Running is (umm, should be) Cheap

Good morning! I don’t know about you but this week is flying by for me. Usually this is a good thing but I feel like I have a lot to do before my seminars next week!

The gym last night was awesome. For whatever reason the commute home was quicker than ever (I’ll take it!) so I got there in time to rock out two quick miles before my body sculpt class at 6:30. The class was great! There wasn’t too many new people and there was more than enough room to run around. And, my instructor is pregnant! She is so cute- I am so excited for her! Anyway, she put us through an intense full body workout. My favorite part (not at the time, so hard!) was when she had us doing a zillion squats holding weights. She then had us pause in squat position, then pulse up halfway three times, go up back to standing and repeat. It burned so good!

The other day I was in my bedroom, which I noticed was quickly being taken over by all of my running gear and apparel, particularly now that it is a frozen tundra outside. If you think about it, running is extremely low maintenance; all you need is a pair of running shoes and the ability to run. Cheap, right? Right. Well, hypothetically it is. It is not cheap if you are a gear junkie like myself. I thought about everything that I have either purchased or received as a gift relating to running since I started last May. I was shocked by the total cost. Let’s break it down:

  • Adidas Supernova Glide Sneakers- $110
  • Garmin Forerunner 305- $179
  • Running Tights- $40
  • Coldgear Cold Weather Hood- $30
  • Coldgear Cold Weather Fleece Pants- $55
  • Coldgear Compression Top- $50
  • Coldgear Gloves- $20
  • Coldgear headband- $15
  • Lululemon Running Jacket- $100
  • Running Socks- $20
  • Nike Tempo Track Shorts- 4 pairs- $100
  • Extra Sports Bras- $70
  • Race Entries (to date) $145
  • Oakley Sport Sunglasses- $170
  • Running Fleece- $10
  • Moisture Wicking Tops- $60
  • Foam Roller- $25
  • Road ID- $30
  • Spi Belt- $20
  • Zensah Socks- $20
  • iTouch Armband Holder- $20
  • Reflective Waistband- $10

Grand Total: $1299, or approximately $1300 dollars spent on running!

Arguably, I could use some of the gear for other activities, but their primary purpose is for running. For instance, before I started running a lot I had around four sports bras (some since my volleyball days back in high school!) However, running a ton required me to either do laundry all of the time or purchase more. Clearly I opted for the latter. I am a huge fan of the Champion sports bras at Target. They are relatively inexpensive (about $15) and provide great support (I’m a C).

Are you surprised by the amount I have spent on my running habit? How much have YOU spent on running (or any other sport/hobby that, on the surface, is inexpensive)?

I am finally getting my hair cut and highlighted tonight- yippee! It will be my last cut and color before the wedding. My hair is getting waaay too long; this appointment is long overdue!

Also, I broke down and joined twitter. It’s fun! You can follow me @fittowed.

Lastly, for some pics. My maid of honor Kelle has been asking me to forward her a picture from my bachelorette for the longest time. I’m kind of bad at emailing pics to people. So Kelle, here you go!

Me and Kelle at my bachelorette– wine tasting in the finger lakes! Kelle had just dyed her hair from blonde to a beautiful brunette.

For a frame of reference, here is Kel as a blonde:

Me, my bridesmaid Jenn and Kelle as a blondie in summer ’07. I had just finished studying for the bar in Buffalo (read: no sunlight) which is why I am so pale. Who am I kidding, I’m always pale!
Have a great Thursday! Let me know your thoughts on running and/or fitness costs!


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