Cutest water bottle EVER

So… I’m still drinking out of my Sigg water bottle that apparently has BPA infested lining (any Sigg water bottles purchased prior to September 2008 are susceptible I believe… see info here). If you have a Sigg water bottle and are unsure as to whether or not it is affected, the non-BPA lining is a sort of creamy yellow color, whereas the old BPA lining is copper. Mine is copper so unfortunately, the Sigg got to go. Although I didn’t want to purchase another Sigg (I was ready to go Kleen Kanteen… BPA free all along and NOT misrepresentative about it) I saw this adorable water bottle on the lululemon website. Behold:
I saw the water bottle in Fitness Magazine and fell in love. My dad told me to order it for Christmas so I’m getting the yellow I ❤ running one! I can't wait! My co-workers will probably make fun of me for it but I don't care. It's so fun and happy!
So do you subscribe to the theory that water bottles with bpa are bad? Or are you more my grandmother used bpa products and is just fine, thankyouverymuch?

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