friends! Blogger ate one of my saved posts (my race schedule- grrr!!). Ah well, I will rewrite and post it sometime this weekend. I have a lot of fun races in my future! I made it to the gym in the morning yesterday and got in a 3 mile speed workout- it was awesome! The funny thing about this waking up super early business is now my body is getting used to it! I woke up naturally this morning at 5:37. I contemplated going to the gym but today is typically my rest day. So I went back to sleep and had strange dreams. I would have been better off at the gym!

I’m thinking that I should go play the lottery today. Why, you ask? I won TWO awesome giveaways from two fantastic blogs! The beautiful Skinnyrunner (btw, you should totally check out her blog- she is super funny and wicked speedy) was hosting a giveaway on her blog to celebrate the amazingness of billion hits (or half a mil, who’s counting). I won a ten dollar gift certificate to chocomize chocolates! I am super excited because I think I may use the chocolate bars as wedding favors. The site looked so awesome that I ordered a chocolate bar before winning. I will be trying their dark chocolate/oreo/marshmallow combination. I emailed the company and they told me they could give me a sweet discount and customize the labels and whatnot. I am thinking of creating a his and her bar- half of the guests will get a chocolate bar “Katie style” and half will get one “Brian style.” I encourage you to check out their site! What chocolate creation would you purchase?

I also won the gorgeous Shannon’s Fashion Friday giveaway! Yay! That girl is one serious fashionista. I love her outfits! I am excited for the yoga subscription, nut butter and tea assortment. I am feeling pretty lucky today! Do you consider yourself to be lucky?

Does everyone have fun weekend plans? I am heading to lunch with my Matron of Honor to give her her gift for being in the bridal party- I can’t wait to give it to her! 🙂 Then I am meeting my little brother at a local wine bar to meet his new girlfriend. So cute. Tomorrow I heading to the Philly area for my bachelorette and bridal shower take two! Bri’s sister and mother are throwing me one so his side of the family can attend some festivities. How lucky am I? Annnd, I get to see Bri! He is driving up to see me since he couldn’t make it last weekend due to the weather. 🙂

Starting today I am implementing Photo Friday, where I post one of my favorite pics. My photographer recently posted this one on his blog. Have a great weekend everyone!


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