My First Five, a Facial and a Purple Monster!

Evening bloggies! I hope that your weekend is going well. I’ve had a fantastic day. Last night I went to sleep nervous about my five miler in the morning, mainly because I wasn’t sure if my IT band was going to let me run the whole five. This morning I woke up to a balmy 39 degrees! My achilles tendon/calf area was feeling sore from my 2 mile run and strength training last night, so I made the executive decision to wear my zensah sleeves underneath my running tights. I’m so glad I did- my legs felt amazing!

I wore the tights and zensah sleeves with my nike tempo shorts (keeps the bum warm), cold gear top, northface shell, gloves and underarmour headband. It was perfect for the 39* weather.

I’m happy to say that I was able to run the entire five miles without having to stop and stretch my IT band! Yippee! The run itself was fairly decent- not my best and not my worst. I felt kind of tired and was battling wind (although the wind was not nearly as ferocious as the wind bri and I ran against in VB). I finished the run in about 53 minutes. I think the key to my knee not bothering me is my foam roller. I foam rolled last night and again this morning before the run. It always hurts like a beotch but I’ll take it if it allows me to run!

Five miler down- 14k here I come!

After the run I came home to shower quickly and made some oatmeal to take on the road. It’s tricky to eat oatmeal while also attentively driving, but it can be done. I got a facial at my favoritest spa ever, which was ah-may-zing. I want my skin to look great on the wedding day so I have been getting facials once a month for the past few months. Have you ever gotten a facial?

I then zipped over to the mall to spend some of the gift cards I had acquired for Christmas. I looked at Victoria’s for some bathing suit coverups but they had nada. I did some major damage at Sephora though. I picked up some Juice Beauty Facial moisturizer that I had been eyeing, as well as new eyeliner, eyeshadow, nail polish and lipstick. Normally I have huge issues with lipstick- whenever I put it on it looks like I am wearing lipliner (even though I’m not- it’s awful!). However, I found this sheer, pinky color that Sephora makes that I think will work on me! Do you like Sephora? I always have to laugh when I walk into the store because there is always some guy outside the door waiting impatiently for his significant other.

When I got home, I decided it was time I had a green monster. Linz talked about her purple monster the other day, and I thought it looked really good! Enter: The goods. 2 cups spinach, 1 banana, half a container of plain greek yogurt (added protein kick), half a cup of milk, handful of blueberries, squirt of agave nectar and ice.

About to be blended:

The final result:

A purple monster! It was really good. Have you ever had a green monster?

Now I’m about to dive into the book I purchased today: source

I saw this at the bookstore and, as I had seen it throughout the blogworld, it piqued my interest. I started reading through the first chapter and it seems like it will be really interesting. I have no desire to go vegan, but I am toying with the idea of a flexitarian diet. Once I finish the book I’ll be sure to review it.
Have a great weekend everyone!


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