Nature and I, We’re Like This (Crosses Fingers)

Today is such an awesome day! Technically it’s my Friday since I took tomorrow off to pack and load (yuck), so I got all of my projects out of the way. Then my executive director came to my office for an “annual review” type deal and…I GOT A RAISE! I am so ecstatic, especially since it is retroactive from the beginning of our fiscal year, which is April 1. Yay!

Anyway, that was great news. I came home and got the kitchen packed up for the most part and went for my run. I’m on Week 3, Round 2, Day 2 of the couch 25k. It was around 8 pm so there was still daylight but yet it was nice and cool outside. The run was definitely more exerting than my past foray on the treadmill- there is DEFINITELY a difference. Anyway, moral of the story is that I was running along the path near my complex (which is on a road) when I spotted two bunnies, which was super cute. On the last leg I saw a deer up ahead about five feet from the path, munching on some grass and flowers. I turned down my iTouch to see if she (it looked like a young doe) was going to get spooked and run away, but she just stared at me contentedly, eating without a care in the world as I ran by her. It was really neat! It reminded me of the time when I was camping with my mom, stepdad and little brother in California. Cole was 5 at the time and a pain in the you know what. The deer at the campground weren’t very skittish, so I held out a handful of grapes to a few of them that were about 10 feet away. They got so close and were ALMOST going to eat the grapes out of my hand when Cole decided to scare the deer by running up to them like a banshee. Awesome. It was probably for the best since I don’t think it’s legal to feed deer. Anyway, tangent over.

Unrelated to this post, but as I’m typing my neighbors downstairs are screaming at each other. Doesn’t really sound too healthy, and it happens a lot. How can people be so angry at each other all of the time? Yikes.

When I got home today I had a package from the knot! As I mentioned previously, I participated in a “Change It Challenge” on the change it challenge board where we posted daily for two weeks the things we were doing to meet our goals. I mainly posted about C25k, yoga and the 100 pushups challenge, because that’s all I’ve really been doing. I won (yay!), and today I got the prize- a $10 iTunes giftcard, a fitness DVD- Nikki Beach Bride The Destination Wedding Workout, and a book- 6 Week Bikini Countdown by Karon Karter. I can’t wait to delve into them, and I’ll definitely be posting reviews on here.

Here is to an awesome day, even with the packing!


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