Trial Run

Hi lovelies! It’s almost the weekend, hooray! This has been the longest week evah. Probably because I had to work on Sunday. I wanted to thank everyone for their comments last night; you guys definitely know how to make a girl feel better! I am in a much better mood today 🙂

For the lies and one truth- a lot of you thought I was born without wisdom teeth (including Bri!!). I got all four of them out during law school, not fun. I learned how much I hate the way pain killers made me feel. Necessary evil at the time! Julie, I was very flattered that you think I could do a back handspring 🙂 My one truth is that I practiced Gaelic in a pub in Dublin with an old drunken Irishman. It was hilarious! Slainte! Ashley and Lily, you were right! 🙂 There were cows across the street from our b&b and my friend Kristin and I may have wanted to pet them, but we didn’t. Ha. I am not a fan of white zin– it is waaaay to sweet for my tastes. Give me red any day! And yeah, I really cannot sing. I got cut from chorus in fourth grade when there were no cuts, if that’s any indication of my abilities 😉 I will never try bear. I know people that have though. Eek.

So last night was the trial run for my hair and makeup. I am soo happy with how it came out. Now for some pictures. Bri, if you are reading this, you have to stop reading now!

Hair from the back:

From the front- it looks a little messy because it was pouring out (this is back at my house). Sorry that it is blurry!

Side view- hair and makeup.


I’m trying to go for a Grace Kelly-esque look. Sophisticated, elegant and not too over the top. I am loving everything, aside for the lipstick. I think it may be too pinky for me. I am going to go for a more peachish color. My makeup artist is amazing- she did something to my eyebrows and I have never seen them look better! I need to learn her tricks. I slept in the makeup last night (I know, typically this is bad) to see how it would hold up and it still looks great! Which works out perfectly, since my work shower is today 🙂 My bestie and matron of honor Christina is going to be my guest of honor at the office since Bri can’t make it. I can’t wait!

Okay, and now for a wedding planning tip- make sure that when you send out the invitations, you number the back of the response cards. Keep a spreadsheet with the names of guests and the number on their response card. This will come in handy if you get a response card and the writing is illegible or the person doesn’t write their name in the appropriate place. This helped me out last night! I received a response card from someone who merely wrote “will attend”. No name, no nothing. I flipped the back of the card over, saw it was number 18, referred to the spreadsheet and figured out which guest it was. Crisis averted!

What do you guys think of the hair and makeup? Any fun weekend plans? Have a great Friday!


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