Four Miles and Allergic to Running

Good morning bloggies! I wanted to thank everyone for their comments on the engagement post; you guys have very sweet husbands! I enjoyed reading your stories. I’m heading out on the road again today to finish up the last of my seminars. I will be so excited once Thursday is over! The good thing about my travels is that they are bringing me to the land of Tim Horton’s and Wegmans. So excited!

My weekend was incredibly restful and relaxing. I’ve been reading The Kind Diet and I have to say, it is evoking a lot of emotions in me. I definitely will not be going vegan; I think it’s great decision for some, but not me. Alicia talks a lot about how amazing you will feel once you get meat and dairy out of your system- but I already feel pretty amazing! I’ve never had any stomach or digestive issues. I think my main problem is with the food industry in America. In any event, I’ll post my review of the book at the end of the week once I finish my travels. How was your weekend?

Yesterday was a day off for me, so I was able to complete my four mile run outdoors as opposed to on the track at the gym. Yippee! I again wore my zensah sleeves, running tights, coldgear top, northface shell, gloves and ear warmers. It was in the upper 30s and I think I was actually overdressed for the run. The run itself was okay. I was having trouble regulating my breathing, and I’m attributing it to all of my core work from the day before. My abs were sore!

When I picture an awesome run, images of the sun shining and great paces pop into my head. Kind of like this:
Not like this:

I was reading some articles and came to the conclusion that I may, in fact, be allergic to running. I swear it’s not an excuse! I say this because every single time that I run, my nose starts to run too. It doesn’t matter if I am indoors on the track or outside on the road, hot or cold- my nose just runs! It’s realllly annoying. According to this article, I may have a condition called “exercise-induced rhinitis”, a fancy term for “your nose runs when you exercise.” According to researchers, exercise-induced rhinitis is fairly common among athletes. As a general rule, when I see people running they don’t appear to be dealing with a runny nose. The only remedies appear to be taking a nasal saline spray (no thank you, I HATE anything touching my nose, nevermind something being injected up the airways) or running with tissues.

It’s strange because this only happens to me while I’m running. It does not happen when I engage in any other sort of exercise. It looks to me like my only option is to just suck it up, because it’s not like I’m going to stop running over a runny nose. Although running around with a box of tissues could be quite humorous for bystanders. Do you have exercise-induced rhinitis? If so, do you just deal with it? If not, are there any other mysterious ailments that strike you while running?

Have a great Tuesday!


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